Trump Times Entry 19 – Count On

Count On

November 27, 2016mefront2

Nineteen days since less than half the American voters imposed their will upon the rest – revealing some pretty ugly shit about the land of the free. The two major parties remain comically fragmented – which make the republicans more dangerous and the democrats less effective. A majority left of center country, the USA, prepares for domination by the extreme right. Still, the republic stands.

Much to the chagrin of the Donald, the Green Party, bless their hopeful hearts, just forced a recount in my native Wisconsin. The Clinton campaign, ever ready to lead from behind, got on board with the recount right after the Greens won the issue. Sure would be nice if the Democratic Party grew a backbone, but I don’t think they remember how.

The Donald, of course, it livid. He’s tweeting like a three-hundred-pound canary. It’s reported that frequency counts on the Trump tweet keywords sad, Trump and scam are shooting up. (Ever notice how often he refers to himself in third person? Must think he’s a rapper.)

Let’s extend thanks to Dr. Jill Stein for taking the politically aggressive road. We need more of this. The Dems don’t appear capable of fighting for themselves no less for us. Perhaps another look at the Green Party in order.

While I don’t expect a recount to change the election results, I do recognize the value of resisting in every possible way. If the recount diminishes the Trump win at all, it’s worth it. And you never know what might be revealed once we start turning over rocks. Perhaps they’ll find that the Waukesha County elections have been fixed for years – we just don’t know. (Yes, we do.)

Just saying.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

PS: From Lance Burson
The Orange One screamed at @nbc for using this pic of him. He hates it. Don’t spread it around the internet anymore.trump_1

From the state that gave us Joe McCarthy: Scott Hubris Walker


In a courageous act of self-involved hubris, Scott Walker recently provided us with a glimpse into the mind of the “real conservative” who would be king. Addressing the international terrorist issue, Walker declared, “If I can take on 100,000 protesters, I can do the same across the world.”

Sounds like the Governor is suggesting that his union busting tactics qualify him to lead the fight against an army?

Outstanding! So, the key to defeating International Terror Organizations is to decertify them and cut their funding? Maybe, not allow them to collect dues and make them pay for extra police when they peacefully protest!

Yeah, that’ll work.

The oddest aspect of this notion is that this anti-government lifetime government employee actually believes his own BS. Kind of scary, hey?

Fellow Americans, we in Wisconsin humbly apologize for unleashing another right wing whack-a-doodle upon an unsuspecting nation. Sorry, sometimes we get a little crazy up here. Here’s hoping he does little national damage while providing some quality entertainment.