Trump Times Entry 298 – In a Nuclear Family Way

In a Nuclear Family Way

September 3, 2017

Scared Shitless

Last night, while the Donald was busy using Harvey as a political prop and hammering the media for not cooperating, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un set off another nuclear device. This latest play for attention by the despot (the Korean, not the American) was five to six times larger than the test blast he featured last September. Great.

North Korea claims the device was a hydrogen bomb which is far worse than the atom bomb they tested last year. American analysts have expressed skepticism about that claim, but, frankly, the exact technical nature of the device seems irrelevant to those of us who stand target to the ongoing madness.

Trump reacted on Twitter by calling NK a rogue nation and shaming China.

Good fucking grief, he responded to a nuclear threat on FUCKING Twitter – not through diplomatic channels, not through the State Department or through an embassy, but on god-damned Twitter!

Then again, the Donald has let diplomatic staff numbers dwindle to record lows, appointed a CEO with no actual diplomatic experience as Secretary of State and hasn’t bothered to appoint a South Korean ambassador. So perhaps, Twitter is his most viable option. Great, again.

So now, we’re conducting international diplomatic communication about nuclear proliferation over the mass-com device people use to follow Kardashian fashion blunders and actress alcoholism.  Quite the step forward in modern communication.

Back a million years ago, when I attended grade-school, we practiced bomb alerts. A siren would blare, we’d stop whatever we were doing and hide under our desks until the all-clear siren sounded. It was an exercise in futility since grade school desks (even the desks in the nicer private schools) offered no protection from a nuclear blast. No, the practice was about theater, the government acting as if it were doing something. And even as children we knew it.

Growing up knowing it all could be ended by men we didn’t know for reasons we couldn’t understand, of course, seriously affected my generation. It shaped our attitudes – made us a lot crazier than the previous, Greatest, generation. But, we got lucky and managed to avoid terminal conflict. And over time the number of death devices was reduced as was the risk. Hence, following generations didn’t find the prospect of nuclear war quite so overwhelming. On that front, things got better.

But now with Trump on the button and claiming we’ve upgraded nuclear capability since he was elected two-hundred-ninety-nine days ago (which is bullshit), we again find ourselves facing that dark ugly potential.

Back during the first nuclear threat many responded by dropping LSD and dancing naked in the streets – if this was the end, why the fuck not.

Unfortunately, now, some fifty years later, my body is not suitable for dancing bare assed nor resilient enough for chemical escape. Though, fleeing reality seems easy enough – just read @realDonaldTrump on fucking twitter.

The republic, the world, needs the Donald gone,

PS- Fuck it, I’m dancing naked right now!

Trump Times Entry 263 – Looking Forward to the Past

Looking Forward to the Past

Leaking continued last week

July 30, 2017

Feels repetitive. How can that be?

Well, we survived another week of Trump chaos and it’s been a big seven days. We’ve watched team Trump force out the chief of staff by calling him names – bullied the guy right out of his job. Very gangster.  And, in an all-time first, we got to hear the President use sexual innuendo in a speech to the Boy Scouts, then follow up a couple days later with encouraging brutality while speaking to the police. The Donald’s been on a roll.

Additionally, last week, Senate Republicans, again, reinforced their theory that government can’t do anything, by not passing a bill that no one actually wanted. The Draconian bill, their third failure in a week, was sold as a “way to get the debate into committee – where they could collaborate with the House on a real bill”. Yeah, except the House was quietly preparing to pass whatever the Senate sent them – as is. The House leadership kind of tipped their hand when they started changing the rule that required a one day wait between Senate passage and a House vote. Collaborate? Don’t think so. They weren’t going to wait single day.

So, the Senate chickened-out. (Now, there’s a sentence we rarely see.)

The Donald, of course, responded to the loss by threatening the Republicans who voted against it. Well, actually he threatened the women. (Do you know that a Google search of “Trump Threats” yields 79 million results? A “Clinton Threat” search only gets 36 million. The Donald just keeps on winning.  But, I digress.)

The public flogging of Jeff Sessions has continued through the week. Trump keeps swinging and Jeff, not a young man, keeps taking it. Odd, either he’s too dense to know he supposed to quit or he enjoys it. Don’t know which, but have my suspicions.

Trump’s big randomizer for the week was his banning transgender people from military service. (By randomizer I mean an outrageous, from out of nowhere, accusation or policy pronouncement. The Donald likes to drop randomizers every week, or so – just to keep things amusing.) The country reacted to this latest rant as expected, with revulsion.

