Trump Times Entry 230 – Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

Of Course Trumpcare Sucks

June 27, 2017

Oh please, stop with the intentionally confusing analysis. Trumpcare returns $800 billion to the richest tax payers, that cash comes from somewhere. If we reduce what’s spent on any program by that much, obviously, less will be delivered.

It’s really silly to expect our conservative friends to design a social welfare program when they are philosophically opposed to social welfare programs. This whole thing’s a charade. If they could politically get away with it, they would reduce the Obamacare $1.76 trillion price tag by $1.76 trillion.

Contemporary conservatives long to make America great again by taking us back to some fictional time when health insurance was provided by (some) employers and the rest of us either paid cash for health expenses or did without – like real Americans.

Of course, now fewer employers provide insurance because it cost so much, but that’s private sector and not the government’s problem – just ask them. Any conservative worthy of her copy of The Fountainhead will tell us that the free market is the only way to solve market problems like high cost. If something cost too much, people won’t buy it – hence, driving overpriced products off the market.

We can see this principle working today, as more people stop buying insurance the cost just keeps going down. (Yeah, right!)

The Republicans have been trying to repeal Obamacare for a lot longer than the two-hundred-thirty-one days since the election and they will keep trying because that’s what they believe in. The republic should know better than to count on them to replace Obamacare or any other social welfare program – such programs run counter to their philosophy, except, of course, when they need them.

In Justice,

Trump Times Entry 229 – Got Them Twitter Storm Blues

Got Them Twitter Storm Blues

June 26, 2017

Screw this prose thing – for today. On this two-hundred-thirtieth day of post-election sorrow let try writing a song. Given our national mood, perhaps a twelve-bar blue is in order.

Woke up this mourning
The Donald on my mind

Clicked on up my news feed
Just kill some time

There’s storm clouds over twitter
Clogged up data pump

The cloud is raining bullshit
Thanks to Donald Trump

Well, we can’t find no meanin’ in the damned words he do choose
Cause we all been infected with the Donald Trump Twitter storm blues

He says there weren’t no Russians
It’s a load of liberal crap

They’re just a bunch of losers
And his landlines they did tap

It’s all a made-up story
The fake new gotta halt

Besides when it happened
It was all Obama’s fault

Well, we can’t find no meanin’ in the damned words he do choose
Cause we all been infected with the Donald Trump Twitter storm blues

The republic expects more blues tunes than ballads for the foreseeable future.

Just Sayin,

Watch for more verses and the gala recording release (on the Wet Dog label) in the future.

Trump Times Entry 228 – Mean by Default

Mean by Default

June 25, 2017

Was it last week when the Donald called the House healthcare bill mean? I think it was. I recall thinking it weird at the time. Back in May, he threw a party to celebrate that bill’s passage and now calls it mean? Odd, but we’ve all become somewhat oblivious to the odd, here in Trump times.

So, today, Trump took issue with Barack Obama referring to the new Senate healthcare bill’s “fundamental meanness” – not because it wasn’t true, but because “mean” was Trump’s term. He used it first, so it’s his.

Trump complained, “He used my term: ‘mean,’ That was my term, because I want to see — and I speak from the heart — that’s what I want to see. I want to see a bill with heart,” when asked about the bill during a Fox (go figure) interview this morning.

Typical of any Trump statement: it assumes credit, offers nothing specific and has one or more embedded cliches. Also typically, we are left with no clue as to how the Donald feels about the original topic. We’re forced to guess, with what we know. We know: Trump called the house bill mean, Obama called the Senate bill mean, the bills are mostly the same, and Trump really wants credit for the term mean.

Is that enough to discern if the Donald thinks the Senate bill is mean? A bill he’s been selling hard. A bill that’s potentially the big first legislative win for Team Trump. Selling a bill he thinks is mean seems, once again, odd.

But, maybe not…

If we step out of the normal and stop assuming that we all feel mean is bad, then the mystery resolves. If Trump and his buddies are okay with mean, then celebrating a mean bill isn’t strange at all. If the Donald thinks mean is a good thing (when applied to the right people) then selling a mean bill, focusing on it’s virtues, is the right thing  to do.

