Conservative Thought

I had a strange, and yet, informative conversation with an old friend the other day.  This friend is a self-described conservative.  He believes government has gotten too big and that spending is out of control.  When I challenged his position based on his own behavior (he receives “Big Government” unemployment money) he declared that he paid for that benefit and plans to collect on the long term investment.  I find this position a little confusing and contradictory – if you object to big government than you should always object – not just when it is convenient

I pressed my point by saying that conservatives seem to want the government out of their lives (regulating business, levying taxes) as long as they were doing well (have a job, have medical insurance, and not experiencing some catastrophe), but as soon as they feel a need they scream for help just like the lefty liberals and poor.   To my surprise, he agreed.  “Sure, that’s just normal behavior,” was his mater-of-fact reply.  I was dumbfounded.

You just can’t argue with logic like that.