Trump Times Entry 275 – Locked and Loaded Lunatics

Locked and Loaded Lunatics

Anger seeping through providence

August 11, 2017

As expected, the Donald escalated the war of words with North Korea this morning by tweeting the U.S. military was locked and loaded. He went on to brag that America and South Korea would move forward with large-scale military exercises – war games, later this month.

Earlier in the week, North Korea announced their own plans to target missile strikes near Guam – not at Guam, but near – in a different sort of war game, later this month.

Great, a couple tough-guy wannabes, too chicken to serve, are publicly screaming at each other as they position to play war in the same neighborhood, later this month.

But, Rex Tillerson and what’s left of the State Department assure us we have nothing to worry about. Rest easy, they tell us – don’t read too much into it. Trump’s just using language Kim Jong-un will understand. Yet, today’s tweets, sound more like language only Trump understands.

Hell, speculation about Trump’s mental health is now even coming from Republicans. Speculation on Kim’s mental state has never been good. So, later this month, we’re gonna have two crazy tough-guy wannabes circling each other brandishing phallic weapons.

Perhaps, we should just let the lunatics fight – each other, but without the phallic machines. If the Donald and Kim really want to get into it, let’s put them into a cage wearing speedos (phallic enough) and make an event of it. A mixed-martial-arts, last man standing wins, grudge match. No rules, just a testosterone versus testosterone primal war game. Shit, we could even let Trump brand and promote it – you know, schedule it at a Trump property, later this month.

That way perhaps, since these”leaders” would have something personal at risk, skin in the game as it were, maybe they wouldn’t be so willing to risk the rest of us in their cockfight, later this month.

It only took the Donald only two-hundred-seventy-six days, since the election, to raise the specter of nuclear war – negating nearly three decades of, post-cold-war, de-escalation. Good job asshole!

The republic needs to institutionalize the Donald before he picks a fight with someone willing to fight back. Rest assured, when all-hell breaks loose the Donald will be Tweeting from somewhere safe while we live and die with the consequences. As will little Kim.


Trump Times Entry 273 – A Fool’s Fire and Fury

A Fool’s Fire and Fury

August 9, 2017

Scared, but resigned.

The man who didn’t serve in his generation’s war seems determined to drag this generation into another. The news feeds are pounding the drums, sources in high places say the Donald’s threat was “unexpected, but it wasn’t surprising” – a fine distinction. Other officials tell us, “Don’t read too much into it”. Secretary of State Tillerson says, “Americans should sleep well at night”. The legitimate government, such that it is, quotes “Don’t Panic” mimes to us.

Yet, the orange clown with the red button tweets about our nuclear arsenal as if it were one of his gold commodes.

It’s been only two-hundred-seventy-four days since the unexpected, but not surprising bullshit election and the republic is unlikely to sleep well tonight regardless of what the Exxon CEO disguised as our top diplomat says.

The Donald’s Republican support is retreating, the grand jury is closing in – and there’s nothing like a war to sway public opinion. So, dragging us into a military distraction seemed likely. Still, it was unexpected (but not surprising) when Trump opened with the nuclear option.

The mistake was, once again, giving him too much credit.

Overthrow the Tyrant,