Scores of other subplots percolate in the background: the Russian investigations stumble on, conflict of interest questions keep surfacing, the Trump legal team interest turns to pardons, …

After two-hundred-sixty-four days of Trump leadership, this is what a typical week looks like. And looking forward, we can expect another of the same. Except for the big randomizer thing; that’s always random.

The republic suspects that the Donald is trying to over-stimulate us into submission. It won’t work; if Jeff Sessions can take it, so can we.

Jail the Tyrant,

Trump Times Entry 245 – Too Easy

Too Easy

July 12, 2017

What? Me Worry?

Unexpectedly, yesterday Donald Jr released an email thread about that meeting he took with a Russian lawyer last June. The thread sure seems damning – looks like he attended the meeting expecting to come away with information damaging to the Clinton campaign. And the information appeared to be coming from the Russian government.

It’s like he publicly confessed to criminal campaign activity. Odd…

Given that Donald Jr and the rest of the Trump camp have spent the last six months trying to hide Russian connections, Junior’s disclosure seems odd indeed. Why would he do this? (Or, more likely, why was he told to do this?)

First off, let’s remember that anything a Trump player says is meant to serve the Trump agenda. Motivation like patriotism, the common good or, even, common decency aren’t part of the Trump surrogate’s psyche. It’s all about winning.

So, what’s the agenda?

I guess, the plan could be to use Donald Jr as a scapegoat. Blaming everything on him is convenient because he’s a dead end. Claiming Donny did it all on his own might put a wrap on the Russian thing and there’d be no reason to investigate other people. Poor, dumb, Donny was a lone gunman, just trying to help. (Plus, daddy could pardon him, if it came to that.)

Or, this could be step one in trying to take control of the narrative. Some alt-right spokesmen have already begun suggesting that the Hillary campaign set this whole thing up. They claim Clinton took advantage of poor slow Donald Jr’s good intentions. (While this seems pretty far-fetched, let’s remember there was a time when the Donald as president seemed pretty far-fetched.)

There, of course, may be some other Trump trap going on that we cannot yet see. The Donald has been pretty successful springing outrageous shit on us so far – mostly because we, more or less, normal people cannot fathom the depravity Trump is capable of – we lack that sick Trump imagination (and we are better people for it).  So, heads up!

Then again, Donald Jr could actually be as stupid as he appears and thinks he did nothing wrong. So, why not disclose?

Listening to the Trump gang scream lies at us for the last two-hundred-forty-six post-election days has left us a little numb. So, when we hear something from them that rings of truth, we find their words kind of appealing, even refreshing. But, the republic needs to be vigilant regarding anything coming from Trump’s people – like any good con men they use grains of truth to sell big lies.

There be monsters, so be careful out there,

Trump Times Entry 238 – TweedleTrump and TweedleKim

TweedleTrump and TweedleKim

July 5, 2017

(With apologies to both Lewis Carroll and John Byrom, but we seem to have stepped through the looking glass.)


TweedleTrump and TweedleKim
Agreed to have a battle;
For TweedleTrump said TweedleKim
Had spoiled his nice new rattle.
Just then flew down a monstrous crow,
As black as a tar-barrel;
Which frightened both those heroes so,
They quite forgot their quarrel.

While Carroll’s Tweedledum and Tweedledee resemble our very own Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, in that they really want to fight and share personality types, the expectation that a dark force (China) will swoop down and prevent disaster, as so many Trump supporters claim, is a fairytale.

Two-hundred-thirty-nine days after the results of the general election led us down this rabbit hole we find ourselves at the whim of leaders who act like Lewis Carroll characters, but lack the benefit of having read the stories.

Like Alice, the republic wonders if today’s adventures are our own nightmares, or the dreams of the Red (or, maybe orange) king. Oh, and why is a raven like a writing desk?

Here’s hoping the knights (both red and white) take the launch codes away from these fools,

Trump Times Entry 182 – No Time for Trump Today

No Time for Trump Today

May 9, 2017

Have no time for the Donald today – with spring, mice have returned to the house and I must assist Larry with hunting down the varmint. (By assist I mean scare the mice away before Larry murders them and drops them at my feet. Yuck.)

