Trump Times Entry 151 – Liberal Cuck Media

Liberal Cuck Media

April 8, 2017

If I were to take a trip down memory lane, say one-hundred-fifty-one days, back to election day – if I were to look at what was offered as news that day, I’d find headlines projecting a Hillary victory, over a ninety percent chance of a big Democratic win. Hell, some “experts” plied us with statistics, so sweet, we dreamt of a liberal Supreme Court and, dare I say it, a functional congress. Yeah, they had the numbers to prove it, we win!

They, our fourth-estate, were full of shit back then – just like now.

I’m not ashamed to admit, when Brian Williams used Leonard Cohen lyrics to describe the “beautiful” air strike on Syria, I actually gagged up a little. So, in terms of generated physical reaction Brian is now ahead of Trump, who, to date, has only made me wretch.

Certainly, Williams was not alone in bowing before the alter of military intervention. Another CNN dude, James “Spider” Marks (their names keep getting more colorful) used a Kentucky college basketball metaphor to describe all the winning – as if one, uncontested, air raid that cost us millions, killed an unspecified number of people and left the target 100% operational was a win.

Other cable news personalities trudged out the “Donald Trump has become presidential” mantra – yeah, bombing foreign countries is a sure sign of presidentialness. They really want to like him, which kind of disqualifies them as reporters, lucky for us they’re only entertainers. Now, if they were only entertaining.

To be fair, I can’t generalize completely because I don’t know what MSNBC said about Trump’s latest publicity stunt. After seeing what CNN and the networks had to say, I stopped looking at news and switched to dog rescue videos and on-line violin lessons. (Not as macho as Brian, I find beauty in the melodic and furry.)

Of the thousands of interpretations of Cohen’s “First We Take Manhattan”, the republic has never heard suggested the poetry was about of war. It takes a special kind of shallowness to take anything Cohen wrote down that path. But, Brain Williams has done just that and in doing so has proved he’s more suited to join the Trump staff than to continue as a reporter. He’s a liberal media cuck.

In Peace and Justice,

We need to support independent media. When the Inevitable Trump Termination Event finally occurs, chances are, the mainstream media will be too busy looking at themselves to notice.