An Awkward Moment

NaPoWriMo Day 8 – Cautious Abandon

Chapter 3

Well this is awkward
We don’t have one


An Awkward Moment

They both arrived
To an affair
Both showed up stag

They had split up the stuff
But not the friends
Breakup rules remained vague

They shared a few words
But eyes never met
Something basic had gone

But easy to listen
For the first time in years
Knowing they both had moved on


Cautious Abandon – Chapter 2



Chapter 2

In Transition

The first few days flew by slow
Fractured broken routine

He missed her some most the time
Needed bad to wean

Daily walks gone quiet and slow
His dog felt something wrong

She yearned for the larger pack
While he hummed a lonesome song

This phase lasts for awhile
His first thought every day

Must look forward to change to come
Budding spring is on the way