Trump Times Entry 160 – Taxing Disinformation

Taxing Disinformation

April 17, 2017

Let’s face it, the Donald will never willingly disclose his tax history. There’s something hidden in plain view there and he’s not gonna cooperate with his own undoing. The Donald doesn’t believe in much, he’s no constitutional scholar, but the fifth is his favorite amendment. Good thing, too. He’ll be needing it, soon.

Let see, he’s tried administrative excuses like, his taxes are being audited, so, he can’t disclose them until after. Not true, there are no rules against public disclosure of tax records under audit.

He’s tried “throwing us a bone” by leaking one page from his 2005 tax return. The odd part of this “disclosure” wasn’t so much that he leaked his own information as how easy it was to establish he leaked his own information. It’s almost as if he thinks we’re too dumb to grasp the obvious.

His latest reason to keep it on the down-low is both incredibly adolescent and classic Trump. He now claims no one’s interested in that old tax stuff. Those who elected him, obviously, didn’t care about such trivia; it’s an election issue and the election is over – he won.

Well, tens of thousands of people demonstrated across the country last weekend, demanding Trump show his tax records. So, someone cares. But, the Donald, quickly countered with a tweet, suggesting the protesters were, obviously, paid professionals. (I’m still trying to find out where I sign up for one of those paid protester jobs – I’m willing to travel.)

No, he’s ain’t disclosing shit. The only thing we gain from asking again is another dumb-ass excuse. Which may be worth the effort; from here the excuses are bound to get really contorted and comical.

Of course, we risk some damn dark comedy, if he feels cornered. He’s been considering the war distraction option and North Korea has elbowed itself to the front of the engagement candidate line. Not a good combination.

But, the Donald may be right, we may not need his tax records; the priority here is to get him arrested and removed from power before he takes us to a place where taxes don’t matter. It’s been one-hundred-sixty days since the scam worked, how long is it going to take for law enforcement to step up and charge this guy?

The republic looks forward to, one day, laughing about his taxes as a historical footnote to a much larger crime.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 127 – Taxing Our Patience

Taxing Our Patience

March 15, 2017

Big fucking deal!
Let me rephrase: Ain’t no big fucking deal!

Don’t care about the Donald’s 2005 taxes, good grief, that was twelve years ago. Even the IRS doesn’t care – generally they lose interest after about six years. And to make things even less interesting the leaked tax forms reveal income, but not income source. Yeah, we already knew Trump was a rich dude back in 2005. Once again, our media chase the shiny object, but catch only attention.

Disappointing. I, for one, was hoping for something damning, for something to end this farce presidency – not another tease. Hell, there’s even reason to believe Trump leaked this material himself to prove how rich he was while revealing nothing important.

To be fair, Rachel Maddow had no choice, she had to publish this sliver of information once it landed on her desk. But MSNBC didn’t have to hype it the way they did – “BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET MSNBC” – while technically true, was actually misleading. We need the press to stop this shit, we get enough misleading information from Trump and his gang of Republican thugs.

True, there may be more to come. And Rachel offered that “stay tuned for more” hope at the end of her scoop last night, but unless the media can offer more than ancient incomplete history, they just contribute to the white-noise that’s been passing as news these last one-hundred-twenty-seven days since that election.

The republic needs the fourth estate to do their job like professionals, not like the Donald.

In Peace and Justice,


Well dear reader, I’m just too depressed to write a blog today.  For, I have finally begun to work on my taxes.  Typically, I start the task of settling up with THE MAN as late as possible.   So, performing this sadomasochistic ritual now is really pretty early for me.

After going over the various forms, statements and receipts I have found that, once again, I will be sending a check to our friends in Washington.  I was hoping that since I spent most of last year unemployed perhaps they would be satisfied with what they had already taken.  But, financing three wars is mighty expensive and they really need more.

But there is hope – our government has found a way to not tax those who really need the cash.  According to the national news both The Bank of America and General Electric (a couple of our outstanding corporate “people”) will be paying no taxes this year.  Now, that makes taxing unemployment insurance make sense.

My goodness, this IS depressing.  I need to finish with something light, something joyful – perhaps puppies and butterflies. There, that’s better.