Trump Times Entry 280 – We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

We Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

August 16, 2017


Finally out of the closet, the Donald took up the neo-Nazi cause in earnest yesterday. In a shameless display of bullshit equivalence and pandering Trump defended the fine people who demonstrate by torchlight while chanting anti-Semitic and racist slogans.

The fine people who physically attack those holding opposing viewpoints.

The fine people who murder with ISIS tactics.

The fine people who fly the swastika alongside the American flag.

Yeah, those fine people.

So, we now stand warned. Fighting back makes us as “just as bad”, but not fighting back makes us marginalized or dead. Some choice, hey? And to be sure, the Donald’s stamp of approval guarantees an up-tic in alt-right activity. Why not when Trump’s not just a neo-Nazi sympathizer, but an actual neo-Nazi?

We definitely ain’t seen nothing yet.

The social plague named Trump is moving fast. In a mere two-hundred-eighty-one days since the fake election the Donald has taken us from the audacity of hope to the litany of fear – feared by our friends, enemies and citizens alike.

The Republic stands on the brink – of what, remains to be seen.

May as well fight back,

Trump Times Entry 186 – Tapes? What is this 1973?

Tapes? What is this 1973?

May 13, 2017

What a shock! Our infant and chief has been taping private White House conversations. I wonder where he got the recording equipment – maybe Goodwill? No, can’t be, Trump doesn’t do goodwill. The only reasonable explanation for Trump’s technology choice is a “tip of the hat” to Richard “Tricky Dicky” Nixon. A tribute to crooked presidents passed or maybe it’s a subtle detail in the Donald’s program to make America great again – you know, by going back to analog.

But actually, there’s no need to care about Trump recording conversations or the technology he uses for blackmail and bullying. Let’s remember, when Trump says something, he’s always lying to make himself appear the tough, alpha guy. So, whether on tape, mp3 or vinyl any Trump recorded conversations are at least fifty percent bullshit. Hence, unlikely to provide insight.

Plus, if we want really interesting recordings of White House conversations – you know, incriminating stuff with audio quality so high we can hear him mouth breathing – we should just ask the Russians for theirs.

Just saying comrade…

Over the last one-hundred-eighty-six post-election days my blogs have been getting shorter and shorter. This is not because I have less to say, but rather an attempt to limit my exposure to something as toxic as the Donald. I suspect overexposure to Trump causes the human mind to stretch beyond reasonable endurance and snap, leaving a tangled unusable mess – like an old Ted Nugent eight track tape left out in the sun, back in seventy-three.

The republic needs Trump in prison and everyone knows it – even Republicans.

In Peace and Justice,

While evidence of collusion and treason continues to build up, I’m still betting on heart attack or stroke as the Inevitable Trump Termination Event. Guess I’m just a romantic.

Trump Times Entry 154 – Trump Them Monday Blues

Trump Them Monday Blues

April 11, 2017

So, we got contradictory descriptions of the results of bombing Syria. The first, from the Donald, details a perfectly executed military strike that inflicted exactly the expected damage on exactly the intended enemy targets, rendering twenty percent of the Syrian air force destroyed. The other, from Putin, claims the air strike did minimal damage and won’t affect air operations at all. The actual facts? Who knows?

But, we do know both those guys are liars.

Meanwhile, we experienced another school shooting in San Bernardino. Three were lost this time, but the story can’t even hold page one. It’s tough to compete with the Donald bombing for dead children, even with dead children. The shooter had a history of domestic violence and a gun.

It’s amazing and disappointing what we can get used to.

In business news, United Airlines presented the American public with a near perfect example of how corporate power operates by dragging a paying customer (I mean volunteer) off a plane to save the cost of charter flying a United crew to a connecting destination. The United CEO, Oscar Munoz, issued a statement expressing remorse, apologizing for having to re-accommodate customers. He went on to describe the event in words that bore no resemblance to the accounts of the eye witnesses.  Hmm.

On the news they’re discussing the PR nightmare, as if United is, somehow, a victim of the situation.

On a more positive note, New Mexico (and some other states) just disallowed lunch shaming children as a collection technique. Before this moment of enlightenment, kids whose families fell behind in paying school lunch fees had “I Need Lunch Money” stamped on their arms. Apparently, since it was not as dramatic as Hester Prynne’s scarlet letter, the marking didn’t work. So, the state banned it.

