Trump Times 8 – In it together?

In it together?

November 16, 2016mefront2

Here we are at the beginning of Trump Times week two and reality continues to warp.  We have the president-elect telling (over) half the population to “Don’t be afraid” in a kind of creepy fashion.  We have a new White House chief strategist who ran a White Supremacists web site.  We continue to have incidents of racial violence spiking all over the country.  We have a Trump immigration advisor drafting a plan for a Muslim registry.  We have mainstream media telling us more speculative stories based on their bullshit polls.

Oh, and we have our leaders on the Left and Right telling us we all are in this together!

No, we’re not.

Clearly, there is an us and a them.  The people who are about to assume control simply hate us and are disinterested in inclusion.  I know this is a harsh thought.  Perhaps I can soften it with a poem:

They hate us cause we’re different
Not respectable, but sleazy
Even hate us cause of who we love
Mostly cause it’s easy

We need to make hating us less easy.  And I don’t mean by being more lovable (we are already adorable).  I mean by pushing back, by applying some cost to each act of hate.  For instance, why not troll right-wing sites and blogs?  I know, it can be time consuming, but if you wanted to write silly fiction here’s a waiting audience.

I think it would be helpful for someone to troll Trump into a protracted twitter fight.  We, of course, can expect short, intermittent, tweet-storms from the Donald.  But there may be value in keeping him provoked all the time.  We all know that once engaged in a twitter-jerk he just can’t let go.

IRL let’s not just stand by and watch when some asshole yells racist/misogynistic/bigoted shit at people in public.  Allow the victims their response, then publicly support them.  Yell back; call the authorities; press charges if you can.  Don’t make it easy.

Hmm, just realized that what I seem to be saying is, “Be nasty”.  Yeah, no need to be nice – thoughtful, honest, forthright – sure.  But, perhaps, a more aggressive delivery is indicated.  They’re going to call us nasty anyway, shall we embrace it?  After all, we’re in it together.

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,




Cautious Abandon Chapter 4 – A Beginning


And the things you can’t remember tell the things you can’t forget
that history puts a saint in every dream.
Tom Waits

A Beginning

The days passed on quickly
You know how that goes
Gentle fellow travelers through time

They had a chance meeting
After a decade or so
Pleasing, the years had been kind

She was training a new puppy
He walking the same dog
Changes staying the same

Then moved on together
Through transparent years
Feeling that don’t have name

osv ’14


An Awkward Moment

NaPoWriMo Day 8 – Cautious Abandon

Chapter 3

Well this is awkward
We don’t have one


An Awkward Moment

They both arrived
To an affair
Both showed up stag

They had split up the stuff
But not the friends
Breakup rules remained vague

They shared a few words
But eyes never met
Something basic had gone

But easy to listen
For the first time in years
Knowing they both had moved on


Cautious Abandon – Chapter 2



Chapter 2

In Transition

The first few days flew by slow
Fractured broken routine

He missed her some most the time
Needed bad to wean

Daily walks gone quiet and slow
His dog felt something wrong

She yearned for the larger pack
While he hummed a lonesome song

This phase lasts for awhile
His first thought every day

Must look forward to change to come
Budding spring is on the way


Cautious Abandon – A short story poem

Cautious Abandon


Chapter 1

The End

He watched another walk away
Her critique
He didn’t share

When asked what he
Really thought
Claiming nothing there

My thoughts my own
The low voice sang
Deep within his head

Then wondered what
The dog would think
Of next Sunday’s unshared bed


Our NaPoWriMo Project (Story) Poem for today is titled: What could possibly go wrong? Chapter 7

Chapter 7



They saw each other
Once or twice
Had a brief affair

But what they found
Now was lost
Or maybe never there

She went back to
Healing souls
And writing children’s rhyme

Sunday mornings
He plays word games
In bed with the New York Times


Our NaPoWriMo Project (Story) Poem for today is titled: What could possibly go wrong? Chapter 6

Chapter 6

He Left
(Bet you didn’t see that coming)


He finally walked off
Could not endure
The high tension silence
The unspoken words

Their parting was gentle
Their last kiss contrite
Neither thought twice babe
It was really alright


(One more tomorrow…)

Our NaPoWriMo Project (Story) Poem for today is titled: What could possibly go wrong? Chapter 5

Chapter 5


They Stumbled

He was not good at guessing
So was very sure
The touching the friendship
Would of course endure

Yet she had a hunger
A feeling not described
But required to keep
This love alive

(More tomorrow…)


Our NaPoWriMo Project (Story) Poem for today is titled: What could possibly go wrong? Chapter 4

Chapter 4


They Thought

She felt they would
Ever get closer
If only she could
Just read read his mind

But he answered
What ya thinking?
With candor
Saying nothing she thought a bad sign


(More tomorrow…)