Trump Times Entry 82 – Lock Them Up

Lock Them Up
A case for jailing the leadership

January 29, 2017sick-flag

It’s been eighty-two days since a clinically troubled minority decided the best way to proceed, as real Americans, would be to make the rest of us more miserable than they were. While they won the contest, they have yet to make the whole republic as unhappy as they appear to be. But, not for the lack of trying.

But I digress, let’s not talk about the miserable white victim class. Rather, let’s focus on the miserable Republican criminal class – move the discussion up the food chain. (Or one step closer to Dante’s innermost circle, to be more objective.)

(Bear with me while I fly off on a, seemingly wild, tangent.)
When I work as a programmer, if I were to do anything illegal with my programming, like knowingly cause system failure or fraud, that would be a crime. The fact that the illegal actions were performed at work mitigates nothing. Sabotage is sabotage and theft is theft – context is meaningless.

Similarly, any other line of work follows the same generalization. A taxi driver working “get away” for a bank heist is a criminal. An accountant who embezzles from a customer is a criminal. The bush pilot who occasionally runs illegal kinder eggs out of Mexico – criminal. The pattern is clear.

Except for politicians.

For some, suspicious, reason we have institutionalized forgiveness for criminal behavior by our elected employees. Not all bad behavior get a pass; regarding murder, mayhem and alike politicians face the same (wealth weighted) system as the rest of us. But work related stuff is different.

Take gerrymandering as an example. In several states the courts have ruled that Republicans mapped districts in a way that intentionally violates federal law and denies citizens their right to fair representation. The districts were mapped right after the 2010 census, so those voters have been denied their rights for over six years.

The court compelled remedy is for those same Republicans to try again. Since the first illegal mapping yielded a six-year win, nothing compels them to do anything different this time around. They’ll move a few district lines, reprint some ballots, maybe close a few polling places and move on. The cycle will restart with law suits, court appearances and eventually rulings against them. Repeat.

In programming, we call this a closed loop. There is no way out, it goes on forever – or until all resources are exhausted.

But applying the “crime is a crime regardless of work context” generalization could be the way to keep the loop from going infinite and exhausting all resources. When lawmakers intentionally brake work-related laws, how about we treat their crimes like crimes. When they intentionally deny citizen’s civil rights for six year perhaps a six-year prison term could serve as a gentle reminder of equal protection under the law.  After all, Republicans ostensibly dig deterrents, so they should love this idea.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 62 – Denuded Defunding

Denuded Defunding

January 9, 2017inthought2

Sixty-two days down the Trump-Putin rabbit hole and I can’t tell which is the March Hare and which is the Mad Hatter – though I have my suspicions. After all, the Mad Hatter quote, “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense” pretty much sums up everything I know about Trump.

Yeah, I know it’s a cheap shot to equate the Donald with an insane character from a children’s fantasy, but Lewis Carroll only had opium to contend with – while, we have the Donald. So, comparison seems fair.

(The paragraph you just read is my first intentional journey into Trump logic. Notice that while the topic sentence seems to have structure it really doesn’t. The compound clauses have nothing to do with one another and the dependent clause obfuscates meaning. The last sentence draws the conclusion that the speaker is the winner. Sound familiar?

I can see why Trump talks this way. He gets to say the words he wants people to hear, with no need to arrange them into coherent thoughts – loose associations and innuendo work best. Declare victory and move on. Who would have thought, elegant word tricks from the Donald?

But, enough with the Language Abuse Seminar, let’s look at different word trick: defunding.)

The notion that Congress plans to defund Planned Parenthood is strangely absurd. Unlike GE or Trump Inc, the government doesn’t fund Planned Parenthood. While the idea of withholding money you don’t spend has a certain Reaganesque appeal, it’s a logical absurdity. The Donald would call it a euphenism, if you know what he means. I think he means a soft word to hide a harsh reality. For instance…

For many reasons beyond the scope of this rant, lots of women choose to use Planned Parenthood health services. Some of those women have government health insurance like Medicare, SSI or alike. In those cases, the government pays Planned Parenthood for whatever services the insured woman receives. (Abortion related services are not covered because sometimes vocal minorities get to impose their will on all of us. After all, their religious views are best – just ask them.)

So, let’s see, the Republicans can’t directly defund Planned Parenthood, but they can defund the women who use it by refusing to pay for Planned Parenthood services. And there it is, our “free market” friends want to dictate, through federal funding, where women’s health care would occur.

