Trump Times Entry 127 – Taxing Our Patience

Taxing Our Patience

March 15, 2017

Big fucking deal!
Let me rephrase: Ain’t no big fucking deal!

Don’t care about the Donald’s 2005 taxes, good grief, that was twelve years ago. Even the IRS doesn’t care – generally they lose interest after about six years. And to make things even less interesting the leaked tax forms reveal income, but not income source. Yeah, we already knew Trump was a rich dude back in 2005. Once again, our media chase the shiny object, but catch only attention.

Disappointing. I, for one, was hoping for something damning, for something to end this farce presidency – not another tease. Hell, there’s even reason to believe Trump leaked this material himself to prove how rich he was while revealing nothing important.

To be fair, Rachel Maddow had no choice, she had to publish this sliver of information once it landed on her desk. But MSNBC didn’t have to hype it the way they did – “BREAKING: We’ve got Trump tax returns. Tonight, 9pm ET MSNBC” – while technically true, was actually misleading. We need the press to stop this shit, we get enough misleading information from Trump and his gang of Republican thugs.

True, there may be more to come. And Rachel offered that “stay tuned for more” hope at the end of her scoop last night, but unless the media can offer more than ancient incomplete history, they just contribute to the white-noise that’s been passing as news these last one-hundred-twenty-seven days since that election.

The republic needs the fourth estate to do their job like professionals, not like the Donald.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 82 – Lock Them Up

Lock Them Up
A case for jailing the leadership

January 29, 2017sick-flag

It’s been eighty-two days since a clinically troubled minority decided the best way to proceed, as real Americans, would be to make the rest of us more miserable than they were. While they won the contest, they have yet to make the whole republic as unhappy as they appear to be. But, not for the lack of trying.

But I digress, let’s not talk about the miserable white victim class. Rather, let’s focus on the miserable Republican criminal class – move the discussion up the food chain. (Or one step closer to Dante’s innermost circle, to be more objective.)

(Bear with me while I fly off on a, seemingly wild, tangent.)
When I work as a programmer, if I were to do anything illegal with my programming, like knowingly cause system failure or fraud, that would be a crime. The fact that the illegal actions were performed at work mitigates nothing. Sabotage is sabotage and theft is theft – context is meaningless.

Similarly, any other line of work follows the same generalization. A taxi driver working “get away” for a bank heist is a criminal. An accountant who embezzles from a customer is a criminal. The bush pilot who occasionally runs illegal kinder eggs out of Mexico – criminal. The pattern is clear.

Except for politicians.

For some, suspicious, reason we have institutionalized forgiveness for criminal behavior by our elected employees. Not all bad behavior get a pass; regarding murder, mayhem and alike politicians face the same (wealth weighted) system as the rest of us. But work related stuff is different.

Take gerrymandering as an example. In several states the courts have ruled that Republicans mapped districts in a way that intentionally violates federal law and denies citizens their right to fair representation. The districts were mapped right after the 2010 census, so those voters have been denied their rights for over six years.

The court compelled remedy is for those same Republicans to try again. Since the first illegal mapping yielded a six-year win, nothing compels them to do anything different this time around. They’ll move a few district lines, reprint some ballots, maybe close a few polling places and move on. The cycle will restart with law suits, court appearances and eventually rulings against them. Repeat.

In programming, we call this a closed loop. There is no way out, it goes on forever – or until all resources are exhausted.

But applying the “crime is a crime regardless of work context” generalization could be the way to keep the loop from going infinite and exhausting all resources. When lawmakers intentionally brake work-related laws, how about we treat their crimes like crimes. When they intentionally deny citizen’s civil rights for six year perhaps a six-year prison term could serve as a gentle reminder of equal protection under the law.  After all, Republicans ostensibly dig deterrents, so they should love this idea.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 81 – Choose Our Battles

Choose Our Battles

January 28, 2017developers-will-resist

In the eighty-one days since the disturbance in the force that deposited the Donald into our senses we have been fed a myriad of slogans, euphemisms, catchphrases and subterfuge. I suppose the success of “Make America Great Again” encouraged our national word slingers to get on board the dumb-it-down train. Hence, we’ve been pelted with everything from “Alternate Facts” to “Extreme Vetting” and, moving forward, can expect more informative non-sequitur expressions from our leaders – as they lead from behind.

Of all the prepackaged idea phrases thrust upon us by the unimaginative, perhaps the most fashionable right now is “Choose our battles”. This ever-popular excuse for either doing nothing or complicity with the enemy is recited so often by the Democrats they may want to make it their party slogan.

We hear in on the national stage when, otherwise progressive, Democrats vote to confirm hopelessly unqualified candidates to the Cabinet. We hear it locally from precinct captains explaining why they couldn’t convince voters it wasn’t the black guy who took their jobs away.

The ever-pragmatic Democrats rationalize this call to inaction with – if we cooperate with the Republicans now they will be encouraged to cooperate with us later. WTF! Have these assholes been awake for the last eight years? Republicans do not cooperate. Stop acting like they think the way we do – they don’t!

