Trump Times Entry 226 – Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

Liars and Taxes and Bile – Oh My

June 23, 2017

So, we have it, the Senate Republican plan to replace Obamacare is here and, as expected, it’s about the same as the House plan. There are a few cosmetic differences such as the new bill doesn’t allow insurers to dump people with pre-existing conditions like the House version did. But, it does cap how much the insurers will be compelled to pay towards those conditions. In short, they must carry pre-existing conditions, but not for very long.

Other than that, and deeper Medicaid expansion cuts and fewer tax credits, the new bill is the old bill. Both cut services and increase cost to the consumer, while reducing taxes on the well-off.

Same old, same old.

After all the drama with drafting the bill in secret, after all the Trump healthcare bravado, after the previous bill getting a whopping 17% approval, we have been presented with the same bill – just “crafted” by different guys.

I suppose that’s the plan, just keep proposing the same thing, over and over again. They expect that, eventually, we will lose interest or, maybe, die. Either way, the bill will ultimately get passed. A battle of attrition, and why not? The mass disappointment tactic’s been working with voter suppression for years.

After boring us with Trump lies and alt-right bile for two-hundred-twenty-seven days since the election, the republic is not surprised that the only issue of interest to the Republicans is lowering taxes on their patrons. They are, admittedly, disinterested in having the government involved in healthcare or any other business enterprise. It’s not their nature.

Expecting Republicans to willingly involve government in healthcare is like engaging with a disinterested, distracted, resentfully dutiful partner. Yeah, something occurs, but nothing meaningful – or even fun. They’re just not into it and should extend us the courtesy of simply saying no. That way we would have a clear choice between expecting nothing or moving on.

In Peace and Justice,

Yeah, that last paragraph was full of sexual innuendo. Obviously, the Republican’s “bore us till we drift off” tactic is working and I’m running out of ways to keep the healthcare topic interesting, so have started to use less intellectual devices. I expect both trends to continue, but promise to pull up short of porn – which is more than I expect from the alt-right.

Trump Times Entry 137 – On the Edge

On the Edge

March 25, 2017

It feels pretty good to have blocked another attempted slash by Trump in his program to kill us with 1000 cuts, but stopping Trumpcare isn’t exactly a win. Sure, we won’t have to live through the hell promised by Trump-Ryan war on healthcare, but Obamacare has problems and there’s no way the Donald is gonna lift a tiny finger to help with that. If anything, the Trumpster and Ryan will do everything in their power to sabotage the current system, just to prove they were right all along.

I expect so see cuts to whatever Obamacare funding they can legally (or semi-legally) make. From there, who knows? Maybe work out something with the insurance corps to cut choices and coverage. Cut, cut, cut – simple, like the Donald.

Speaking of cutting, the Donald is now moving on to “tax reform”. (Well, and the budget – but, his budget looks more like mass-murder than slashing and I don’t want to mix metaphors.) I think we can safely assume there will be significant cutting in a Trumps tax program – surgical, exact, trimming of the unfair taxes those with all the money grudging pay.

I wonder how he’ll justify the loss of services and higher costs to the middle class: probably feed them some story of rugged American individualism. Maybe a hero real-estate guy who always wins by cutting. Hell, the Jim Bowie tail would be perfect, except for the killed at the Alamo detail. But, messy details can always be cut from the narrative.

The republic appreciates good defense, well done! Now, before he strikes again, could we go on offence and chop the traitor?

In Peace and Justice,
(I know I put the conclusion in the middle of the essay, but if the Donald can ignore the law and hire family members then I can ignore literary rules and conclude in the middle. Whee…)

Then again, messy details might be the wound that slays. Trump and his buddies certainly have an abundance of messy details. Russian collusion, wiretap bullshit, dark real-estate deals, unregistered foreign agents, interfering with federal investigations, violation of Emoluments Clause, nepotism, money laundering – yeah, lots of messy details.

And in the messy details is where the win, a Trump elimination, resides. The rest is all defense, buying time, until the messy killing stroke.