Yup, “Defunding Planned Parenthood” sounds much better than “Taking medical services away from women”. So, that’s what they say. And even better, the take away is from people who don’t have the money to defend themselves. It’s a sure thing win. That’s what these assholes call wining.

The republic stands totally dependent upon the hand that rocks the cradle. Yet, mad as a hatter, Paul Ryan and his crew insist on taking the, self-interested, self-destructive war path. You may want to proceed with caution, Paul. A guy could get his eyes scratched out.

In Peace with Justice,

Trump Times Entry 32 – Bully Them into Submission

Bully Them into Submission

December 10, 2016trump-putin-1

So far, we’ve suffered thirty-two days of the Trump pre-show show, yet the it continues to delight. In what can fairly be termed the crescendo of Reality Performance Art, team Donald once again gives us something to look at.

Yup, we have a Game of Thrones like inner circle filled with religious zealots, military fanatics and conspiracy theorists.  Peppered liberally with wife beaters, this bunch promises to stay interesting all the way to the apocalypse.

If intrigue is not your thing, there’s always the live tour. Hooray, the Trump band is back together and doing a national gig. And the set list is, well, amazing! Along with new, even more confusing, material, the tour features a full set of the golden oldies. “Lock her Up!” and “Build the wall – kill then all!” have been crowd favorites.

And of course, for those of us too challenged for intrigue, but unwilling to adventure outdoors there’s Twitter. To keep it sweet, the Trump tweet show has been featuring the ever-popular Attack theme. Totally equal opportunity, they’ve attacked television shows, China, union bosses and even teen-age girls. But the Donald really took it to the next level this week when he stated attacking the CIA.

The republic looks to stand awhile longer – not so sure about the Donald.

For once I agree with and feel encouraged by the Donald. His cyber-bully tweets aimed at the CIA are just what we need. Go for it Donald, we all know the agency is just a bunch of new-age sensitive guys – eager to hear public critique. So, keep tweeting; they’re listening. I’m sure in due time they will structure a reasonable civilized response.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 27 – Cuck


December 5, 2016inthought2

as winter looms damp and gray
upon the rustbelt USA
we begin the twenty-seventh day
The Donald demands attention pay

Sorry, feeling kind of poetic this morning. But, given that Trump is tweeting up a storm on all subjects from China (he thinks they are not nice) to Saturday Night Live (he thinks they are not funny) I feel we need to confront our president-elect’s need for attention.

One would think grabbing the presidency and gaining the international attention that comes with holding the keys to our nuclear arsenal would be plenty. After all, pretty much everyone everywhere is looking at the Donald (and thinking WTF). But, such abstract, State Department constrained attention is not the Donald’s style. He prefers Twitter, where he can keep things fair.

Yup, the old guy we put in charge can’t be bothered with security briefings, press conferences or State Department research. He may govern via social media only. Meanwhile, the republic stands on social inertia only.

But enough of trying to be artful, let’s talk about name calling – specifically, the guttural sounding alt-wrong term “cuck”. “Cuck” is a portmanteau – kind of a fusion of “cuckold” and “conservative”. It loosely translates to race (or tribe) traitor, but the archaic “cuckold” brings a certain sexual yuck factor to bear.

The term elegantly meets all the playground pejorative requirements in that is has an ugly sound and it conjures unpleasant images. But, I find the targeting more interesting. The word was created by conservatives to attack other conservatives because they weren’t conservative enough. Wow.

I first heard the word in a video of a Paul Rand campaign rally. Young white dudes were chanting “Cuck!” as Paul tried to convince the crowd to vote for him. Paul Rand wasn’t conservative enough, so he was a cuck. Fascinating.

I wonder who these guys are. Not the chanting dudes, they’re just sheep bleating into the void. I mean the inspired linguists who delivered unto us the cultural open sore “cuck”. How dark, how bleak must one’s soul be to attack one’s own? Like that?

Meh, they’re probably not even worth deploring. Besides it’s time for another Donald tweet. (I wonder, historically, has a president-elect ever started a war?)

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 26 – A Well-Armed Victory Lap

logoA Well-Armed Victory Lap

December 4, 2016

It’s been twenty-six days since the angry-white-right seized control of the slightly left, but mostly apathetic America. Kellyanne Conway’s whiny voice is droning in the background and doing holiday rituals as if everything were normal has become a national pastime. Though, the holiday shopping ritual has taken an odd turn.

