Trump Times Entry 172 – The Amazing 100 Day Word Salad Diet

The Amazing 100 Day Word Salad Diet

April 29, 2017

He’s like shitty room service in a cheesy hotel – late, overcooked and served over a bed of freshly steamed congressmen, but in huge cartoon sized servings.

(This won’t be pretty and may not turn out well. A Trump food metaphor, so much could go wrong!)


An Ode to a Hundred Days of Preoccupation

In the one-hundred-seventy-two days since ordering the Donald
off the takeout menu

Been one-hundred since served that bowl of Trump
from the takeout menu

Funny how nothing ever looks as seen
on the takeout menu


Expected a solution casserole
with snarky on the side

Ended with big health concerns
but loved that twitter ride

As our guns turn to the east
for some cause, he calls valid

The Donald fixes healthcare by
feeding us word salad

Kind of in a hurry here – the republic would like Trump to go.

(Warned you.)

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 75 – The Unfriending Zone

The Unfriending Zone

January 22, 2017meashomer

On this third day of the Trump phenomena I offer only an angry little poem. It’s in response to an exfriend suggesting I was the “problem with this country”. While I’m flattered by the notion that I have that much influence, I know better. I can only hope to, one day, become a problem to this country.

Dear Exfriend

It’s not you it’s me
First I see
Through your righteous smirk

You feel crossed
Paths they change
You circumstantial jerk

I don’t want to
See you hurt
Just to see you less

Time spent on you
Is better used
Cleaning up your mess

The republic deserves better poets then me and better leadership then the Donald. We all deserve the friends we keep, regardless of reason.

In Peace and Justice,

Trump Times Entry 64 – Cannot Look

Cannot Look

January 11, 2017inthought2

On this sixty-fourth day since the Donald became evident, I look away.

Tried, but could not watch congress, grinning like jackasses eating cactuses, invite the preeminent old-school racist to be our attorney general.

Attempted to listen, but just couldn’t stomach the Donald’s first press conference since the summer. (Remember summer? Warm longing…) Every time Trump spoke my attention drifted off, seeking puppy dogs and butterflies I guess.

Except for Above
offering no words today
so these few must do
taking pause to weep
for the republic

In Peace with Justice,

Trump Times Entry 49 – Republican Governance is an Oxymoron

Republican Governance is an Oxymoron

December 27, 2016

One Less Than Fifty

as we wait, on America great
again elected time

can you feel the form, of a coming storm
back here from forty-nine

(Sorry, but sometimes prose seems so, well, wordy.)

Yeah, day forty-nine and who would have guessed political chaos, if applied daily, leads to boredom. The news keeps repeating the same stories: Trump tweets something stupid and provocative, Trump appoints some asshole to dismantle some agency or social program, Paul Ryan continues his metamorphosis from garden-variety sociopath to soulless golem. Same old, same old.

Luckily, there’s variety on the state level. The variation is not so much in tone (still dark and shrill), but rather in application. At the local level, the horrible shit Trump and his minions allude to, is actually happening. Our laboratories of democracy, now maned by Tea Party Walter Whites, are engaging in human experimentation, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Josef Mengele.

We have Michigan’s governor permitting cities to be poisoned, because “it’s cheaper”. Then there’s North Carolina’s small government crowd reaching into the public restrooms to assure Christian values are preserved within the stalls. Moreover, when the restroom stalking cost them the gubernatorial election they just changed the rules to make sure power doesn’t fall into the wrong (non-Republican) hands. All legal, democracy at its finest.

Perhaps most striking was North Dakota unleashing both private and public forces upon an unarmed Native American encampment. The Pinkertons and Sheriffs waging the white man’s war on a tribal gathering – not exactly a new story, but more compelling than Trump’ shitty spelling.

The list of unfortunate Republican governance examples go on and on. I think they don’t believe in government because they’re just really bad it. To them governing like a complex toy, way to sophisticated – frustrating. I fear they may break it while throwing an alt-tantrum.