It’s understood, for now, the Dems lack the votes to stop the oncoming bullshit, but why go along with it? You know, in a couple years, when Ben Carson finally snaps, and botches a frontal lobotomy on HUD leaving thousand homeless, the Republicans will blame the two or three Democrats who voted for the Carson appointment.

So, come on, fucking fight back! Yeah, you’re gonna lose – fight anyway!

At the risk of appearing, well, progressive, I’d like to offer an alternative strategy regarding Democratic leaders choosing their battles: Choose the battle right in front of you!

The republic is an amalgam of arguments and choices, the Democrats might want to get in on a few.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 57 – Belaboring the Point

Belaboring the Point

January 4, 2017mefront2

The Trump show, now in its fifty-seventh day, is a clear indication that the American Dream is not dead, but remains available to anyone with the right chromosome pairing and credit rating. Clearly, any guy starting out with just a few million bucks and bigly ambition can grow up to become president. Hell, growing up is barely required – chronological age will do, here in the States surviving thirty-five years is good enough.

With only two base requirements (dicks and dollars), one would think there’d be more competition for the lead role in the American Power reality show. After all, in a nation of over 300 million there must be more than the usual handful of ass hats with the obligatory attributes.

Perhaps, candidate culling has more to do with what contenders don’t have. If you want to be prez, some things are just not appropriate. Let’s see, no atheists allowed – we serve our secularism heavily flavored with godliness. Also, no vaginas, while implied in the requirements, is worth a second mention because – scary.

Then there’s ethics. Ethics are not only not required, but are a hindrance. The number of unethical acts required to become a presidential candidate likely filters out all reasonable people and most sociopaths. While there are some rare exceptions, (Bernie! Bernie!) people vying for ultimate power do so ruthlessly – ethics be damned.

So why would we credit the Donald with defending ethics just for reigning in Paul Ryan and his gang from gutting a congressional ethic office?

While there was a groundswell of protest when the Republicans attempted this latest power play, I doubt the protests moved any neo-con hearts or minds. Frankly, they don’t care about post-election public opinion.

But, they were moved when Trump tweeted.  And they changed their minds more quickly than soiled underwear. They fear Trump even more than vaginas – we should take note of this. It may prove useful in the future.

So, while Trump prevented the trashing of the ethics office, ethics had nothing to do with it. The Donald does things that benefit the Donald. Hence, question remains: how does he benefit from this particular action? (Beyond the obvious entertainment benefit of watching his sheep run from him while shitting themselves.)

The republic stands mildly amused watching congress redefine the word coward – again and again.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 55 – Both Matter

Both Matter

January 2, 2017mefront2

Should have seen it coming, fifty-five day into this whole Trump thing and subscription monetized revolution is becoming available. So far, I’ve only seen a couple ads. Mostly in bright orange, they offer publications with catchy names like Revolutionary Monthly for a very reasonable fee, like twenty bucks a month. So far, I have not clicked through to get more details, for fear of contracting some old-school virus. But wonder, is this a new-school thing?

Will the digital revolutionary experience become the way we realize our insurgent and subversive hopes and dreams? Probably, but not a paid subscription basis. Most likely, the new pay-for-play services are simply angst-engines, dreamed up by marketing pros, eager to exploit the new Trump-fearing market. You know, just making a living.

They’re kind of like that guy, who during 2016, made his living writing alt-right fake news stories. The one who claimed to be a liberal and voted for Hillary. The ass hat who, when the interviewer asked how he reconciled his work with his politics, stared blankly into the camera and looked surprised. A conflict had not occurred to him, because making money trumps all. (pun intended)

The republic stands amid those who desire power at any cost and those willing to sell it for a paycheck. Both a threat.

In peace with justice

Trump Times Entry 47 – Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

December 25, 2016

Well, at least here on forth-seventh day since the Donald pinched the election we’re not talking about the war on Christmas.

The republic stands today in celebration. Rest, relax, draw close to those we love – they are why we resist.

Happy holidays to all!

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times 16 – Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

November 24, 2016inthought2

On day 16 we take pause and reflect, but I’m not really feeling thanks thing this time around.

I got an odd demand from a right-wing social media friend yesterday.   This friend declared that talking about politics or religion in a social venue (in this case Thanksgiving) was not allowed because of the strife it inevitably creates.  He further stated how disgusted he was with “Not just dems, but republicans too.”

“Shame on all of you,” he scolded in condemnation of negativity.  (Yeah, I know, he used negativity to condemn negativity.  How very Orwellian.)

His final demand was (and I quote): “Anyone, and I do mean anyone, family, friend or otherwise, who posts anything politically negative will immediately be deleted from my friends list.”

Wow, that’s pretty tough.  And if that doesn’t work do you think he’ll escalate to beating me up and taking my lunch money?

Ironically, I was planning to go light on today’s blog.  You know, wish everyone well and offer some peace, love, kumbaya thoughts.  But instead I’ve been inspired to offer a new angry little poem.

You Arrogant Pompous Ass

free speech is by its very nature
the first amendment is meant to protect
you aren’t entitled to tell anyone to curtail their
nothing compels you to listen to me
nothing compels me to listen to you

but neither get to tell the other to shut up

So anyway, I hope you all have a pleasant holiday filled with peace and love – kumbaya.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,