Trump Times Entry 241 – It’s Complicated

It’s Complicated

July 8, 2017

Yesterday, in fiery Hamburg Germany, the Donald and Putin finally took the time to work on their relationship.

Sure, Putin’s been a little disappointed with how Trump has squandered, not appreciated, that gift Vladimir gave him last fall – true, it wasn’t the Hope Diamond, but stealing hope can be just as expensive, comrade.

And the Donald has a point in that Putin could have been way more careful about covering his tracks; yeah, in Russia if someone asks too many questions a guy can just cross ’em  off, but not in the USA. Here, time and money must be spent suppressing and spinning the stories – without killing journalists. (So unfair.)

So, both have grievances and both have (minor) faults, but like any adult couple in a LTR, they’re working on it. After all, there’s a world waiting to be carved up. Who gets what and when is never as intuitively obvious as would first appear. Hence, not re-litigating the past, but agreeing to disagree and moving forward with the relationship is the best for everyone – at least according Secretary of State and family counselor, Rex Tillerson.

Yup, two-hundred-forty-two days ago Vladimir gave the Donald something very special, and up until yesterday Trump hadn’t even bothered to say thank you. The republic suspects that this pairing of type A personalities will continue to have problems, and while they’re certainly entitled to their own choices, we all wish they’d leave the rest of us out it. We can’t choose sides since we dislike them both, equally.

Get a room,

Trump Times Entry 189 – Putin Fan Boy or Just Needy?

Putin Fan Boy or Just Needy?

May 16, 2017

Just when we think things can’t any stranger, the Donald shows us how wrong we can be. I guess that’s what he brings to the table – outside the box thinking. The box being rational thought. I mean, who would choose to share sensitive, classified, information with an adversary at a public meeting? Well, who other than the Donald.

To be fair, the meeting wasn’t really all that public; the American press was persona non grata, but, no worries, the Russian press was there and has been eager to share photos of Trump gland-handing their diplomats. (I wonder, what other Oval Office photos they have, but are not sharing? Maybe, saving the juicier photos for later. Those frisky Russian do love to build up to a crescendo. So, who knows?)

The White House staff responded to this latest Donald faux pas by phoning in a heads-up to the CIA and NSA. Apparently, the info the Donald shared wasn’t his to share. It came from an ally on the condition that we (Americans, all of us) keep it secret. So, the Donald’s people had to, sort of, apologize: “Sorry about that agent, you know how the president can get – especially around Russians.”

The next morning Trump announced in a press Tweet that he had every right to reveal the information, to whomever he wanted and he was president, so there!

Given recent history, we can now expect Trump to admonish or even fire those staff members who contradicted him before he spoke. (This is like a horribly written “Game of Thrones” – sans the attractive cast.)

After so many pro-Russian moves, it’s obvious Trump truly desires Putin’s approval. But, the reasons why are not so obvious. Is it bromance? Vladimir’s a striking guy and Trump has shown a taste for the east-European look. Additionally, Putin’s enjoys the kind of authoritarian mojo the Donald publicly covets. So, could be.

On the other hand, a bromance requires some personal respect and the Donald seems incapable of respecting others. So, maybe it’s more about desire – desire for what Putin has. Desire for things Trump can’t have, like absolute power and popularity.

Yeah, since the Donald is only the president he can’t have absolute power – try as he might. And for reasons he will never understand his popularity gets worse and worse. The deck is stacked against Trump since he was born in the wrong country. Poor guy can only watch from afar and aspire to Putin like grace. Must be terribly frustrating, having Putin envy.

After one-hundred-eighty-nine post-election days of watching the Donald demonstrate unconditional love for Russia, the republic suggests the Donald renounce his citizenship (who does he think he’s kidding at this point) and follow his dream to mother Russia. We won’t mind – whatever makes the Donald happy.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 70 – A Fine Bromance

A Fine Bromance

January 17, 2017trump-putin-1

One odd aspect of human perception is how a chunk of time may seem both long and short. For instance, the seventy days since the election that made America ill-tempered again seem to have taken a lifetime. Yet, that carefree time back when we liked NATO and not Vladimir Putin seems like only yesterday. Seemly, time relentlessly blunders forward too fast to notice, but too slow to hold our attention – a self-contradiction.

Kind of like the Donald.

Now, I don’t mean to conflate Trump with a physics fundamental that describes the universe. (Though, I’m pretty sure he considers himself a force of nature.) But, haven’t you noticed he, also, relentlessly blunders forward seemingly too fast because he’s too slow and pays no attention. Plus, self-contradiction is his only consistent property. Time is a complex notion and the Donald is a complex guy.

It’s to be expected that a guy like the Donald will have a tough time finding fellow homies to hang with. So few can relate to his hugeness or appreciate his presidential magnificence. But luckily, Vladimir Putin can.

What a pairing!  Together they’ve taken on challenging circumstances and reworked obstacles into relationship building exercises. It started out innocently enough with a Donald in need, an election slipping away. Vladimir stepped-up and selflessly saved the day, taking no credit for a deed well done.

And, who could forget Trump refusing to join the partisan heckling when Putin was unfairly accused of hacking. Taking the high road, the Donald explained he would just like to get along with Vladimir, but we all could tell by the twinkle in his eyes that there was more to it.

And more we have. Putin’s taken to publicly defending Trump in the press; Trump’s offered to end those silly sanctions. Foreign loan money (Russian?) has, remarkably, found its way to the Trump organization. The Donald’s first foreign trip as president will be, of course, to Russia. What next, perhaps a seaside condo together in Crimea?

Yup, who would have guessed, two alpha males with such vastly different profiles would right-swipe one another – in front of the whole world. We’ve come a long way, indeed, brother.

Comrades, the republic stands in the friend-zone, wondering how to say “We’re screwed” in Russian.

In Peace and Justice,