Trump Times Entry 262 – Loyalty or Stockholm Syndrome?

Loyalty or Stockholm Syndrome?

July 29, 2017

Feeling unsympathetic – sorry.

I’m no fan of Jeff Sessions. He’s a corrupt racist and deserves prison time a good deal more than sympathy. Nonetheless, his relationship with the Donald clearly qualifies him as a victim.  But oddly, after weeks of humiliating cyber-bullying by Trump, Jeff’s sticking with the Donald and working harder than ever to advance the agenda of his abuser. Okay.

Reince Priebus, again, not on my favorites list. An ex-RNC chairman, he was an early Trump critic who quickly sold out once Trump took the election. He’s been Trump’s chief of staff ever since. Well, until yesterday that is. After Trump had his trained attack squirrel, Anthony Scaramucci, bully Reince for not quite a week, he resigned. Reince’s parting words were, “Thanks, I’ll always be on Team Trump” – interesting thing to say about the team that publicly called you a “fucking paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac”, oh, and a “fucking cockblocker”, but okay.

And hey, during the fake election Trump insulted pretty much everyone who ran against him. Yet after the fake results, Little Rubio, Low Energy Jeb and the rest of the Republican leaders got right behind the guy who bullied and shamed them. What a loyal bunch!

Hell, both Chis Christie and Rudy Giuliani risked their, admittedly sinking, careers to become vocal early Trump supporters, but were cast aside as too unattractive after Trump took the capitol. Yet, they both have only warm complementary things to say about the Donald. Odd, since neither of those guys are known for being good sports. Oh, well.

(Looking forward, after the TrumpCare failure this week, can you imagine what’s in Mitch McConnell’s Trump described future? I wonder what insane dirt Trump will tweet about Mitch? Should be appalling, can’t wait. Bet Mitch will just love it.)

Yeah, Trumps insults, bullies, mocks and betrays his party’s leadership and they just love him more than ever. It’s like they’re enchanted with the Donald.

Or maybe they suffer from mass Stockholm Syndrome. Sure, they’ve may have been unwillingly captivated, but now they can’t imagine life without him. And while Trump may embarrass them… they kind of like it.

Two-hundred-sixty-three days is a long time to be held hostage. So, it’s no surprise that, since the election, the GOP’s identity has become supplanted with love for the Donald. Unfortunately, one-sided relationships like this never go well for the beta party. The republic suspects Trump will eventually grow bored with his Republican “friends”, dump them and move on to someone new, maybe someone Russian.

Breaks my fucking heart,

Trump Times Entry 260 – Make America Gyrate Again

Make America Gyrate Again

July 27, 2017

Feeling kind of dizzy today – a mix of dazed foreboding, with a hint of acrimony. Like intimacy, it’s complicated.

Well, that didn’t take long. Only two-hundred-sixty-one days since the Russians hosted the American election and the Donald’s already played the homophobia card. Yes, I know trans people, Trumps latest canon fodder, aren’t necessarily homosexual – but, the voters Trump’s talking to don’t. To the Trump base anything other than what they do is deviant and they’re not saying what they do – just what they don’t.

So, yesterday we were busy talking about the Donald’s Hitler Youth speech to the Boy Scouts, John McCain’s heroic journey to irrelevance, how we already miss Sean Spicer, oh, and Russia. And bam! – the Donald changes the conversation. And all it took was throwing 6000 or so military service members under the political bus. Classic Trump.

The policy change is so cynical it’s hard to imagine that Trump thought it up all by himself, sounds more like a Bannon thing. First, as mentioned, it changes the national conversation – puts Russia on page two. But, additionally, when coupled with the nearly simultaneous announcement from the Justice Department that LGBT workplace discrimination is allowed under civil rights law, it nurtures the right’s favorite wedge issue – the homosexual agenda. Yes sir, an issue that promises to pay dividends through 2018.

And once again Trump blindsided the Pentagon, they had no clue. The military might want to request a copy of the Justice Department’s daily criminal activity briefings so as to keep up with what the Donald’s doing. Couldn’t hurt, and the Donald is very likely to start accusing them of conspiring against him any day now – so why wait, beat the rush.

Random thought: how does one pick a side in the Sessions – Trump fight? It’s a kobayashi maru, we lose regardless of who wins. Trump wins: it’s easier to fire Mueller. Sessions wins: we have a documented racist running the justice department. Is this what he meant when he said we would get tired of all the winning?

And another: Trump’s communications director Anthony Scaramucci is picking a public fight with Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus – nice, another fight where we’re stuck rooting against both sides.

And one more: Is the Donald’s anti-trans policy even legal? I don’t think Trump gets to ignore the 14th amendment, even if he’s not aware of it.

(Wonderful, that last random thought wasn’t random, it was actually on topic. Guess I’m dizzier than I realized. Should probably say something about the republic, close, and take a nap or, maybe a mood elevator.)

The republic is bound to gyrate some when bombarded with Trump propaganda, but in the end his weapon is the past, dying a slow deserved death.

Fuck Trump,