Trump Times Entry 189 – Putin Fan Boy or Just Needy?

Putin Fan Boy or Just Needy?

May 16, 2017

Just when we think things can’t any stranger, the Donald shows us how wrong we can be. I guess that’s what he brings to the table – outside the box thinking. The box being rational thought. I mean, who would choose to share sensitive, classified, information with an adversary at a public meeting? Well, who other than the Donald.

To be fair, the meeting wasn’t really all that public; the American press was persona non grata, but, no worries, the Russian press was there and has been eager to share photos of Trump gland-handing their diplomats. (I wonder, what other Oval Office photos they have, but are not sharing? Maybe, saving the juicier photos for later. Those frisky Russian do love to build up to a crescendo. So, who knows?)

The White House staff responded to this latest Donald faux pas by phoning in a heads-up to the CIA and NSA. Apparently, the info the Donald shared wasn’t his to share. It came from an ally on the condition that we (Americans, all of us) keep it secret. So, the Donald’s people had to, sort of, apologize: “Sorry about that agent, you know how the president can get – especially around Russians.”

The next morning Trump announced in a press Tweet that he had every right to reveal the information, to whomever he wanted and he was president, so there!

Given recent history, we can now expect Trump to admonish or even fire those staff members who contradicted him before he spoke. (This is like a horribly written “Game of Thrones” – sans the attractive cast.)

After so many pro-Russian moves, it’s obvious Trump truly desires Putin’s approval. But, the reasons why are not so obvious. Is it bromance? Vladimir’s a striking guy and Trump has shown a taste for the east-European look. Additionally, Putin’s enjoys the kind of authoritarian mojo the Donald publicly covets. So, could be.

On the other hand, a bromance requires some personal respect and the Donald seems incapable of respecting others. So, maybe it’s more about desire – desire for what Putin has. Desire for things Trump can’t have, like absolute power and popularity.

Yeah, since the Donald is only the president he can’t have absolute power – try as he might. And for reasons he will never understand his popularity gets worse and worse. The deck is stacked against Trump since he was born in the wrong country. Poor guy can only watch from afar and aspire to Putin like grace. Must be terribly frustrating, having Putin envy.

After one-hundred-eighty-nine post-election days of watching the Donald demonstrate unconditional love for Russia, the republic suggests the Donald renounce his citizenship (who does he think he’s kidding at this point) and follow his dream to mother Russia. We won’t mind – whatever makes the Donald happy.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 132 – Comrade Comey

Comrade Comey

March 20, 2017

This morning FBI Director James Comey told congress that, sure, the FBI has been investigating Russian-Trump campaign complicity since last July. As an afterthought, he also directly refuted the Donald’s claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower. So, he indicated his boss a liar, while not calling his boss a liar – a neat trick, even for one as practiced at bullshit as comrade Comey.

While Comey didn’t say so directly, he did imply that this investigation was not mentioned during the election because it was an open, ongoing, investigation. Implying that talking publicly about the Clinton bogus email case was okay because it wasn’t an open case, but it was technically open – the FBI didn’t close that case till November 6. Comey made his public Clinton remarks on October 28.

Once again, the pompous ass hats think we’re too dumb to read a calendar. By his own admission, back in October, Comey had open, ongoing, investigations on both Clinton and Trump. He chose to break protocol and publicly talk about one – Clinton. And now, we are to believe, he’s honestly investigating his boss, Trump – the guy he gave the pass to last October? Yeah right.

We won’t get a clean investigation from Comey or either of the Congressional committees – they all harbor conflicts of interest. Comey’s investigation may lead back to Comey. And frankly, Paul Ryan said it best last month when he shared that Republicans are disinterested in investigating Republicans. They won big time riding Trump’s coattails – why would they want to cross him? Besides, they’re all cowards and the bully scares them. (Oh no, the Donald will primary me if I say the wrong thing. Butthurt!)

The republic requires an independent investigator to consider the 2016 election. But, it’s very unlikely that congress will authorize one. An independent investigation could lead anywhere – even back to the guys who authorized it. For reasons, too easy to understand, our representatives would rather not be investigated.

It been one-hundred-thirty-two days since a foreign power helped Trump take the election. Democracy may require the consent of the governed, but Putin’s consent seems to have been the deciding factor this time around.

