NaPoWriMo Day 24

Frankly getting out of bed
In the morning is risk enough

What are the Odds?

He preferred gambling
With a lust for chance exceeding even sex
Not that sex isn’t

Long odds not short skirts
Spending serious thrills to get that
Intimate adrenal afterglow

Took up rock climbing
When money lost its edge
Deciding upon higher stakes

Lost that last bet
On his way up a mountain
With a woman half his age


NaPoWriMo Project Day 23

The First Thing That Pops Into My Head

He tried to teach
The most import thing
An artist needs is
Something to say

I don’t get the meaning
He critiqued across the circle
Always suggesting
Be more specific

Forty years two, maybe, three
Lifetimes down the road
Still unsure what he meant
I remain hopeful


NaPoWriMo Project Day 22

Is it naive
To wonder why
It’s called reorganization
When any actual organizing is
Just a side effect?

A Bad Time at Work

Deciders sweep in like crazed locust
Controlling knowing it all

Tell us they just want to know us
We dance like attending a ball

They give it some thought over lunchtime
Serve us like cheap food at the mall

Then the first one is no longer with us
Didn’t even bother to stall

Some scatter away from the carnage
Follow the head-hunter call

The rest hope to be the last standing
Waiting for the axe to fall


NaPoWriMo Project Day 21 – Targeted


Found it a little troubling
When all those targeted ads
Stopped offering ‘Hot Chicks’
In my neighborhood

Substituting adult diapers
Insulin delivery systems
And reverse mortgages
As my choices

But I have no mortgage to reverse
Am able to hold my own
With the factory installed insulin delivery system
Thus assume algorithmic error

Feel compelled to log a support call
Bring back the ‘Hot Chick’ ads
Though too shy to actually contact them
I take comfort knowing they are there


NaPoWriMo Day 20 – Four Twenty

Four Twenty

Odd how my culture teaches writers
Readers are lost every time
You mention numbers

Then insists upon conveying complex
Cultural concepts with
Numeric meme

At risk of losing readers I offer a ten
Word example with
Six numbers

I would rather four twenty
Than nine eleven
Ten four?

That last stanza makes more sense
Than putting people in jail
Over a lost war


NaPoWriMo Project Day 19 – Mostly Worth the Wait

Slightly darker
for your consideration
an Angry Little Poem

Mostly Worth the Wait

The fact that I disliked him the moment I met him
Was an unexpected intuitive leap
Usually I take my time and learn
To dislike a person