Trump Times Entry 283 – Bannon be Gone

Bannon be Gone

August 19, 2017

Meh, unimpressed

While yesterday was Steve Bannon’s last day as Senior Adviser to the Donald, don’t think for a moment he’s gone. Sure, Steve won’t be darkening the White House with his mere presence anymore, but, as one of the intellectually elite reporters on PBS observed, “Bannon and Trump both have a cell phones – and they been on mutual speed dial or over a year.”

Yeah, the Donald may be pissed off at Steve right now, but time will dull the breakup pain and one morning Trump will wake up in need of the kind encouragement only a cartoon right-wing populist can give. And when the phone rings Bannon will answer his president.

Until then, Steve will spend his time trolling us with his hysterical media monstrosity, Breitbart News. We can expect the Breitbart stories to get even zanier now that Steve’s no longer constrained by the politics and propriety required when employed as White House senior staff. (Yeah, that’s right, for the last seven months Breitbart’s been constrained, limited, because Steve was taking it easy on us. But now, no more mister nice guy. To quote Steve, “I’ve got my hands back on my weapons.”)

Trump could only take two-hundred-eighty-four days of post-election Steve Bannon before realizing the relationship was just too much work. So finally, the Donald dumped Bannon – onto us. Steve’s gonna be mad and he’ll need to express that anger. He no longer has White House staff to yell at; so, that leaves us. Thanks Donald!

The republic eagerly awaits Steve Brannon’s come-back season at Breitbart. We expect new soul shattering lows from the master of digital shit fiction, but don’t expect any change in the what’s left of our federal government. The problem with the Trump administration isn’t Steve Bannon or any other (asshole) staff member – the problem’s the Donald.

He’ll just hire another racist,