Maybe, we should be taking Trump more literally, stop looking for symbolism or nuance. Hell, he claimed the election was rigged and we ignored his claim, but it was true – just not the way he implied. Now, he’s told us the Republican healthcare bill is mean, but he’s still gonna sell it. It may be vile, but he’s okay with that.  We should believe him.

Two-hundred-twenty-nine days since the election, and things appear meaner – it’s becoming the default. Hence, from the heart, the republic doesn’t understand Team Trump’s complaints about symbolic, but bloody, Trump heads, Shakespearean Trump lookalike stabbings and assassination comedy. Did they really expect to hoard all the mean as if it were money? Dumb asses!

In Justice,

Trump Times Entry 227 – Lying for Truth

Lying for Truth

June 24, 2017

This week the Donald copped to falsely implying he had recordings of his conversations with James Comey. Sorry folks, no tapes! In a Fox interview, he explained that he was just trying to keep Comey honest in this testimony before the upcoming investigative committee. Yup, Trump was just making shit up to make sure Comey didn’t make shit up.

Rather than recognizing the irony in the Donald’s words, the Fox interviewer responded to the admitted deception with, “It was a smart way to make sure he (Comey) stayed honest.”

Even the Donald seemed a little surprised by the reporter’s sycophantic response – this was feeling more like a cabinet meeting than an interview – but followed up with this odd collection of words, “Well, uh, it wasn’t very stupid, I can tell you that. He was, he did admit that what I said was right. And if you look further back, before he heard about that, I think maybe he wasn’t admitting that, so you’ll have to do a little investigative reporting to determine that, but I don’t think it will be that hard.”

Yeah, I’m not sure what that statement means either. But, knowing the Donald, it’s safe to assume it means the Donald was right, again – and now it was up to the reporter to prove it.  (I think.)

Reading Trump can be painful, and not just because he lacks elegant Amy Tan like prose or, even, McGuffey Reader worthy structure. Rather, the discomfort comes from expending so much effort untangling his words only to reveal some ugly or provocative message. Too much work for so little (or no) reward – the Donald is both fatiguing and disappointing.

After reading Trump’s words for two-hundred-twenty-eight post-election days, the republic seems to be approaching exhaustion from continuously parsing nonsense. We need a break, but cannot in good conscience ignore a guy who brags that his lying serves the truth.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 226 – Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

June 23, 2017

So, we have it, the Senate Republican plan to replace Obamacare is here and, as expected, it’s about the same as the House plan. There are a few cosmetic differences such as the new bill doesn’t allow insurers to dump people with pre-existing conditions like the House version did. But, it does cap how much the insurers will be compelled to pay towards those conditions. In short, they must carry pre-existing conditions, but not for very long.

Other than that, and deeper Medicaid expansion cuts and fewer tax credits, the new bill is the old bill. Both cut services and increase cost to the consumer, while reducing taxes on the well-off.

Same old, same old.

After all the drama with drafting the bill in secret, after all the Trump healthcare bravado, after the previous bill getting a whopping 17% approval, we have been presented with the same bill – just “crafted” by different guys.

I suppose that’s the plan, just keep proposing the same thing, over and over again. They expect that, eventually, we will lose interest or, maybe, die. Either way, the bill will ultimately get passed. A battle of attrition, and why not? The mass disappointment tactic’s been working with voter suppression for years.

After boring us with Trump lies and alt-right bile for two-hundred-twenty-seven days since the election, the republic is not surprised that the only issue of interest to the Republicans is lowering taxes on their patrons. They are, admittedly, disinterested in having the government involved in healthcare or any other business enterprise. It’s not their nature.

Expecting Republicans to willingly involve government in healthcare is like engaging with a disinterested, distracted, resentfully dutiful partner. Yeah, something occurs, but nothing meaningful – or even fun. They’re just not into it and should extend us the courtesy of simply saying no. That way we would have a clear choice between expecting nothing or moving on.

In Peace and Justice,

Yeah, that last paragraph was full of sexual innuendo. Obviously, the Republican’s “bore us till we drift off” tactic is working and I’m running out of ways to keep the healthcare topic interesting, so have started to use less intellectual devices. I expect both trends to continue, but promise to pull up short of porn – which is more than I expect from the alt-right.

