The Trump Times Entry 1



Entry 1: Running on Faith

November 9, 2016


It was a bright day in November, and the clocks were striking thirteen.  The winner, his expectations met, began to assume power.

Yeah I know, that first paragraph reads like a dystopian story.  But it’s a fact.  The symbolism is, of course, borrowed, but applies.  Soon we, once again, peacefully transfer power, regardless of consequences, because that’s what we do.  We have survived unpopular leaders before.  The republic will stand.

But somehow, it feels different this time.   A little off, you know?  Dirty.

I’m uncertain what went wrong.  We followed the usual steps.  We listened to a bunch of candidates complain about one another for over a year.  We then selected two and watched them attack each other for a couple months.  Finally, we held the traditional popularity contest and entertainer won.  (Go figure.)

So, now we hand over our military, economic and political power to a seventy-year-old white man with no governance experience.  We do so willingly.

While technically church and state are separated, let’s face it.   This is a faith-based government.




osv 11/9/2016


An angry little poem-cartoon-thingy: Transitive Suppository

(Allowing a moment of whining then moving on.)


The new boss acts consultative
To consume cash creative
While agile with caring
Still has old-school moves

standup straight
go team

Just a business decision
Just another reorg
We’re just moving forward
So out the backdoor

Thanks for the service
But you didn’t make the cut
There’s strings on that severance
So keep those mouths shut

So understand my feelings
To me you’re just a mob
I’m really not some asshole
Just trying to do my job

Transitive Suppository

acting like an
makes one
an asshole

it’s just a definition

Infamous Last Words – an Angry Two Sentence Story

“We don’t need no damn government socialist healthcare or free fucking food or anything else,” he repeatedly declared right up to the moment his philosophy and body simultaneously failed. Apparently, one can die of stupidity.


2014 a Quick Wrap-up

During the course of 2014
We’ve lost friends and partners
Even some dreams

More losses in foreign battles
Others to domestic war

Live free (like me) or die
Screamed the American folk lore

Made it to the wrap-up
Been lucky You and I

Hopefully moving forward again
Let’s kiss this bitch goodbye


Final Angry Little Poem on this topic: Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

A closing story
Swift and gentle
Consistent with
Her view of life

Moving on
No other option
Expecting time to
Dull pain’s knife

osv 10/2014


Lulu gently died at home on October 19. Moving on way too soon. Long may she run.

(Lulu osv photo courtesy of fv.)

Angry Little Poem: Diminishing Returns

Diminishing Returns

She fades on
The easy times close
Only hard days now remain

Dark choice growing near
How many to allow
Measured time versus pain


Embracing what there is
We patiently
Wait for the sign

osv 10/14

Another angry little poem: An Observation

The tone of the next few poems will be a bit dark. Perhaps even maudlin. Lulu is moving on to whatever is next; I’m sharing the hurt…

An Observation

Watching her
Once so vibrant

Forces a
Sight of frantic

osv 10/14