Trump Times Entry 36 – Kanye West

Kanye West

December 14, 2016

It’s day thirty-six and I think I’m going news tone-def. It all sounds the same – a gray jumble of headlines, Donald as the subject and our country as the object. The verbs dark between. The Stories carry a dark dank feel, like December rain.

In a normal election year, December is the honeymoon period – reservedly optimistic. This time around optimists look to the Electoral College for hope. Not exactly marital bliss. Nearly hopeless, the republic stands honeymooning with the Donald.

Cheery, hey?

Early this week, seemingly to break the endless stream of old white guy names and superlative declarations, the Donald served up Kanye West to an eagerly awaiting media. Yup, this week’s distraction is a rap performer who has a rep of bullying girls. Hmm, isn’t bullying girls one of the Donald’s hobbies? Maybe there’s a basis for multicultural understanding.

What a load of crap! The fact that narcissistic self-described genius males meet to talk about “Life” is not news. We do that all the time. But there may a story about how Trump freezes out the media, provides no press conferences, but enjoys face time with a rap performer.

Then again, I could be all wet (December rain), perhaps there’s real political significance there. Maybe Kanye stopped by to assure the Donald that there would be no presidential challenge in 2020. After all, West did tweet #2024 after the meeting.

Fuck, I can’t believe this has become the stuff of serious political discussion. How far have we fallen? When will we hit?


That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,