Trump Times Entry 262 – Loyalty or Stockholm Syndrome?

Loyalty or Stockholm Syndrome?

July 29, 2017

Feeling unsympathetic – sorry.

I’m no fan of Jeff Sessions. He’s a corrupt racist and deserves prison time a good deal more than sympathy. Nonetheless, his relationship with the Donald clearly qualifies him as a victim.  But oddly, after weeks of humiliating cyber-bullying by Trump, Jeff’s sticking with the Donald and working harder than ever to advance the agenda of his abuser. Okay.

Reince Priebus, again, not on my favorites list. An ex-RNC chairman, he was an early Trump critic who quickly sold out once Trump took the election. He’s been Trump’s chief of staff ever since. Well, until yesterday that is. After Trump had his trained attack squirrel, Anthony Scaramucci, bully Reince for not quite a week, he resigned. Reince’s parting words were, “Thanks, I’ll always be on Team Trump” – interesting thing to say about the team that publicly called you a “fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac”, oh, and a “fucking cockblocker”, but okay.

And hey, during the fake election Trump insulted pretty much everyone who ran against him. Yet after the fake results, Little Rubio, Low Energy Jeb and the rest of the Republican leaders got right behind the guy who bullied and shamed them. What a loyal bunch!

Hell, both Chis Christie and Rudy Giuliani risked their, admittedly sinking, careers to become vocal early Trump supporters, but were cast aside as too unattractive after Trump took the capitol. Yet, they both have only warm complementary things to say about the Donald. Odd, since neither of those guys are known for being good sports. Oh, well.

(Looking forward, after the TrumpCare failure this week, can you imagine what’s in Mitch McConnell’s Trump described future? I wonder what insane dirt Trump will tweet about Mitch? Should be appalling, can’t wait. Bet Mitch will just love it.)

Yeah, Trumps insults, bullies, mocks and betrays his party’s leadership and they just love him more than ever. It’s like they’re enchanted with the Donald.

Or maybe they suffer from mass Stockholm Syndrome. Sure, they’ve may have been unwillingly captivated, but now they can’t imagine life without him. And while Trump may embarrass them… they kind of like it.

Two-hundred-sixty-three days is a long time to be held hostage. So, it’s no surprise that, since the election, the GOP’s identity has become supplanted with love for the Donald. Unfortunately, one-sided relationships like this never go well for the beta party. The republic suspects Trump will eventually grow bored with his Republican “friends”, dump them and move on to someone new, maybe someone Russian.

Breaks my fucking heart,

Trump Times Entry 231 – Shiny Object Politics – Syria

Shiny Object Politics – Syria

June 28, 2017

With a seventeen percent approval rating and Republican senators abandoning ship like proverbial rats, the latest version of alt Health Care reform seems doomed – at least for now. Senate majority leader and Kermit impersonator, Mitchell McConnell, has decided to postpone the planned vote, abandoning the “Conceive in Darkness – Deliver While They’re Not Looking” strategy he hoped would bring home the Senate’s first big legislative win.

Oh well, they’ll try again after the Independence Day break. Rest assured, Republicans are committed to killing Obamacare regardless of collateral damage, but for now they need something to fill the media vacuum. The last thing they want is the media focusing on Trumpcare while they take another vacation. The bill was intended to be a dark-op and voters don’t need to know.

Lucky for Mitch, the Donald saw it coming and has already taken steps to bring the attention back to where it belongs – back to the Donald.

In a surprise (if there be surprises anymore) move yesterday, the Donald issued a public warning to Syria, accusing Bashar al-Assad of planning another chemical weapons attack. Trump threatened a “heavy price” if an attack were carried out.

Yeah, that’ll work – saber rattling followed by some tasteful bombing of a decided bad guy over the 4th of July holiday. It’s gonna be a media bonanza, the press will eat it up and public discussion of Trumpcare will cease. And as a plus, it gives the appearance of Trump – Russian discord. Nice, Trump may be new to Washington politics, but he seems to be catching on.

After two-hundred-thirty-two days of on the job training, the Donald has finally accepted that blowing shit up is the traditional way to distract the public. While calling attention to himself on twitter, accusing former presidents of crimes and Hillary bashing have served him well so far, the pros use special effects – not just words.