If you are like many liberals, this year your holiday shopping list may include firearms. And I understand – every time I heard Kellyanne’s voice I, too, want to buy a bigger gun. Second amendment solutions seem appropriately visceral given the recent failures of intellect. Guns, America, feels right…

Back in blog “Trump Times 20 – Lock and Load” I mentioned that we libtards seemed to be getting kind of interested in guns. Well, we now have some numbers and while overall gun sales are down, sales are way up among minority purchasers. Before the election gun sales were to the usual customer base, but after the election there was a demographic shift.

Hmm… So, in terms of armed population groups here in the good old USA we now have:

1. The typically well-armed paranoid conservatives
2. The newly armed frightened non-conservatives
3. The seemingly freaked-out police forces
4. The most powerful military force in history

To keep life interesting, the Donald is taking a pre-inauguration victory lap in a whirlwind tour of the states he won. As a thank you, Trump is holding campaign style rallies complete with “Lock her up!” chanting liberally spiced with racist innuendo. What fun! (Bullies are rarely good sports.)

So, the Donald is stirring up groups 1 and 2. Which further freaks out group 3. While Group 4 stands ready, awaiting his orders. Kobayashi Maru.

Shit, this blog sure went to a dark place fast; I’m freaking myself out. Think I need break right here and do something distracting – perhaps that holiday shopping. I hear Gander Mountain has a sale on Rugers and Glocks – oh, look they have used Bushmasters! What a country!

While armed with more guns and less tolerance, the republic stands.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 20 – Lock and Load

Lock and Load

November 28, 2016inthought2

It’s been twenty days since the fixed national popularity contest and remarkably both the scam and the republic continue.  We endeavor to peacefully coexist.

It was at a holiday gathering, during a conversation with friends and family, that I first realized we libtards were arming up.  Every adult in the room had fired a gun and more than half owned guns.  Judging from the tone of the conversation, that ownership percentage was about to go way up.  And that wasn’t the first time I’d heard libtard gun talk – or the last.

Here in the good old USA, guns (and cars) are embedded into the culture and it’s common for firearm sales to go up during times of national change.  But, usually, the groups acquiring weapons are politically right of center.  This would be a change.

Our national media claim gun sales are down in the post-election period.  Of course, they base their reporting on retail, which represent a fraction of actual sales.  So, who knows? Maybe the liberals are arming, maybe not.

If we are, we’re doing so quietly.logo

This is where I would typically launch into an anti-gun rant.  But, at the moment, I’m not so sure.  And I find the fact that “I’m not so sure” troubling.  Where to now?

At least we can take some solace in that retail gun retail sales went down, so the Trump appointment has actually hurt the gun industry.  Baby steps.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,


Trump Times Entry 14 – Libtard


November 22, 2016AngryGuyBW

Day 14, two weeks in, and while teetering on the brink, the republic remarkably stands.

An image of an alt-right meeting, the crowd to its feet, chanting, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail our victory!”, arms raised in that old school German salute is now indelibly engraved onto my imagination.  Thanks Trump.

But I once again digress, as the title suggests, today I want to think about name-calling.

For most of my life name-calling was a cruel tactic used primarily in grade school.  A childish attempt to weaponize words, used against people who were “different”, name-calling was really popular on the playground.

Of course, when we achieved adulthood, most of us gave up our childish conflict tactics in favor of more civil ways to disagree.  We, mostly, recognize that name-calling is meant to hurt or, at least, to diminish – not to resolve.  Typically, adults who used name-calling were disregarded in serious discussions, because their tactics were childish.  (And because they were obnoxious.)

Well, not so much anymore.  The Donald barked school yard names throughout his campaign –  Little Marco, Crooked Hillary, Lyin’ Ted just to mention a few.  And the Donald won.  We can expect others to copy this winning tactic.  So, expect more.  Thanks Donald.

One of the more interesting names brought to us by the alt-right is the poetic term libtard.  I suppose I find it interesting because it is aimed at me and people like me.  The word is, apparently, a combination of the noun liberal (a word they had been demonizing for decades) and a pejorative usage of the verb retard used to refer to people with mental disabilities.   So, they managed to offend progressives and disabled people all at once.  Such clever people.

And the word itself!  It has a such an ugly sound to it.  Libtard, ugh!  I can only assume that a sound so gross is onomatopoeia with the alt-right soul.

I’d like to wrap up by admitting I have been doing some name-calling myself in this very article.  Three times I used the term alt-right (now four) and admit the term unfairly characterizes some people.  Clearly, they deserve to identified more accurately – as Nazis

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,