Trump Times Entry 218 – Return Fire

Return Fire

June 14, 2017

As inevitable as death and taxes, the gun play was bound to blow back to the facilitators. For years, decades, the congress of these United States has actively ignored our gun problem. No mass shooting seemed outrageous enough to provoke legislative or even investigative action. A Democrat Rep shot while speaking – too bad, but what can we do? Gay partiers mowed down in Florida – oh well, the second amendment, you know. Multiple incidents in Santa Barbara – it’s so hard to find the right time to talk about such an emotional issue.

Even gunned down schoolchildren were not enough get congress off its collective ass to do anything other than offer fucking thoughts and prayers.

If anything, gun control has gotten weaker as congress lets control laws expire. I suspect our Republican legislators thought their constituents were the only one’s armed – so felt things were, relatively, safe – for them. (I don’t understand why they think that – no one checks political affiliation at point of purchase.)

And now someone is shooting at them – go figure.

After two-hundred-eighteen days of post-election Trump influence, most the shooting has been overseas. The republic fears that is about to change.

In Peace and Justice,

The Donald just tweeted his thought and prayers to the victims of this latest shooting. Is anyone else getting sick and tired of thoughts and prayers offered as substitutes for actions?

Trump Times Entry 26 – A Well-Armed Victory Lap

logoA Well-Armed Victory Lap

December 4, 2016

It’s been twenty-six days since the angry-white-right seized control of the slightly left, but mostly apathetic America. Kellyanne Conway’s whiny voice is droning in the background and doing holiday rituals as if everything were normal has become a national pastime. Though, the holiday shopping ritual has taken an odd turn.

If you are like many liberals, this year your holiday shopping list may include firearms. And I understand – every time I heard Kellyanne’s voice I, too, want to buy a bigger gun. Second amendment solutions seem appropriately visceral given the recent failures of intellect. Guns, America, feels right…

Back in blog “Trump Times 20 – Lock and Load” I mentioned that we libtards seemed to be getting kind of interested in guns. Well, we now have some numbers and while overall gun sales are down, sales are way up among minority purchasers. Before the election gun sales were to the usual customer base, but after the election there was a demographic shift.

Hmm… So, in terms of armed population groups here in the good old USA we now have:

1. The typically well-armed paranoid conservatives
2. The newly armed frightened non-conservatives
3. The seemingly freaked-out police forces
4. The most powerful military force in history

To keep life interesting, the Donald is taking a pre-inauguration victory lap in a whirlwind tour of the states he won. As a thank you, Trump is holding campaign style rallies complete with “Lock her up!” chanting liberally spiced with racist innuendo. What fun! (Bullies are rarely good sports.)

So, the Donald is stirring up groups 1 and 2. Which further freaks out group 3. While Group 4 stands ready, awaiting his orders. Kobayashi Maru.

Shit, this blog sure went to a dark place fast; I’m freaking myself out. Think I need break right here and do something distracting – perhaps that holiday shopping. I hear Gander Mountain has a sale on Rugers and Glocks – oh, look they have used Bushmasters! What a country!

While armed with more guns and less tolerance, the republic stands.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 9 – We Will Survive

We Will Survive

November 17, 2016mefront2

It’s been nine days and, frankly, I was hoping to be numb by now.  Our information delivery systems continue to regurgitate contradictory accounts on how the ‘peaceful-transition-of-power’ is going.  Some say Transition Team Trump is in disarray and riddled with Shakespearean intrigue.  But no worries, because the Donald tweeted out that the everything is proceeding smoothly.  Probably the best assessment is that both the reports are nonsense.

True, on day one a classic purge led by Trump’s son-in-law eliminated all the Chris Christie people from Transition Team leadership.  And true, with most the leaders gone, the transition has slowed to a stop.  But who’s to say, from a Trump point of view, this isn’t smooth.  And, lets face it, a relative of the king taking control by supplanting the existing gentry with his own minions is too obvious to be called Shakespearean.

On the other hand, if Trump tweets something, there is an excellent chance that the tweet doesn’t really mean that is seems to mean.  Furthermore, if we wait long enough, there is an equally excellent chance that the Donald will tweet something that directly contradicts any other given Donald tweet.

But I digress…

Over the last few days, a “We will survive this” mime has emerged.  Everyone is saying it.  Obama said it – though, more poetically as “The sun will rise tomorrow”.  Hillary said it, various celebrities said it.  Hell, even Bernie Sanders said those words recently.  We will survive this.

Bullshit!  Some of us will not.

Some seniors counting on Medicare will not survive the for-profit changes coming.  Many young military recruits will not survive whatever bullshit war we get into next.  The victims of the next mass shooting, by definition, will not survive the next Second Amendment facilitated tragedy.

Plus, since when is mere survival an American value?

It would be helpful if our leadership, media and other public speakers told the truth:  Some of us will not survive.  And it’s not acceptable.  The fault falls to the austerity-hypocrite Republicans, the spineless Democrats and the self-involved electorate that put this huckster in charge.trump-monop

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,


An angry little poem: To Cope


To Cope

The suggestion: more guns
To cope with gun violence
From pro life
Death penalty advocates

Allows small government claims
To grow Home Land Security
Into an exclusively Christian
Short term neo-coping mechanism

osv 12/5/15



A Sporting Look At Commercial Drones

Repeating what I heard – just to make sure I got it right…

Amazon would like to use airborne drones to make deliveries. They claim to have emergency and special circumstance markets in mind. Though I suspect our skies will one day be darkened with clouds of “special circumstances”.

So, our hired-hands at the FAA have come up with a few zany rules regarding testing the flying package thing. Restrictions like a low altitude flight ceiling, line-of-sight monitoring and only-during-daylight operation are, of course, making Amazon a little crazy. But there is money to be made, so I’m pretty sure Amazon will survive the indignity of having to prove remote controlled flying packages are, of course, safe.

Yup, swarms of consumer goods cruising at low altitude, landing and taking off all around us, joyfully fulfilling the Amazon American Dream. I can see them now, flying low over the homes and property of the most heavily armed population on the planet. Small packages of joy, buzzing over a land where there are a nearly as many guns as people.

This could prove entertaining.

osv 3/29/2015Drones

PS – I just saw an ad for a bean bag gun – designed especially for shooting at drones. Silly me, I failed to anticipate that a new hunting prey would, obviously, spur on new technology . (And another reason to get another gun!) In a meager attempt to contribute, I emailed the inventor asking if they had considered making retractable net cannons. Just as a suggestion.

Our (Still) Angry NaPoWriMo Project Poem for today is titled: Critique Uninvited

Critique Uninvited

Possessing a gun does not
Make you a member
Of a well regulated militia

Any more than
Writing this poem
Makes me a poet

But, no one ever died
From a tortured metaphor
Or sharp retort

Hence, poetry requires
No regulation
While guns do