Trump Times Entry 286 – A No Ceiling, Limited, Commitment

A No Ceiling, Limited, Commitment

August 22, 2017

Really fucking cynical

In his speech last night, the Donald told us where would be no ceiling to the number of troops and no timeline for completion of our sixteen-year-old war in Afghanistan. But there would be a limit to our patience.

In a remarkably specific statement, Trump expressed impatience with the governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan and suggested consequences if they didn’t shape-up. He accused Afghanistan of corruption and Pakistan of lending sanctuary to the enemy – which may be true enough. But, publicly threatening two allies (even shifty allies) is probably not helpful. Then again, it’s not really a Trump speech unless someone gets threatened.

But after that, the Donald got quite nonspecific about everything else regarding the war and the region. He didn’t specify the consequences of not complying, didn’t talk about troop numbers or strategy and offered no goals other than victory. And he was characteristically vague about what victory would look like. In other words, it was a typical meaningless Trump speech – lots of good-guy bad-guy imagery and superlatives, but no substance, no specifics, nothing new.

Except that he’s invited India to the party.

Yes, that India, the one that hates Pakistan – the India that’s been in a virtual state of war with Pakistan since Pakistan was partitioned from British India territory. Great, the Donald’s asked nuclear armed India to help control nuclear armed Pakistan’s behavior. What could go wrong?

After observing the Donald for two-hundred-eighty-seven post-election days, the republic should not be surprised when Trump brings the worse possible people to a venue. He has an uncanny ability to select the people most likely to destroy what’s being worked on. That’s his talent.

Tired of Winning,

The Donald’s opening words about American unity and how it’s required to defeat terrorism came off as a pathetic attempt to negate the division he’s created with his handling of the Nazi incident in Charlottesville. Sad, but expected.  Resist!