Trump Times Entry 122 – Friday Rant

Friday Rant

March 10, 2017


Minister of Greed Paul Ryan has introduced an Obamacare replacement. It covers fewer people, but at a higher cost to the old and poor. Paul would like to get it approved in a couple weeks, so he can go on spring break. He insists this is the ONLY chance we will ever have to fix the system.

Paul is a lying piece of crap.

Trump’s campaign and White House staff seem to have more Russian performers than the Bolshoi Ballet‎. But, our soulless congress is not interested. One the other hand, they are interested in finding out who may have leaked that information. But then, what should we expect when the two investigative committees are chaired by Trump campaign staff – by two traitorous hunks of excrement.

The media continue to treat Trump tweets as if they hold some value. Perhaps we need different, more social media savvy, journalists to take over – people who can detect and starve trolls.

Our media, acting like internet newbies, have willingly become distribution channels for Trump shit-posts.

(I, obviously, need to change my repetitive metaphor – one more try.)

The Donald feels Paul Ryan’s healthcare plan is too generous. And he continues to insist all the Russian stuff is fake news, but Obama should be investigated for wire-tapping. And he just authorized the use of Russian steel for the “buy American only” Keystone Pipeline project. No shit!

(Well, that worked about as well as a Republican social welfare program.)

Fuck it, after one-hundred-twenty-two days, the republic needs a break from this ugly shit-storm – something cute. How about Robin Williams having his nose nibbled by a baby pig.)

In Peace and Justice,


Trump Times Entry 38 – Obama Vows Retaliatory – blah, blah, blah

Warning: Bit of a Rant

December 16, 2016inthought2

Starting on this thirty-eighth day, to provide a richer more varied experience, the Trumps Times will feature Rant Fridays. While on most days I’ll try to offer thoughtfully considered observations and commentary, on Fridays I’m not even going to try. We all deserve the occasional rant; we’ve been listening to the alt-right-neo-human-doo-doo-heads rant for years. So, what the hell libtards, let’s rant.

This rant is counterintuitive in that it’s pointed inward. You may find it offensive – that’s why it’s called a rant…

Obama Vows Retaliatory – blah, blah, blah

Reading today’s headline, “Obama vows retaliatory action against Russia for election hacking” made me nearly as sick as reading the Trump cabinet list. Really? Our lame duck president, now at the bitter end of his tenure, announced his intent to retaliate? I’m no military genius, but I don’t think that’s how payback works. You don’t announce intentions to retaliate – you retaliate.

No, the public statement was purely political, just trying to play fair with the Russians – using words when actions are more appropriate.

But then what did I expect? Obama knew about the Russian hacking back before the election. He had confirmation from all the intelligence agencies. His, typically Obama, response was to quietly ask the Republicans permission to publicly address the issue. The Republicans, of course, said no. So, the Obama administration complied their wishes.

Hell, he didn’t even use the time-honored “leak it to the press” option. Instead, Obama allowed the Republicans to hold an advantage and was complicit in withholding relevant information from the public. But, least he didn’t appear partisan.

The desire to play fairly with opponents has been an overriding principle in the Obama administration. A principle that’s backfired again and again. Fair-play is great on the athletic field, but it’s just weakness in the political arena. The Republicans know it.

Frankly, I suspect electing Obama rather than Clinton in 2008 may have been a mistake on par with electing Trump in 2016. True, Barack did accomplish some important things, but his soft approach with the crazy conservatives allowed them to rebuild. His tolerance of their playground-insult tactics encouraged the fringe to flourish.

I suspect alt-bullying would have been less effective on a Clinton administration. Because she would have fought back – as dirty as necessary. After all, wasn’t dirty politics one of the objections to Hillary. From here dirty-fighting sounds like a skill we could have used over the last eight years.

But we elected the nice guy. He played fair. So, we lost.

The republic stands on the shoulders of those willing to do what’s necessary, regardless of how it looks.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 32 – Bully Them into Submission

Bully Them into Submission

December 10, 2016trump-putin-1

So far, we’ve suffered thirty-two days of the Trump pre-show show, yet the it continues to delight. In what can fairly be termed the crescendo of Reality Performance Art, team Donald once again gives us something to look at.

Yup, we have a Game of Thrones like inner circle filled with religious zealots, military fanatics and conspiracy theorists.  Peppered liberally with wife beaters, this bunch promises to stay interesting all the way to the apocalypse.

If intrigue is not your thing, there’s always the live tour. Hooray, the Trump band is back together and doing a national gig. And the set list is, well, amazing! Along with new, even more confusing, material, the tour features a full set of the golden oldies. “Lock her Up!” and “Build the wall – kill then all!” have been crowd favorites.

And of course, for those of us too challenged for intrigue, but unwilling to adventure outdoors there’s Twitter. To keep it sweet, the Trump tweet show has been featuring the ever-popular Attack theme. Totally equal opportunity, they’ve attacked television shows, China, union bosses and even teen-age girls. But the Donald really took it to the next level this week when he stated attacking the CIA.

The republic looks to stand awhile longer – not so sure about the Donald.

For once I agree with and feel encouraged by the Donald. His cyber-bully tweets aimed at the CIA are just what we need. Go for it Donald, we all know the agency is just a bunch of new-age sensitive guys – eager to hear public critique. So, keep tweeting; they’re listening. I’m sure in due time they will structure a reasonable civilized response.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,