So, just two quick thoughts:

First, isn’t it interesting that, now that we have discovered Comey lied to the congressional committee about the bullshit Clinton emails back in October, his words are characterized as inaccurate? Not lies, just inaccurate.

Wasn’t is fun to watch Sally Yates kick Ted Cruz’s arrogant ass yesterday? Cruz looked so sad; Sally looked amused, uppity.

We’ve tried to resist Trump and his boy’s club’s trashing of America for one-hundred-eighty-two days now, but after watching yesterday’s testimony, it has become painfully obvious that what the republic really needs is more, lots more, uppity women.

In Peace and Justice,


Trump Times Entry 168 – Over the Line

Over the Line

April 25, 2017

There is no line.

Perhaps there never was, but once we believed there was and acted accordingly. Mores, folk-ways, customs, whatever seemed compelling enough. If it was customary for national candidates to release their tax information, they just did it. Even indirect nepotism was bad form and an embarrassment, as well as illegal. (Yeah, right, Robert Kennedy was appointed by brother John. And that’s why the was law changed – Johnson, who hated Bobby, made damn sure presidential nepotism wouldn’t happen again.)


The thing about the law is: to be effective, it must be enforced. An unenforced law is just a lame custom – out of style. And, rest assured, the Trump spring fashion collection features only the latest in styles. Outdated looks like transparency, ethics and embarrassability have been dropped from the product line.

And, so far, the adults designated to check presidential balance, in congress, are too busy trying to kill popular programs, redrawing district maps to fulfill anti-gerrymandering court orders and being yelled at town hall meetings. Rumor has it some Republican congressmen have gone into hiding and don’t plan on coming out until “this whole thing blows over”. Sure wish the rest of us could do that.

So, it’s not just Trump; congress is helping out bigly with erasing that imaginary line no one should ever cross, except for the entitled of course. In doing so they politicize law enforcement, but what could go wrong? I’m sure they’re doing it for our-own (or someone’s) good.

After watching the paradox , that it the Donald, for one-hundred-sixty-eight post-election days, the republic no longer sees the lines Trumps keeps crossing. It’s like the Republicans gerrymandered decency out of country to make room for Trump.

And here we thought they weren’t doing anything.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 77 – The Wicked Witch of the West Wing

The Wicked Witch of the West Wing

January 24, 2017kekkyann03

Perhaps today, the seventy-seventh since the Donald acquired America and forth since completion of the hostile takeover, we can find some small way to make the voices in our heads go away. One particularly rasped voice, Kellyanne Conway, is my top candidate for elimination.

We all knew Kellyanne as the wildly successful Director of Propaganda for the Trump campaign. And now, as Counselor to the President she continues her magic, recasting reality before our eyes. With the logic of the Mad Hatter, the voice of an evil stepmother and the rage of the clinically insane she’s been chanting in our heads for so long. How about, we cast her out?  The timing seems right.

There’s no doubt, Kellyanne, a master at the dark art of dissuasion, still performs the classic “Lie then change the subject” move effortlessly and with the grace of a black widow. But lately, her chops have been a little suspect.

In her last NBC interview, she led with a threat – a good start. But then got blindsided by actual questions. (You’d think the treat would have made hard questions go away, but no.) Then, she got flustered and reflexively spit out the words that will be embossed on her grave – alternative facts.

The interviewer, smelling blood, jumped on the opportunity like an actual journalist (imagine my surprise) and eventually stated the obvious – alternative facts are falsehoods.

In a rank, amateur move, Kellyanne tried to change the subject by pivoting to Obama failures. But, Obama is history, gone – not an interesting enemy anymore. Kellyanne, the pro, had shifted in the wrong direction and stumbled. While she tried to “alternative fact” her way through the rest of the interview, the rout was on.

Clearly, Kellyanne’s best lies are behind her and she should move on. It would be best if she went voluntarily. You know, got on her broom and flew off into the sunset – cackling “Abandon all hope!” Something classy.

Otherwise we need the press to STOP interviewing her. There is no point in talking with a government representative arrogant enough to announce she is entitled to lie. Plus, she’s lost her mojo – out flanked by Chuck Todd, please!

Instead, let’s look to Sean “The Whiner” Spicer as the new voice for the Donald. At least when Sean tells us absolute bullshit, he doesn’t appear to be enjoying himself – for now.

