Trump Times Entry 215 – Change


June 11, 2017

After two-hundred-fifteen days of post-election publication, both the creative staff, Fred, and management, Larry, here at Wet Dog Productions feel we’re in a rut and need to reinvent or, at least, freshen up. Who would have guessed that witnessing an attempted fascist takeover of the American government could get monotonous, but here we are.

I think we can attribute some of the tedium to new social determinants such as:

• Every day there’s another Trump surprise – so, surprise has lost meaning.

• Trump’s settled into a predictable set of tweet styles: provoke, condemn, self-congratulate. So, while we may not know what’s next, we do know how we’ll hear it.

• Trump’s tone seems always the same – he’s always yelling at or complaining about a personal enemy – us. And we, like most people when yelled at, hear only yelling. Repetitious yowling from a Putin wanabe.

Also, let’s not overlook the challenge in finding creative ways to call the Donald a liar without getting repetitious. The Donald’s capacity to lie clearly exceeds the language’s capacity to describe his body of work – without falling into a rut, that is.

Maybe that’s his plan – to bore us to death.

The republic still stands in need of change and there’s got to be a better way to say this.

Changes to Come,

Cautious Abandon – Chapter 2



Chapter 2

In Transition

The first few days flew by slow
Fractured broken routine

He missed her some most the time
Needed bad to wean

Daily walks gone quiet and slow
His dog felt something wrong

She yearned for the larger pack
While he hummed a lonesome song

This phase lasts for awhile
His first thought every day

Must look forward to change to come
Budding spring is on the way