Since his razor thin election victory, one-hundred-thirty-seven days ago, the Donald has repeatedly tried to cut away American institutions. He doesn’t understand that ideas don’t die from lack of funding and threatening just pisses us off.

Trump Times Entry 124 – Begging the Obvious

Begging the Obvious

March 12, 2017

Oh please! Are we really debating the “merits” of Paul Ryan’s health care plan? Come on! The purpose of the bill it to kill Obamacare. That’s it. Any policy offered in the legislation is there to provide cover while slaying the evil social program.

For years now, our conservative captors have made it very clear they don’t think government should be involved in healthcare – it’s a private matter, meant to be handled privately. They already hate existing programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. So, why would we expect them to earnestly build another big national social welfare system? They don’t believe in social welfare systems.

Face it, they don’t buy any of that libtard stuff like welfare, climate change and women’s suffrage – stuff that keeps America from greatness. What they do believe in, is a time, not so long ago, when a guy who couldn’t afford to see a doctor would just quietly die. You know, back when we had individual freedom.

The Republicans have repeatedly tried to kill the ACA for nearly eight years, this time they’re going to do it. After the initial attack, any surviving policy will wither from lack of funding. Obamacare gone is the only objective.

Sure, Republicans admit to problems with our healthcare system, but insist it’s not the government’s responsibility. The government exists for the greater good, like subsidizing oil exploration and executive golf junkets.

The republic would appreciate leadership clearly stating intention. If you plan to end a program – say so. Own it, you cowards.

In Peace and Justice,

PS –
As the Inevitable Trump Termination Event draws closer, we find that chemical poisoning from deregulated hair-growth products making a remarkable uptick.

Can you believe it’s only been one-hundred-twenty-four days since the election? Only about four months – feels like ages, doesn’t it?

Trump Times Entry 120 – An Act of Mercy

An Act of Mercy

March 8, 2017

First off, happy International Women’s Day! Ladies, the reins of power are yours for the taking – so, please take them, now. Sorry about the mess. (Bet, you never heard that sentence from a guy before.)

After one-hundred-twenty days of struggling with the Trump phenomenon, I suspect I’ve been asking the wrong questions. Been taking a bad angle, as it were.

Mostly, my focus has been on the Donald himself. After all, Trump is both symbolic and symptomatic of the dysfunction. And he presents an easy target – garish sanctimonious anti-intellectualism packaged in a dumpy balding package. It’s tough to ignore a target so deserving.

To a degree, I’ve touched upon the Trump voter. And while my characterizations of these fine people may have been over generalized and unkind, they nevertheless hold true. But unkind truths should, at least, lead somewhere and this path just winds. The working class, Nazi tolerant, Russian supportive, pervert complaisant, white Christian demographic can’t possibly exist. But further generalization seems to always yield categories like the stupid and the greedy. (See, unkind and leads nowhere.)

So, either, I missed something obvious or the line of inquiry had stalled.

Then, from an unlikely source of intellectual stimulation, Paul Ryan, came possible insight. Who would have guessed? Yeah, Paul, taking a cue from the Donald, tried his hand at reducing complex ideas into a short slogan came up with “Act of Mercy” as description for killing Obamacare. Nice – more importantly, telling.

Mercy is granted by the victor to the victim. It describes mitigated punishment in an adversarial relationship. You know, have mercy on the poor sinner.

While Paul’s chauvinism is amusing, the assumption that mercy is his to give is informative. Did we lose a battle with congress and now he’s compassionately granting mercy? This begs the nature of our relationship with those who govern. Mercy requires adversaries. Do we elect adversaries? That would be fucked up. Or does Paul think himself kind, benevolent? That would be a different problem.

Hmm, this line of thought requires further reflection… Time to clear my head, a walk in the woods with the dog – the late winter mud could serve as a small mercy.

Unlike the Donald, Paul Ryan’s clumsy attempt to slogan like the Donald may have revealed some hidden truth. The republic is grateful for his candor.


Our angry little poem for today is called Passive Risk Aggressive

Passive Risk Aggressive

When your crappy insurance
stops paying
That’s when everyone
else starts


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