Trump Times Entry 172 – The Amazing 100 Day Word Salad Diet

The Amazing 100 Day Word Salad Diet

April 29, 2017

He’s like shitty room service in a cheesy hotel – late, overcooked and served over a bed of freshly steamed congressmen, but in huge cartoon sized servings.

(This won’t be pretty and may not turn out well. A Trump food metaphor, so much could go wrong!)


An Ode to a Hundred Days of Preoccupation

In the one-hundred-seventy-two days since ordering the Donald
off the takeout menu

Been one-hundred since served that bowl of Trump
from the takeout menu

Funny how nothing ever looks as seen
on the takeout menu


Expected a solution casserole
with snarky on the side

Ended with big health concerns
but loved that twitter ride

As our guns turn to the east
for some cause, he calls valid

The Donald fixes healthcare by
feeding us word salad

Kind of in a hurry here – the republic would like Trump to go.

(Warned you.)

In Peace and Justice,


Angry little poem for today: Uninspired


Ain’t feeling much inspired today
Ain’t feeling much at all
Wouldn’t call it writer’s block
More of a border wall

Yeah, a wall should work just fine
Like in China, Berlin or Troy
History shows they never fail
Bring only peace and joy

Maybe if we dump the bunch
Drown out the vicious sound
Maybe like old Jericho
The walls could tumble down

If we listen honestly
Not a Trump, but a trumpet call
Singing building bridges
So much better than a wall

An angry little poem-cartoon-thingy: Transitive Suppository

(Allowing a moment of whining then moving on.)


The new boss acts consultative
To consume cash creative
While agile with caring
Still has old-school moves

standup straight
go team

Just a business decision
Just another reorg
We’re just moving forward
So out the backdoor

Thanks for the service
But you didn’t make the cut
There’s strings on that severance
So keep those mouths shut

So understand my feelings
To me you’re just a mob
I’m really not some asshole
Just trying to do my job

Transitive Suppository

acting like an
makes one
an asshole

it’s just a definition

An angry little poem: To Cope


To Cope

The suggestion: more guns
To cope with gun violence
From pro life
Death penalty advocates

Allows small government claims
To grow Home Land Security
Into an exclusively Christian
Short term neo-coping mechanism

osv 12/5/15



Vive la France

Credit GivenCTukshqVEAAZdHX

Art work
Jean Jullien

Free thought
Vive la France

Paris Attackers
No credit
Just responsibility
May their own darkness consume them all soon

osv 11/13/15


Our angry little poem for today: Intended to Offend

Intended to Offend

While conservative thought
Remains childlike
Oxymorons hardly a rarity

The genuine progressive
Continues as rare
Confuses justice with charity

So we embrace the offensive
As refreshingly bright
No need to hide out in parody

And eagerly wait
For those next ugly words
Grateful for the clarity?



2014 a Quick Wrap-up

During the course of 2014
We’ve lost friends and partners
Even some dreams

More losses in foreign battles
Others to domestic war

Live free (like me) or die
Screamed the American folk lore

Made it to the wrap-up
Been lucky You and I

Hopefully moving forward again
Let’s kiss this bitch goodbye


Final Angry Little Poem on this topic: Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

A closing story
Swift and gentle
Consistent with
Her view of life

Moving on
No other option
Expecting time to
Dull pain’s knife

osv 10/2014


Lulu gently died at home on October 19. Moving on way too soon. Long may she run.

(Lulu osv photo courtesy of fv.)