The republic has standards, Kellyanne just doesn’t meet them. It’s only tough love.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 70 – A Fine Bromance

A Fine Bromance

January 17, 2017trump-putin-1

One odd aspect of human perception is how a chunk of time may seem both long and short. For instance, the seventy days since the election that made America ill-tempered again seem to have taken a lifetime. Yet, that carefree time back when we liked NATO and not Vladimir Putin seems like only yesterday. Seemly, time relentlessly blunders forward too fast to notice, but too slow to hold our attention – a self-contradiction.

Kind of like the Donald.

Now, I don’t mean to conflate Trump with a physics fundamental that describes the universe. (Though, I’m pretty sure he considers himself a force of nature.) But, haven’t you noticed he, also, relentlessly blunders forward seemingly too fast because he’s too slow and pays no attention. Plus, self-contradiction is his only consistent property. Time is a complex notion and the Donald is a complex guy.

It’s to be expected that a guy like the Donald will have a tough time finding fellow homies to hang with. So few can relate to his hugeness or appreciate his presidential magnificence. But luckily, Vladimir Putin can.

What a pairing!  Together they’ve taken on challenging circumstances and reworked obstacles into relationship building exercises. It started out innocently enough with a Donald in need, an election slipping away. Vladimir stepped-up and selflessly saved the day, taking no credit for a deed well done.

And, who could forget Trump refusing to join the partisan heckling when Putin was unfairly accused of hacking. Taking the high road, the Donald explained he would just like to get along with Vladimir, but we all could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that there was more to it.

And more we have. Putin’s taken to publicly defending Trump in the press; Trump’s offered to end those silly sanctions. Foreign loan money (Russian?) has, remarkably, found its way to the Trump organization. The Donald’s first foreign trip as president will be, of course, to Russia. What next, perhaps a seaside condo together in Crimea?

Yup, who would have guessed, two alpha males with such vastly different profiles would right-swipe one another – in front of the whole world. We’ve come a long way, indeed, brother.

Comrades, the republic stands in the friend-zone, wondering how to say “We’re screwed” in Russian.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 69 – Victim Envy

Victim Envy

January 16, 2017mefront2

Looking forward from here, the sixty-ninth day since the election, we see inauguration day bearing down on us like a Russian ICBM. But in this case, upon striking DC, most the damage will occur outside the blast radius. Political weapons differ from conventional in that we frequently aim them at ourselves expecting to only hurt others.

Woke up this morning to another “Understanding the Trump Voter” story on the morning news. (Got to stop turning on the TV before taking my blood pressure meds.) Once again, I was treated to a bunch of white folks sharing their stories about feeling left out, about how tough things are and about how they liked Trump’s aggressiveness. (Though, an aggressive Hillary was not to their liking one bit.)

They bemoaned that, African-Americans had advocates, Latinos and Gays too. But, what about the red white and blue collared real Americans? They’re the real victims here and envy the victim related benefits of others.

So, they voted for the guy most likely to take stuff away from those other people. Thinking, I guess, that whatever he took away from other “victims” would be redirected to them? Hilarious!

They also believed the Donald would somehow bring back the post World War Two manufacturing economy, because he said so. But, those same citizens just couldn’t believe Trump is a racist or misogynist – just because he said so. (Wow, I haven’t experienced thought that complex or nuanced since I gave up drinking in biker bars.)

The very best victim is, of course, the Donald himself. For instance, when, Trump supporter, Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes announced, “Trump’s a ‘Pig,’ But so are many other men.” She was actually revealing how the Donald was a victim – being held to a higher standard than other men. (Sad.)

Rant alert:
Doctor Halper-Hayes, while I appreciate your studied generalizations regarding my gender, I must disagree with your base premise. Given my sixty-eight years of field research, I find the notion “Many men are pigs” grossly incorrect. I’m gonna break protocol here and share some inside info – all men are pigs. The thing is, most of us, having benefited from socialization, have learned the difference between impulse and behavior. Just not your guy.
Rant end

The republic, limited by both riches and attention span, entertains a new victim class, limited only by self-interest.

In peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 68 – Instead


January 15, 2017inthought2

Today the, sixty-eighth since Trump, I had a long conversation with a worried friend rather than composing this blog. She, apparently, felt I had additional capacity or understanding or, maybe, hope. I, played the elder, listened, consoled – carefully withholding the harshness of my hope.

So today I offer one sentence:

The republic stands on our willingness to feel that which is painful to others, without agenda.

Oh, and fuck Trump!

In Peace and Justice