I’d like to know, why it’s necessary to specifically outlaw state behavior that was recognized as bullshit back in 1850?

Over these last one-hundred-fifty-four days since Trump’s ascension, America has drifted fictional. The republic senses some Orwell, a little Atwood, but mostly feels the Donald’s story – unsympathetic and illiterate.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 60 – Unsympathetic Empathy

Unsympathetic Empathy

January 7, 2017AngryGuyBW

Sixty days into the Trump legacy and I still have not lost hope. Instead I’ve lost patience – patience for all the concern we squander on the mythical Trump supporter. True, now that Trump has gotten what he wanted from them he’ll screw them over. So what? Harsh lessons are part of life. Why waste sympathy on the drunk red-neck when he shoots himself? How is the Trump voter different? Drunk on self-pity they used the ballot box like a Saturday night special.

Fuck them. We outnumber them. We don’t need them. The only things they bring to the table are narcissism and Miller-Lite – which, admittedly, is more than what Trump brings, but Miller products give me a headache.

Remember them chanting to imprison the opposition? Do you think they would stop with just Hillary if given the power? And it’s all about power. They use to have high paying jobs which gave them the power to feel superior to us damn libtard hippies, minorities and feminazis. They mourn the loss of something they never really had – not honest work, but implied superiority.

The Trump voter’s willingness to hand the country over to an overtly racist, openly misogynistic obvious liar alludes to who they are. We need to embrace the obvious and move on – without them.

The republic stands despite those, both rich and poor, who hold self-entitlement above all else.

In Peace with Justice

PS: The empathy part –
While I see no reason for sympathy for the Trump faithful, in all honesty, I must admit to some empathy. I’m embarrassed to admit I now feel the kind of hate for the Trump masses that they feel for me and my libtard friends. I know how they feel, because I feel that way about them.

I don’t wear this proudly and hope, one day, to recover. Perhaps that’s what separates us – we libtards feel hatred is a defect, to be fixed. While the Trump masses don’t recognize their feelings as hate, but as righteous social entitlement.

Fuck them.

Trump Times Entry 42 – Less-than One Term

Less-than One Term

December 20, 2016try3

Here on day forty-two, the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything remains elusive as ever. On the other hand, fantasy government, an illogical extension of reality TV, will soon be playing everywhere near you. Watch for it on the twentieth of January – the Donald insists.

Like a bad-taste reboot of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” the Donald show will aspire to mediocre longevity, but given the embedded tragedy perhaps we can cut the run short. The republic stands ready for another less-than one term president.

Out of respect for the tactics enshrined by our Republican friends, a less-than one term Trump goal seems reasonable. Yeah, I know their plan was to make Obama a one term guy. But why not aspire to better?

The neo-con press is already accusing libtards of plotting and scheming – according to a fake news source (FOX) we can expect historical numbers of filibusters and other disruptive tactics from the Democrats. (We should be so lucky!)

If the Dems are up for it, a place to start is the Electoral College vote count in January. Since, during the count, objections must be addressed within two hours, a series of objection could tie up the process for a long time. Of course, the outcome would not be changed by such a tactic, but the disruption would serve to delegitimize.

Oh no! Did I just suggest delegitimizing? Oh, yes indeed I did! From where I’m looking, the circumstance of the election (Russian hacks, FBI interference, voter suppression, etc.) has already delegitimized the process. It’s fair game to use any legal means at our disposal to express our distain and non-consent.

Plus, objecting during the count to illegally gerrymandered states, like North Carolina, holds some merit. Since the federal court already found their redistricting race-based and unconstitutional, how legitimate can the North Carolina election results be? Worth forcing a public discussion during the count? Why not?

Moving forward, let’s not legitimize Trump in any way. A small, but important, tactic is never to refer to him as the president – he’s just Trump. Words are important, even the ones we don’t use.

Write, talk, lobby, demonstrate against whatever the Donald wants. Always. If we make the Donald more trouble than he’s worth the Republicans (or maybe the CIA) will dispense with him.

Then again, I may just be fantasizing – tis the season.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 41 – Electoral Middle School

Electoral Middle School

December 19, 2016mefront2

Today, the forty-first since the last election, the Electoral College will make its contribution to our political process. While typically a boring rubber stamp to whatever the press told us back in November,
this time around the vote, still a likely rubber-stamp, may at least prove interesting. Since the Constitution does not require the electors to vote as directed, they could vote their conscience. But, we all know one of the problems that brought us here is a serious lack of political conscience. Hence, I harbor low expectations.


