Trump Times Entry 100 – Fake America Out Again

Fake America Out Again

February 16, 20177ff71655db06b517f24b7c9be46d27e5

During the one-hundred days since the election we’ve been treated to drama more appropriate for YouTube fanfiction than legitimate news. But, legitimate lacks theater and, besides, the angriest voters won – so they get to tell the story. Or do they?

The stories we’re hearing are mostly from angry people saying and doing angry things. So, in the most general sense, the vote has set a tone. But, the narratives feature only the wealthy or the politically insane. (Yeah, I know, not an uncommon paring.) So, the point of view doesn’t really include the angry white middle-class male perspective that put Trump in power.

But never fear (yeah, right), what Trump promoters lack in diversity, they more than make up for with target inclusion. Hell, they’re angry with nearly everything – with liberals, with the majority that voted against them, with the media, with the intelligence community, with the young and old, with department stores, with the climate, even with each other.

The only thing they aren’t angry with is Russia. I assume there is some tans-logical reason for this, perhaps romance. Who can tell what’s in Trump’s heart? Or even if he has one?

So, while those Trump voters don’t really get a voice, they do get a choice – of Trump approved outrage. And the outrageous volume guaranties that, pretty much, anyone can find something they don’t like. The Donald offers us an all you can eat anger buffet – select what you want, just ignore everything else – all at those famous Trump prices.

I, for one, intend to load up on that “angry with each other” item. It sounds tasty, and when things get ugly – what could be more entertaining than Trump supporter on Trump supporter ass-kicking.

The republic needs to step away from the Trump buffet and exercise some, free thought. Maybe, walk with the different – grab a street taco.  There could be a truck on every corner.

(I think my writing has become less lucid – probably consuming too much Trump narrative. I’d apologize, but seem to have forgotten how. A Trump exposure symptom? Or just hungry? Tacos…)

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 29 – Faking It

Faking It

December 7, 2016inthought2

It’s been a mere twenty-nine days since the conservative minority, once again, imposed their will on the country. And already we’ve experienced over nine hundred hate crimes, lost over five hundred jobs in Indiana and managed to provoke China. But, what’s really captured our imagination is Pizza Gate.

Pizza Gate is a fictitious online conspiracy theory. The theory claims that Comet Ping Pong pizzeria (in northwest Washington) is the center of a Hillary Clinton run child sex slavery ring. (Yeah, really!) Articles touting this theory have appeared on both Facebook and Twitter as well as the usual dark web sites.

So this week, a twenty-eighty-year-old white guy reads the about Pizza Gate, loads up his AR 15 rifle, drives six hours to the nearest sex-ring- pizzeria and opens fire. Interestingly, he was taken into custody unharmed. Did I mention he’s white?

The media then explodes with articles about fake news. The NY Times, Buzfeed, the Washington Post, everyone is talking about fake news. NPR even published a guide on how to self-check online facts.

While it’s important to be aware of this bullshit and note that dark ideas feed dark behavior, I think it’s equally important to look at the other side of the fake news equation – the fake news reader.

For some reason, this asshole (and many other assholes) is willing to believe a story as outrageous as Pizza Gate. I think it’s more about desire. To believe something this unlikely, the reader must really want to believe it. And therein lies the heart of the matter.

Some of us want to believe the bullshit. The crazier the better. If we were to remove all propaganda, take down all the web sites and burn all the hate posters – even then, these alt-people would remain.

They would just be regular republicans.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

PS – The Donald still has not picked a Secretary of State. I’m thinking he may just skip it and take the job himself.  What the hell, as long as the republic stands.