Governed by government deniers, the republic stands gerrymandered, bound in place by those insisting change only occur in reverse.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,


Trump Times Entry 33 – Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

the following blog
contains decidedly inartful

while intended to
provoke could

the sensitive
victim autocrat
i hope


Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

December 11, 2016mefront2

For thirty-three days we’ve endured –Trump bully tweets, Trump Russian collusion, Trump handing off to Wall Street, Trump inspired white nationalists, Trump trolls yelling at us for not liking them. Trump, Trump, everywhere Trump. Like a consequence to a bad national one night stand, he has spread across our culture like a case of pre-penicillin syphilis. No longer limited to the private sectors, he now presents publicly orange and unsightly – yelling, “Look at me!”

Bent, but standing, like an infirmed patient, the republic does just that – looks at the Donald. We just can’t help it; medical drama is fascinating.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Republican microbes have been eating away everything they don’t believe in. And they don’t believe in much. Medicare, slash it; Social Security, cut it; Veteran benefits, fuck it – but, thanks for your service.

Remember all those pre-election Republicans who, for reasons of principle, just couldn’t support the Donald? Well, it turns out they can support him now. Yup, our Republican friends, currently out of the spotlight, are seizing the moment. While we stare at the Donald, they work to cut all those messy social programs and agencies. After all, they’re just living up to their conservative small government, less regulation, free market principles. Making America great again for all of us – right?

Wrong! Their principles lack any nuance beyond “Me first!” They didn’t support Trump before because they didn’t think he would win. Period! There were no other layers – no other reasoned thought. Now that, surprisingly, the they find themselves in power they’ll support whoever got them there.

Hell, they’re going to get to cut spending on social stuff, spend more on bombs and jails and, with the Donald leading the way, spend more on themselves. With conflict of interest a historical artifact and corruption institutionalized they’ll be free at last. Free at last.

While Trump promises moral and ethical damage to our national soul, the material damage will be affected by the soulless sycophants the follow power wherever it leads – like our the 115th congress majority.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 24 – Ass Deep

Ass Deep

December 2, 2016trump-snakeoil

Twenty-four days since the Trump Traveling Medicine Show took us by storm.  Substituting “Make America Great Again” for “Good for What Ails You” and selling vitriol rather than snake oil, the Donald played a nearly perfect long-con to the White House.

As the next leader of the free world prepares to take charge, we eagerly await delivery of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness” Trump style.  But so far, his choices for leadership and agenda suggest the only remaining self-evident truth is “There’s a sucker born every minute”.

Buzzed on Trump elixir, the republic stands.

The Trump Cabinet is rounding out nicely.  So far, we have Steven Mnuchin (from Goldman Sachs) for Treasury Secretary, Jeff Sessions (historic KKK supporter) for Attorney General and Elaine L. Chao (Mitch McConnell’s wife) for Transportation Secretary – just to name a few.  The list goes on, sounding like a casting list for a remake of “Atlas Shrugged”.

I not going to batter you with detailed analysis of these people today.  I’m certain you can find lots of information about them all on government, private and federal prison web sites. Details, details…

Instead, I offer an encapsulated response with an Angry Little Poem:


it should have been obvious
they would drain the swam
by filling it
with alligators

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times 16 – Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

November 24, 2016inthought2

On day 16 we take pause and reflect, but I’m not really feeling thanks thing this time around.

I got an odd demand from a right-wing social media friend yesterday.   This friend declared that talking about politics or religion in a social venue (in this case Thanksgiving) was not allowed because of the strife it inevitably creates.  He further stated how disgusted he was with “Not just dems, but republicans too.”

“Shame on all of you,” he scolded in condemnation of negativity.  (Yeah, I know, he used negativity to condemn negativity.  How very Orwellian.)

His final demand was (and I quote): “Anyone, and I do mean anyone, family, friend or otherwise, who posts anything politically negative will immediately be deleted from my friends list.”

Wow, that’s pretty tough.  And if that doesn’t work do you think he’ll escalate to beating me up and taking my lunch money?

Ironically, I was planning to go light on today’s blog.  You know, wish everyone well and offer some peace, love, kumbaya thoughts.  But instead I’ve been inspired to offer a new angry little poem.

You Arrogant Pompous Ass

free speech is by its very nature
the first amendment is meant to protect
you aren’t entitled to tell anyone to curtail their
nothing compels you to listen to me
nothing compels me to listen to you

but neither get to tell the other to shut up

So anyway, I hope you all have a pleasant holiday filled with peace and love – kumbaya.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,