Russian novel like in complexity, the republic stands on arcane processes and the Electoral College is just one of many.

Yup, the Electoral College vote is not the end of it. First, the people vote; then, the College votes; finally, Congress meets (on January 6) and counts the votes. Given that most the Republicans don’t actually believe in numbers (Arabic numerals? Very suspicious!) the results of the count are unpredictable.

Once the count is complete any member of congress may object to individual votes or state results as a whole. All objections must be considered by both the House and the Senate and resolved within (get this) two hours. Given that neither congressional body can even agree on that day it is, if there are objections things could get ugly. (Yeah, I know we passed ugly awhile back.)

Once all objections are resolved a winner is declared, the loser is publicly shamed and we move on to the swearing in on January twentieth.

Word is the Trump Transition Team is having problems booking talent for the Inaugural Ball. Apparently weary of Ted Nugent and Kid Rock, Team Trump has offered two, sometimes three, times the usual pay rate. But, no one seems interested. So, as a special bonus, they are now offering “plush diplomatic posts” to A-List stars who climb onto the Trump Train. Kayne West, our Ambassador to North Korea, has an intriguing ring to it – don’t you think?

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 40 – A Case Against Empathy

trump-monopA Case Against Empathy

December 18, 2016

After forty days of consideration, I find the most alarming aspect of the election is the willingness of Republicans to overlook (and embrace) Russian tampering. Remember back when the Republicans were stanchly anti-Putin? Remember when they constantly criticized Obama’s soft response to the Russian threat? Remember when they went self-righteously loony over the Russian reset?

Seems it’s outrageous for Secretary of State Clinton to pal around with Russian diplomats, but Trump spooning Putin is just two sensitive guys finding their way in a troubled world. Given how quickly conservatives gave up their (very public) principles, I can only conclude that had I seriously misjudged them.

Up till now, I thought most conservatives were just people who weren’t issued a humane measure of empathy at birth. I thought that deficiency was the root of anti-social behaviors like fighting socially progressive programs unless directly affected or insisting other people’s children fight wars.

Just goes to show how wrong one can be.

While the whole no empathy thing is important, perhaps just as weighty is the win at any cost aspect of the neo-con psyche. Personal beliefs, ethics, national loyalties, whatever, it just doesn’t matter as much as winning. Hell, actual provable “in your face” facts are not important – winning is.

Had they lost the election, the neo-cons would be screaming about Russian tampering like adolescents in the throes of a hormone driven tantrum. And the Dems would have listened respectfully and, likely, granted concessions until “everyone thought it was fair”.

We need to stop doing that. Feeling their pain when their pain is based upon malice is not noble.

When they claim to feel marginalized because their Nazi point of view is not included in our national dialog, a totally appropriate response is, “Fuck off Nazi!” When some religious zealot claims discrimination because the law forbids him to discriminate, the very reasonable response is, “You have one really fucked up religion!”

When over three-quarters of the neo-cons claim Putin’s okay because he sided with their man – it’s important to recognize the number of traitors living among us. Justifiably angry – perhaps, left behind – sure, victims of the system – sometimes, but traitors nonetheless.

Tomorrow the Electoral College votes. I, for one, expect disappointment. In the end they will ignore conscience and vote for the fascist. Nevertheless, I’m sure the Donald will tweet something critical. I would feel sorry for the electors, but can’t seem to find the empathy.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 39 – Rationalization


December 17, 2016meashomer2

Finally, thirty-nine days after the Republicans collaborated with the Russians to sway the election, Obama has joined the party. In his last press conference, the president lame-duck, publicly rationalized White House inactivity regarding Russian hack disclosure. “The information was out there,” Obama recited. He suggested that using the intelligence community alone to release the information was the right thing to do. He didn’t want the White House to get involved in the public discussion because of the election. In short, he again just wanted to play fair.

What an asshole. He’s so insecure; wants so much to be accepted by people who hate him that he couldn’t speak-up himself as the Russian’s were fixing the election. An actual president would have shouted this out at every opportunity. Press conference whenever any new detail was uncovered, leaks to the press matching up any Wiki leak would have been helpful.

