Trump Times Entry 244 – Yes, I Think They Might Eat Their Own Children

Yes, I Think They Might Eat Their Own Children

July 11, 2017

A clip off the old block, Donald Jr may have said too much. In claiming he met with a Russian lawyer to get “dirt” on the Clinton campaign he admitted to a crime. A campaign is not allowed to accept anything of value from a foreign source – not anything, not cash, not free research, not Amazon gift cards – nothing.

The young Donald’s confession started innocently enough. At first, he said he never met with any Russian sources, just like everyone else in the Trump campaign. But, after the press disclosed evidence to the contrary, he owned up and said he went to a short trivial meeting with a Russian, about adoption.

Then, when asked why he brought two senior campaign staff members to a trivial meeting about adoption policy he blurted out that he thought the meeting was going to be about getting intelligence about Clinton campaign. Oops!

He went on to claim no big deal, campaigns gather opposition research all the time, and besides, he didn’t even know she was Russian. That claim blew up when the media disclosed an email that was sent to the Trump campaign assuring them of the value of the lawyer’s info, because the information came from the Kremlin. Oops!

With each statement Donald Jr dug himself in deeper – sound familiar?

What’s been a little odd is no counter tweet from the old man. The Donald was quick to defend Mike Flynn and defends him to this day. He’s counter attacked when Ivanka was criticized, hit back when the son-in-law was mocked and has even defended Vladimir Putin’s good name. But, so far, silence about Donald Jr.

The deafening quiet on this topic has made the media a little nervous, kind of speculative. Could the Donald be preparing to throw Donald Jr under the buss? Is the Trump organization about to blame everything on little Donald, hopefully ending the whole Russian thing – with a child sacrifice?  Could the Donald act in such a Game of Thrones manner?

Of course, he could. And why not, Junior’s the perfect fall guy. Let’s face it, anyone who gets off by doing this:

Trump Jr kills elephant, cuts off tail

deserves whatever the Donald does to him. Let the games begin.

It’s been two-hundred-forty-five days since Putin elected Trump to the presidency, and the republic thinks about time the blood sport were turned back onto the tyrant, and his devil spawn.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 3 – Non-Elective Denial

Non-Elective Denial

November 11, 2016

Been painful watching news today
Headlines all a horror show
Have little faith in what they say
Suspicious, what they don’t know


It’s Trump Times day three and we have had demonstrations all over our country, an admission from Russia that “Da, we coordinated with the Trump campaign” and, of course, Commander-in-Chief Tweeting has begun.

Also, the media queued up a bunch of (scary) names as potential Trump appointments, but the media have no fucking idea.  They are just guessing to fill column inches and streaming minutes.  So, I think ignoring this name list BS is the best mental health choice.

Frankly, I cannot talk about the Russian thing in a clear lucid fashion quite yet.  Living through the Cold War has left me a little suspicious of the MOTHER-FUCKING Russians.  (See?)

But the demonstrations and related tweeting hold some interest; this may be foreshadowing – a glimpse at our dark comedy future.

First, demonstrations broke out all over the country (well, in the cities).  This was to be expected after a tense divisive election.  (And then there’s that popular vote loses again issue.)  It looks like the protestors were mostly young people, minorities and women. (Though we can’t be certain since this detail comes from our national media – a group that couldn’t find its own ass with a flashlight and a full-length mirror.  But I digress.)

Next, our president-elect tweets a snappy little morsel about professional demonstrators and how unfair the demonstrations are.

Of course, more demonstrations occur.  One gets labeled a riot.

Finally, our president-elect tweets a saccharin sweet snowflake about how he admires the protestors’ passion and predicts that “we will all come together and be proud”.

Okay, the public self-contradiction tactic has served him well so far.  So, well played Donald.  But that “we will all come together” line is new.  New and not consistent with the classic Trump Tweeting style.  Troubling.

More troubling, why am I aware of a Trump Tweeting style?  Have I read enough Trump Tweets to recognize patterns?  Shit, that’s a lot of reading – I’m old and slow.  There must be something else I should be doing with my eyes!


Take care of yourselves and one another,