Trump Times Entry 246 – Building the Wall with Food Stamps

Building the Wall with Food Stamps

July 13, 2017

Steve King (R-Iowa)

During a CNN interview yesterday, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) proposed taking a half billion dollars from Planned Parenthood and another billion and change from the SNAP (food stamp) program to kick start funding the Donald’s wall. When the CNN interviewer pressed Steve on the wisdom of such a seemingly cruel move, he doubled down saying he’d really like to scale the $71 billion food stamp program back to $19 billion.

Steve doesn’t think most SNAP recipients actually need the help. As a matter of fact, he feels food stamps have worked too well and bear responsibly for all the overweight Americans. Steve’s taken the “let them eat cake” notion and modernized it to “they eat too much cake”.

Yeah, it’s hard to argue with logic like that. So, why bother?

We see it all the time. Some asshat politician wants to spend public cash on a pet project, but doesn’t want to draw attention to himself (or herself, there’ no shortage for female asshats) by raising taxes. So, they look for the money somewhere else. The most popular place to go is entitlement programs since such programs benefit those least able to defend themselves. Easy pickings.

In times gone by, the predator politician kept it on the down-low. They extended us the courtesy of not flagrantly stealing from the poor, but now under Trump’s leadership such nuance is no longer popular or necessary.

With a president who’s a known sexual predator, who favors the Russian version of truth over our own intelligence agencies and allies himself with known Nazis why bother with hiding anything, or even coming up with credible rationale for class greed? What could possibly go wrong?

After all, hungry populations never revolt; and angry revolutionaries never seek out their oppressors. So, keep talking Steve.

Two-hundred-forty-seven days of Trump dominated conversation has left the republic starving for sane creative narrative. Unfortunately, for now, we’re stuck amusing ourselves imagining Steve King beseeching a modernized Madame Defarge before meeting a traditional The Hungry Lady.

Just Justice,

Angry little poem for today: Uninspired


Ain’t feeling much inspired today
Ain’t feeling much at all
Wouldn’t call it writer’s block
More of a border wall

Yeah, a wall should work just fine
Like in China, Berlin or Troy
History shows they never fail
Bring only peace and joy

Maybe if we dump the bunch
Drown out the vicious sound
Maybe like old Jericho
The walls could tumble down

If we listen honestly
Not a Trump, but a trumpet call
Singing building bridges
So much better than a wall