The president further stated he held his tongue to prevent casting doubt on the integrity of the election. So, he didn’t publicly raise real issues about the integrity of the election because he didn’t want to cast doubt on the integrity of the election. At this point I can’t tell who’s talking – Obama or Trump.

He finished up the segment with an empty promise of retaliation. I doubt Putin is concerned – his boy Trump is taking over soon. Once that occurs, any sanctions (the likely retaliation) will be lifted. Obama would serve best by shutting up and gracefully fading into the historical obscurity he so richly deserves.

The rest of us have a real fight on our hands – cleaning up the mess Obama helped create. The republic will stand despite his weakness.

We shall heal our wounds, collect our dead and continue fighting. Mao Zedong
(Hell, if they can play with Putin, I can quote Mao.)

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 36 – Kanye West

Kanye West

December 14, 2016

It’s day thirty-six and I think I’m going news tone-def. It all sounds the same – a gray jumble of headlines, Donald as the subject and our country as the object. The verbs dark between. The Stories carry a dark dank feel, like December rain.

In a normal election year, December is the honeymoon period – reservedly optimistic. This time around optimists look to the Electoral College for hope. Not exactly marital bliss. Nearly hopeless, the republic stands honeymooning with the Donald.

Cheery, hey?

Early this week, seemingly to break the endless stream of old white guy names and superlative declarations, the Donald served up Kanye West to an eagerly awaiting media. Yup, this week’s distraction is a rap performer who has a rep of bullying girls. Hmm, isn’t bullying girls one of the Donald’s hobbies? Maybe there’s a basis for multicultural understanding.

What a load of crap! The fact that narcissistic self-described genius males meet to talk about “Life” is not news. We do that all the time. But there may a story about how Trump freezes out the media, provides no press conferences, but enjoys face time with a rap performer.

Then again, I could be all wet (December rain), perhaps there’s real political significance there. Maybe Kanye stopped by to assure the Donald that there would be no presidential challenge in 2020. After all, West did tweet #2024 after the meeting.

Fuck, I can’t believe this has become the stuff of serious political discussion. How far have we fallen? When will we hit?


That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 31 – Safety Pins

safety pins

December 9, 2016cyberscooty-safety-pin2

Hey, we’ve made it to the first day of the second month since the last American election. As we step through the Trump looking glass, reality continues to shift – certainly to the right, but mostly to the bizarre.

The new real world unfolds as scrolling cyber sentence fragments and photoshopped effigies offer only absurdity. Human thought, now reduced to meme, seems to accept fake news as the interesting narrative.

And why not? The fake news on my Facebook feed just offered both proof that Hillary is the leader of an alien invasion and suggested that hot chicks, in my neighborhood, were eager to talk with me.

Why, in my advanced years, I would want to talk with a bunch of anonymous hot chicks is beyond me. But, that Hillary alien invader story seems oddly compelling. I suspect the Trump effect has turned my brain to mush.

While the republic still stands, it babbles incoherently.

But, enough about our mental health, let’s talk about safety pins…

One positive response to that event last month is the “You are safe with me” safety pin meme. (Like I said, we now think in meme. Sigh.) The meme has grown into something of a movement with people conspicuously wearing pins to symbolize everything from protest to the Trump take over to actual real world support for the marginalized. Like most progressive movements, the Safety Pin thing is a loosely defined sign of solidarity.

To quote a #SafetyPin tweet, “My #SafetyPin shows I will protect those who feel in danger bc of gender, sexuality, race, disability, religion, etc. You are safe with me”

This movement, of course, has created reactions from both sides of the political playpen. The mainstream media have (disingenuously) asked, “Isn’t this just white guilt – an empty gesture?” The Trump trolls, of course, label it as scandalous disrespect for the Donald.

We need to recognize that both the media and the Trump assholes react the same to change. They both fear change and will act defensively when they encounter it. Both these group can’t stand it when shit happen without their permission. The media criticize because they want the attention themselves. The Trump asses attack because, well, they are asses.

Publicly labeling oneself as the “other” is risky and hardly empty. (Writing criticism of stuff you don’t understand is empty.) And we all have the right to peacefully protest any way we choose – respect is earned not assumed.

But be very careful out there. The Donald has given the trolls permission to come out and play. They will read the safety pin as a target. If something happens, chances are the press won’t notice – they’ll be too busy talking about themselves.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,