In Peace and Justice Comrades,

PS –
I wonder what wild claim the Donald will make to distract from this latest problem. I’m kinda hoping a really big lie, like actual aliens landing at Area 54 and requesting audience with the greatest leader in the universe, the Donald. You know, something more credible than what we’ve been hearing from Trump so far.

Trump Times Entry 61 – From Russia with Fondness

From Russia with Fondness

January 8, 2017mefront2

As we wander through day sixty-one of Trump altered reality, I wonder could a post-retirement career as a Russian translator be right for an old-school programmer like me. I don’t speak or read any Russian, but that’s not a deal breaker – not with the internet. If I limited my market to written correspondence… Yeah, could program a system to bulk-translate Russian documents. And I’ve a feeling the bulk of Russian documents requiring translation is about to go way up.

Yup, since the Donald is committed to “Working with the Russians” there’s going to be a shitload of Russian in our future. Why not cash in?

With enough time (and monetary motivation) I could make the system tunable. You know, provide an option to create Russia positive translations only – could call it the Trump filter. Or maybe, an implied blame switch to reorder phrases to shift intent. Russian phrases like “We know she did not do it” could be reasonably output in English as “Do we not know, she did it?” – for a price. Just spit-balling here, but see the potential? Natural language as a soft target – subtle, indirect, kind of Russian.

Wow! Just realized, while block-charting this new project, I’ve fallen victim to, perhaps, the most common software design flaw: Not thinking big enough!

Why limit program function to Russian–English translation with output tuning? Why not English to (tuned) English?

After all, there’s real value in filtering for an intended audience. A program like this could take boring email logs, riddled with silly facts, and turn them into stories of international intrigue with blame focused exactly where ever desired. Conversely, the Trump filter could take volumes of intelligence reports about any topic and produce a concise one-pager explaining why the Russians had nothing to do with it and, if they did, it was for the purest of purposes.

My only remaining design decision is selecting a good name. In the software game, names are important. I’m thinking maybe iFoxNew or eRepublican, but putinCloud seems the bolder choice.

While the republic stands on raw truth, all the cash is in processed information. Hence, fair and balanced has lost meaning in favor of market priced.

In Peace with Justice


Trump Times Entry 34 – Manchurian Candidate

Manchurian Candidate

December 12, 2016inthought2

In the first thirty-four days since the election we’ve seen many historical firsts. The first winner to have lost by over two million votes, first victor to complain about election fraud, first president-elect to publicly contradict the CIA, first president-elect too smart to be bothered with daily security briefings. The list goes on…

Since the Donald was hired for his capricious style, we should expect the unexpected. There is no question that outrageous declarations, selecting wolfs to guard henhouses and ignoring diplomatic protocols are all typical Trump behavior. Perhaps, a more interesting question is: hired by whom?

Our security agencies are screaming foul, the FBI loyalties remain in question, the integrity of the election is in serious doubt, but the republic stands – because, for now, we have a real president.

At first, I wondered why the Donald-elect wasn’t attending the daily security briefings. He didn’t want the real dirt? About real people, in real places?  With that kind of info a guy could make a few bucks. Seemed like the kind of thing he would be interested in.

Then the Donald-elect announced that his generals and the VP would be taking the daily briefings for him. (Hearing Trump say, “My Generals” sent a chill up my spine, but reminded me add ammo to my shopping list.) So I get it, Trump has a famously short attention span – so stuff like security detail is best left to those with more rigorous cognitive skills. In sort, Trump finds it boring; so, handle it Pence!

Yeah, but that information has got to be gold! Got to be worth some real cash! Why would he ignore the very best information the United States intelligence had to offer? Then it occurred to me, and the reason was as obvious as a Russian tank in downtown DC.

Trump is taking security briefing, just not ours.

Hell, those CIA and NSA reports have got to be really difficult reading – packed with jargon, unpronounceable names and hundreds, maybe thousands, of plot threads. How could they expect a “Big Picture” guy the Donald to hook up with such trivia? Not fair!

Ah, but the Russian, who have been working with him since the beginning of his campaign, know just how to communicate with Trump. They know he likes short simple declarative sentences. They know to avoid interrogatives, because questions make his head hurt. Statements like, “Crimea good, Ukraine bad!” or “Syria good, Israel bad” work best with the comrad Donald. And his Russians friend are good at keeping it simple.

Hmm, seem to have gone down a dark rabbit-hole again. I feel an angry little poem coming on:

nonbeliever prayer

if there is a god
may she keep us
safe from
this traitor

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,