(The republic finds it odd that our government willingly spends nearly $100 million each time we bomb Syria, but is reluctant to fund women’s, children’s or veteran’s healthcare. It’s almost like the regime prefers hurting over healing.)

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 230 – Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

June 27, 2017

Oh please, stop with the intentionally confusing analysis. Trumpcare returns $800 billion to the richest tax payers, that cash comes from somewhere. If we reduce what’s spent on any program by that much, obviously, less will be delivered.

It’s really silly to expect our conservative friends to design a social welfare program when they are philosophically opposed to social welfare programs. This whole thing’s a charade. If they could politically get away with it, they would reduce the Obamacare $1.76 trillion price tag by $1.76 trillion.

Contemporary conservatives long to make America great again by taking us back to some fictional time when health insurance was provided by (some) employers and the rest of us either paid cash for health expenses or did without – like real Americans.

Of course, now fewer employers provide insurance because it cost so much, but that’s private sector and not the government’s problem – just ask them. Any conservative worthy of her copy of The Fountainhead will tell us that the free market is the only way to solve market problems like high cost. If something cost too much, people won’t buy it – hence, driving overpriced products off the market.

We can see this principle working today, as more people stop buying insurance the cost just keeps going down. (Yeah, right!)

The Republicans have been trying to repeal Obamacare for a lot longer than the two-hundred-thirty-one days since the election and they will keep trying because that’s what they believe in. The republic should know better than to count on them to replace Obamacare or any other social welfare program – such programs run counter to their philosophy, except, of course, when they need them.

In Justice,

Trump Times Entry 226 – Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

June 23, 2017

So, we have it, the Senate Republican plan to replace Obamacare is here and, as expected, it’s about the same as the House plan. There are a few cosmetic differences such as the new bill doesn’t allow insurers to dump people with pre-existing conditions like the House version did. But, it does cap how much the insurers will be compelled to pay towards those conditions. In short, they must carry pre-existing conditions, but not for very long.

Other than that, and deeper Medicaid expansion cuts and fewer tax credits, the new bill is the old bill. Both cut services and increase cost to the consumer, while reducing taxes on the well-off.

Same old, same old.

After all the drama with drafting the bill in secret, after all the Trump healthcare bravado, after the previous bill getting a whopping 17% approval, we have been presented with the same bill – just “crafted” by different guys.

I suppose that’s the plan, just keep proposing the same thing, over and over again. They expect that, eventually, we will lose interest or, maybe, die. Either way, the bill will ultimately get passed. A battle of attrition, and why not? The mass disappointment tactic’s been working with voter suppression for years.

After boring us with Trump lies and alt-right bile for two-hundred-twenty-seven days since the election, the republic is not surprised that the only issue of interest to the Republicans is lowering taxes on their patrons. They are, admittedly, disinterested in having the government involved in healthcare or any other business enterprise. It’s not their nature.

Expecting Republicans to willingly involve government in healthcare is like engaging with a disinterested, distracted, resentfully dutiful partner. Yeah, something occurs, but nothing meaningful – or even fun. They’re just not into it and should extend us the courtesy of simply saying no. That way we would have a clear choice between expecting nothing or moving on.

In Peace and Justice,

Yeah, that last paragraph was full of sexual innuendo. Obviously, the Republican’s “bore us till we drift off” tactic is working and I’m running out of ways to keep the healthcare topic interesting, so have started to use less intellectual devices. I expect both trends to continue, but promise to pull up short of porn – which is more than I expect from the alt-right.

Trump Times Entry 178 – Don’t Care Health Care

Don’t Care Health Care

May 5, 2017

Of course, the new Republican health care plan, Trumpcare, is worse than the original! Hey, Trumpcare didn’t pass last time because the Freedom Caucus felt it was too generous. You know, the Freedom Caucus, those frisky 31 Tea Partyers who forced John Boehner out for being too liberal. They’re still around and they’re hellbent to out-conservative all comers – even the Donald.

So, to gain the ultra-conservative vote Ryan made Trumpcare more to their liking and, assuredly, gave them a little something to sweeten the deal – could have been anything: campaign financing, junkets to exotic places, freshly acquired souls the last Trump rally. Anything.

