Trump Times Entry 141 – The Attack of the Politically Incorrect Social Justice Warrior

The Attack of the Politically Incorrect Social Justice Warrior

March 29, 2017

To paraphrase supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch, oh gosh, I don’t know what to think.

Look away for one day, go on a twenty-four-hour news fast after one-hundred-forty-one days of post-election diligence and: Dick Cheney suggests war, Trump grabs the planet by the air, the House decides to let internet providers sell our browsing data, Devin Nunes ups his Trump fan-boy game and both Sean Spicer and Bill O’Reilly publicly insult African American women.

And that’s just the new stuff; Russian drama, healthcare angst and shitty press conferences continue to drone in the background.

Well, at least Hillary’s back. Sporting a snappy spring haircut, dressed ninja dark, the woman most hated by the easily duped has joined the Trump trolling fun. So, we have that.

I realize some think she should stay in the woods; she played dirty and lost – an unforgivable sin, for a woman. And, true, if Democratic party is to survive they gotta jettison the “old-school” Clinton machine. But, every time she speaks the neocons go crazy – and that alone is worth giving her a platform. She just needs to stay away from policy and leadership, Bernie and Elizabeth can take it from here.

Of the news events over the last day, perhaps the dumbest is Bill O’Reilly, who’s not exactly a striking example of masculine perfection, poking fun at Rep. Maxine Waters hair. Instead of responding to the point Representative Waters made, he said something about her “James Brown wig.” Yeah, a douche-bag remark and a reference likely wasted on his rural white audience.

Bill apologized, then followed up with a segment on the evils political correctness. So, he apologized and then explained why he shouldn’t need to apologize. That’s our Bill, a social justice warrior for the politically incorrect.

And he’s right; he shouldn’t need to apologize. But, not because of some lofty principle, rather because he’s not sorry. Following an insult with a disingenuous “my bad” is, well, unattractive.

Frankly, Bill O’Reilly’s “in your face” delivery is preferable to spineless Paul Ryan babble and much better than Neil Gorsuch evasion. It’s important to know what these people are thinking, regardless of how ugly. So, let’s hear them out. The first step in problem resolution is problem identification.

Free speech protections are designed to protect unpopular speech, but the republic recognizes a secondary purpose: identification of those we need protection from.

In Peace and Justice,