Trump Times Entry 57 – Belaboring the Point

Belaboring the Point

January 4, 2017mefront2

The Trump show, now in its fifty-seventh day, is a clear indication that the American Dream is not dead, but remains available to anyone with the right chromosome pairing and credit rating. Clearly, any guy starting out with just a few million bucks and bigly ambition can grow up to become president. Hell, growing up is barely required – chronological age will do, here in the States surviving thirty-five years is good enough.

With only two base requirements (dicks and dollars), one would think there’d be more competition for the lead role in the American Power reality show. After all, in a nation of over 300 million there must be more than the usual handful of ass hats with the obligatory attributes.

Perhaps, candidate culling has more to do with what contenders don’t have. If you want to be prez, some things are just not appropriate. Let’s see, no atheists allowed – we serve our secularism heavily flavored with godliness. Also, no vaginas, while implied in the requirements, is worth a second mention because – scary.

Then there’s ethics. Ethics are not only not required, but are a hindrance. The number of unethical acts required to become a presidential candidate likely filters out all reasonable people and most sociopaths. While there are some rare exceptions, (Bernie! Bernie!) people vying for ultimate power do so ruthlessly – ethics be damned.

So why would we credit the Donald with defending ethics just for reigning in Paul Ryan and his gang from gutting a congressional ethic office?

While there was a groundswell of protest when the Republicans attempted this latest power play, I doubt the protests moved any neo-con hearts or minds. Frankly, they don’t care about post-election public opinion.

But, they were moved when Trump tweeted.  And they changed their minds more quickly than soiled underwear. They fear Trump even more than vaginas – we should take note of this. It may prove useful in the future.

So, while Trump prevented the trashing of the ethics office, ethics had nothing to do with it. The Donald does things that benefit the Donald. Hence, question remains: how does he benefit from this particular action? (Beyond the obvious entertainment benefit of watching his sheep run from him while shitting themselves.)

The republic stands mildly amused watching congress redefine the word coward – again and again.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 56 – Draining the Ethics

Draining the Ethics

January 3, 2017paul-ryanhorns

As day fifty-six Trumpets dark like a Russian novel, we find our boys in congress working hard, secretly meeting deep into the night, gutting the Office of Congressional Ethics.

Those silly scamps!

Haven’t they learned anything from the Donald? There’s no need to act surreptitiously. Want to kill off some pesky politically-correct silly department like Ethics? Just do it, call it something boring like cutting red tape – then send out a self-congratulatory tweet and move on with your lives.

Let’s face it, that whole hiding shitty behavior thing is so last year. Plus, congress has always been pretty bad at concealing stuff. Hell, everyone knew about their “secret” late night meeting first thing this morning. They should leave the covert activities to their Russian friends – you know, let the professionals handle the complicated stuff.

The republic stands with no need for an Office of Congressional Ethics, since there are no longer any congressional ethics to officiate.

In peace with justice,