Trump Times Entry 223 – Huston, We Have a Problem

Huston, We Have a Problem

June 19, 2017

Trolling, don’t do it, but when done well appreciate it.

Last week, a creative group of trolls scheduled an interesting event in Huston, Texas. The event’s purpose was ostensibly to pressure the city into taking down a memorial statue of Texas hero Sam Huston. Using a Facebook page and event features, they promised to bring together the largest demonstration ever to force Confederate statue removal. They promised to be just like the New Orleans demos last month, but bigger.

The organizers were even a little provocative – suggesting that fascists better not show up, for fear of getting their butts kicked.

So, of course, a “This is Texas” organization formed and invited 3%ers, Oath Keepers, Militias, Tea Partiers and all other alt-right theater troupes to counter-demonstrate. You know, to show those communists they can’t push Texas around.

On game day, hundreds of alt-righters showed up in costume, wearing InfoWars jackets, military camo, cowboy hats and lots of leather – waving Confederate flags and “Stand with Sam” signs. Ready for a fight.

They even organized a forty-person-deep armed security team to secure the area.

Imagine their disappointment when no one from the left showed up to fight with. The whole thing was a fake. There were no libtards to yell at, no demands to tear down the Sam Huston statue had been made. Since there was no one to fight, they paraded around in their costumes, brandishing their guns – demanding the city keep up statue it had no plans of taking down.

Perhaps, had they cracked a history book (or Googled it), they would have become suspicious – since Sam Houston had actually refused to swear allegiance to the Confederacy when the state seceded from the Union in 1861. Houston opposed the Confederacy – dumb asses.

Well, hope they had a nice outing in the 90 degree Houston heat.

Americans have been hiding behind costumes, pretending to be something there’re not for much longer than the two-hundred-twenty-three days since the election of the pretender Trump. And the republic respects every citizen’s right to dress up and play hero. Though Comic-Con sounds like more fun, with decidedly more credible characters.

May the Farce Be with You,

Trump Times Entry 222 – Peace Ambassador Ted Nugent

Peace Ambassador Ted Nugent

June 18, 2017

Here we are two-hundred-twenty-two days after electing to change to the Donald. And most the change observed so far has been the unintended sort. Mercifully, none of Trump’s “big-ticket” items have come to fruition: Muslim travel ban – unconstitutional, wall – no funding, kill Obamacare – too complicated, America great again – any day now. But, other unexpected phenomena have manifested.

Let’s see, a left leaning guy tried to shoot up a group for Republican politicians. This is unusual in that up until now shooters tended to be politically hard-right (or just mentally ill). And, typically, they haven’t been very fussy about their victim’s politics. This guy was a Bernie follower (who ultimately supported for Jill Stein) that went crazy and channeled the lone gunman myth – like so many conservatives before him, but targeted conservatives.

Then, Ted Nugent, the guy who suggested that Obama “Suck his machine gun”, was so touched by the notion of crazy white guys, from the political left, shooting at Republicans that he had an epiphany, became a new man. He publicly vowed to stop the hate speech. Ted even reached out to liberals stating, “We have got to be civil to each other”.

The debate about whether Ted’s change of heart is genuine or just a coward’s reaction to liberals shooting back is current raging online. But, in either case, Ted’s shutting up will be appreciated.

Unfortunately, Bill Maher, who is recovering from his own word-malfunction problems, was so impressed with Ted’s announcement that he invited Ted onto his show – to start the dialog. Shit, just when Nugent’s about to shut up – some, “well-intentioned” liberal invites him to speak. What could go wrong?

I thought Maher was smarter than this; giving conspiracy theorists a “legitimate” speaking platform tends to backfire. Just look at the NBC, Megyn Kelly, Alex Jones fiasco.

Alex Jones is threatening Kelly and NBC with releasing tapes he secretly recorded of conversations with Megyn. For his silence, he’s demanding control over how NBC broadcasts his formal interview with Megyn on Sunday. Apparently, Alex doesn’t think he’s going to like the way NBC edited the interview, so he’s using a, no doubt creatively edited, tape of his own as leverage to control the narrative.

Ironically, NBC may be the only party surprised by Alex’s sleazy move. What a bunch of idiots.

The republic expects our media professionals to be smarter than our con-men; guess that’s our bad. (Idiots!)

In Pace and Justice,