Then, poof, the Republican ducks formed a neat row and passed a bill they hadn’t had time to read – a bill not yet scored by the CBO. They needed a quick win; so, Trumpcare was vetted slightly less thoroughly than the General Flynn vetting. Great, now we can expect some discovery as the experts read and interpret the proposed law. Should be exciting.

One change we do know a little about is that preexisting-condition coverage requirements will be deferred to the states. So, that coverage will no longer be guaranteed by the feds; rather, it will be up to the great state of Mississippi, or Nebraska or wherever you live. Oh well, campaign promises are heat of the moment things and what’s important here is a Trump win. Plus, technically, it’s won’t be Trump taking coverage away; it’ll be state governors. A win-win for the Donald.

But, it probably won’t matter since the Senate has no interest in considering the House’s cute little bill. The Upper Chamber is working on its own Trumpcare, quietly, in the dark – like it’s meant to be done. Plus, they aren’t motivated to touch any hot issue so close to the 2018 elections. The Senate slows shit down, by design. It’s what they do. (This should drive Trump wacko. Wanna bet he suggests dissolving the too slow, low energy, Senate?)

So, looks like, over the next year or so, while the Senate considers considering action on health care legislation, we’ll have time to review the health care wish list the Republicans in the House just provided for public inspection. There may be questions.

From day one-hundred-seventy-eight since the election, it looks like Trumpcare may be stalled in the Senate till after day seven-hundred. The republic finds this speculation too good to be true and remains suspicious. Trump is unlikely to respond well to waiting and the Senate is just as unlikely to respond well to pressure. Like I said, should be exciting.

(Did I just call a year and a half of Senate issue dodging with Trump bullying and sabotaging while the House runs continuous victory laps, a scenario too good to be true? I guess realistic expectations ain’t what they used to be, back when America was great)

In Peace and Justice,

Oh, that preexisting-condition coverage all gone thing – our representatives cleverly wrote an exemption for themselves. So, no worries; you may lose coverage in your state, but your congressperson won’t. So, we have that.

Trump Times Entry 137 – On the Edge

On the Edge

March 25, 2017

It feels pretty good to have blocked another attempted slash by Trump in his program to kill us with 1000 cuts, but stopping Trumpcare isn’t exactly a win. Sure, we won’t have to live through the hell promised by Trump-Ryan war on healthcare, but Obamacare has problems and there’s no way the Donald is gonna lift a tiny finger to help with that. If anything, the Trumpster and Ryan will do everything in their power to sabotage the current system, just to prove they were right all along.

I expect so see cuts to whatever Obamacare funding they can legally (or semi-legally) make. From there, who knows? Maybe work out something with the insurance corps to cut choices and coverage. Cut, cut, cut – simple, like the Donald.

Speaking of cutting, the Donald is now moving on to “tax reform”. (Well, and the budget – but, his budget looks more like mass-murder than slashing and I don’t want to mix metaphors.) I think we can safely assume there will be significant cutting in a Trumps tax program – surgical, exact, trimming of the unfair taxes those with all the money grudging pay.

I wonder how he’ll justify the loss of services and higher costs to the middle class: probably feed them some story of rugged American individualism. Maybe a hero real-estate guy who always wins by cutting. Hell, the Jim Bowie tail would be perfect, except for the killed at the Alamo detail. But, messy details can always be cut from the narrative.

The republic appreciates good defense, well done! Now, before he strikes again, could we go on offence and chop the traitor?

In Peace and Justice,
(I know I put the conclusion in the middle of the essay, but if the Donald can ignore the law and hire family members then I can ignore literary rules and conclude in the middle. Whee…)

Then again, messy details might be the wound that slays. Trump and his buddies certainly have an abundance of messy details. Russian collusion, wiretap bullshit, dark real-estate deals, unregistered foreign agents, interfering with federal investigations, violation of Emoluments Clause, nepotism, money laundering – yeah, lots of messy details.

And in the messy details is where the win, a Trump elimination, resides. The rest is all defense, buying time, until the messy killing stroke.

Since his razor thin election victory, one-hundred-thirty-seven days ago, the Donald has repeatedly tried to cut away American institutions. He doesn’t understand that ideas don’t die from lack of funding and threatening just pisses us off.