Trump Times Entry 81 – Choose Our Battles

Choose Our Battles

January 28, 2017developers-will-resist

In the eighty-one days since the disturbance in the force that deposited the Donald into our senses we have been fed a myriad of slogans, euphemisms, catchphrases and subterfuge. I suppose the success of “Make America Great Again” encouraged our national word slingers to get on board the dumb-it-down train. Hence, we’ve been pelted with everything from “Alternate Facts” to “Extreme Vetting” and, moving forward, can expect more informative non-sequitur expressions from our leaders – as they lead from behind.

Of all the prepackaged idea phrases thrust upon us by the unimaginative, perhaps the most fashionable right now is “Choose our battles”. This ever-popular excuse for either doing nothing or complicity with the enemy is recited so often by the Democrats they may want to make it their party slogan.

We hear in on the national stage when, otherwise progressive, Democrats vote to confirm hopelessly unqualified candidates to the Cabinet. We hear it locally from precinct captains explaining why they couldn’t convince voters it wasn’t the black guy who took their jobs away.

The ever-pragmatic Democrats rationalize this call to inaction with – if we cooperate with the Republicans now they will be encouraged to cooperate with us later. WTF! Have these assholes been awake for the last eight years? Republicans do not cooperate. Stop acting like they think the way we do – they don’t!

It’s understood, for now, the Dems lack the votes to stop the oncoming bullshit, but why go along with it? You know, in a couple years, when Ben Carson finally snaps, and botches a frontal lobotomy on HUD leaving thousand homeless, the Republicans will blame the two or three Democrats who voted for the Carson appointment.

So, come on, fucking fight back! Yeah, you’re gonna lose – fight anyway!

At the risk of appearing, well, progressive, I’d like to offer an alternative strategy regarding Democratic leaders choosing their battles: Choose the battle right in front of you!

The republic is an amalgam of arguments and choices, the Democrats might want to get in on a few.

In Peace and Justice,