Trump Times Entry 9 – We Will Survive

We Will Survive

November 17, 2016mefront2

It’s been nine days and, frankly, I was hoping to be numb by now.  Our information delivery systems continue to regurgitate contradictory accounts on how the ‘peaceful-transition-of-power’ is going.  Some say Transition Team Trump is in disarray and riddled with Shakespearean intrigue.  But no worries, because the Donald tweeted out that the everything is proceeding smoothly.  Probably the best assessment is that both the reports are nonsense.

True, on day one a classic purge led by Trump’s son-in-law eliminated all the Chris Christie people from Transition Team leadership.  And true, with most the leaders gone, the transition has slowed to a stop.  But who’s to say, from a Trump point of view, this isn’t smooth.  And, lets face it, a relative of the king taking control by supplanting the existing gentry with his own minions is too obvious to be called Shakespearean.

On the other hand, if Trump tweets something, there is an excellent chance that the tweet doesn’t really mean that is seems to mean.  Furthermore, if we wait long enough, there is an equally excellent chance that the Donald will tweet something that directly contradicts any other given Donald tweet.

But I digress…

Over the last few days, a “We will survive this” mime has emerged.  Everyone is saying it.  Obama said it – though, more poetically as “The sun will rise tomorrow”.  Hillary said it, various celebrities said it.  Hell, even Bernie Sanders said those words recently.  We will survive this.

Bullshit!  Some of us will not.

Some seniors counting on Medicare will not survive the for-profit changes coming.  Many young military recruits will not survive whatever bullshit war we get into next.  The victims of the next mass shooting, by definition, will not survive the next Second Amendment facilitated tragedy.

Plus, since when is mere survival an American value?

It would be helpful if our leadership, media and other public speakers told the truth:  Some of us will not survive.  And it’s not acceptable.  The fault falls to the austerity-hypocrite Republicans, the spineless Democrats and the self-involved electorate that put this huckster in charge.trump-monop

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,


Trump Times Entry 3 – Non-Elective Denial

Non-Elective Denial

November 11, 2016

Been painful watching news today
Headlines all a horror show
Have little faith in what they say
Suspicious, what they don’t know


It’s Trump Times day three and we have had demonstrations all over our country, an admission from Russia that “Da, we coordinated with the Trump campaign” and, of course, Commander-in-Chief Tweeting has begun.

Also, the media queued up a bunch of (scary) names as potential Trump appointments, but the media have no fucking idea.  They are just guessing to fill column inches and streaming minutes.  So, I think ignoring this name list BS is the best mental health choice.

Frankly, I cannot talk about the Russian thing in a clear lucid fashion quite yet.  Living through the Cold War has left me a little suspicious of the MOTHER-FUCKING Russians.  (See?)

But the demonstrations and related tweeting hold some interest; this may be foreshadowing – a glimpse at our dark comedy future.

First, demonstrations broke out all over the country (well, in the cities).  This was to be expected after a tense divisive election.  (And then there’s that popular vote loses again issue.)  It looks like the protestors were mostly young people, minorities and women. (Though we can’t be certain since this detail comes from our national media – a group that couldn’t find its own ass with a flashlight and a full-length mirror.  But I digress.)

Next, our president-elect tweets a snappy little morsel about professional demonstrators and how unfair the demonstrations are.

Of course, more demonstrations occur.  One gets labeled a riot.

Finally, our president-elect tweets a saccharin sweet snowflake about how he admires the protestors’ passion and predicts that “we will all come together and be proud”.

Okay, the public self-contradiction tactic has served him well so far.  So, well played Donald.  But that “we will all come together” line is new.  New and not consistent with the classic Trump Tweeting style.  Troubling.

More troubling, why am I aware of a Trump Tweeting style?  Have I read enough Trump Tweets to recognize patterns?  Shit, that’s a lot of reading – I’m old and slow.  There must be something else I should be doing with my eyes!


Take care of yourselves and one another,

Trump Times Entry 2 – Feelings Shared with Media Polls

inthought2Feelings Shared with Media Polls

November 10, 2016

“Polls?  Nah…  they’re for strippers and cross country skiers.” – Sarah Palin 2016

In the wake of this current crisis, I harbor some unexpected feelings.

Sure, I got the usual anger, denial, dazed thing going.  But beyond the anger, beneath the denial, glowing in the haze is something else.  Something less comfortable.

Ever get that “something’s wrong” feeling?

Like when you head out for a walk and call your dog – that feeling just before you realize she passed away last month.  Or when it’s 25th of the month and in the back of your mind it’s unclear how to get next month’s rent.  Or when you reach for the phone, then remember the call you’ve been making every day, for the last six years, won’t be needed any more.  That feeling…

When my memory drifts back to election night, whenever I hear the phrase “Trump Cabinet” or “Trump’s first hundred days” that’s what I feel.  Loss with some alienation on the side.

(beginning of rant)

On the other hand, my feelings regarding our mainstream polls and media are simple.  To suggest that they made mistakes, but who could see it coming?  To assert that they have learned and are ready to move on, is frankly insulting.

The polls and media weren’t just wrong; they were spectacularly wrong.

The polls predicted a greater than ninety percent likelihood of exactly what did NOT happen.  The media, apparently, never detected, so never reported the actual election winning narrative.  They didn’t see the story, even when characters in the story were screaming at them.

Plainly, the current crop of mainstream media and polling staff are not competent enough to do the work required in our democracy.  All the polls: 538, Huffington Poll, Gallup, Rasmussen… lack credibility.  All the mainstream media: ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, MSNBC … lack the imagination, curiosity and courage to act as our eyes and hears.

Our mainstream media and polls were gamed and easily manipulated by Donald Trump.  They were outsmarted by team Breitbart.  They should all step aside and let someone else give it a try.  Clearly, they’re not good enough to play in the big leagues.

(end of rant)

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other.


The Trump Times Entry 1



Entry 1: Running on Faith

November 9, 2016


It was a bright day in November, and the clocks were striking thirteen.  The winner, his expectations met, began to assume power.

Yeah I know, that first paragraph reads like a dystopian story.  But it’s a fact.  The symbolism is, of course, borrowed, but applies.  Soon we, once again, peacefully transfer power, regardless of consequences, because that’s what we do.  We have survived unpopular leaders before.  The republic will stand.

But somehow, it feels different this time.   A little off, you know?  Dirty.

I’m uncertain what went wrong.  We followed the usual steps.  We listened to a bunch of candidates complain about one another for over a year.  We then selected two and watched them attack each other for a couple months.  Finally, we held the traditional popularity contest and entertainer won.  (Go figure.)

So, now we hand over our military, economic and political power to a seventy-year-old white man with no governance experience.  We do so willingly.

While technically church and state are separated, let’s face it.   This is a faith-based government.




osv 11/9/2016

An angry little poem-cartoon-thingy: Transitive Suppository

(Allowing a moment of whining then moving on.)


The new boss acts consultative
To consume cash creative
While agile with caring
Still has old-school moves

standup straight
go team

Just a business decision
Just another reorg
We’re just moving forward
So out the backdoor

Thanks for the service
But you didn’t make the cut
There’s strings on that severance
So keep those mouths shut

So understand my feelings
To me you’re just a mob
I’m really not some asshole
Just trying to do my job

Transitive Suppository

acting like an
makes one
an asshole

it’s just a definition