Trump Times Entry 33 – Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

the following blog
contains decidedly inartful

while intended to
provoke could

the sensitive
victim autocrat
i hope


Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

December 11, 2016mefront2

For thirty-three days we’ve endured –Trump bully tweets, Trump Russian collusion, Trump handing off to Wall Street, Trump inspired white nationalists, Trump trolls yelling at us for not liking them. Trump, Trump, everywhere Trump. Like a consequence to a bad national one night stand, he has spread across our culture like a case of pre-penicillin syphilis. No longer limited to the private sectors, he now presents publicly orange and unsightly – yelling, “Look at me!”

Bent, but standing, like an infirmed patient, the republic does just that – looks at the Donald. We just can’t help it; medical drama is fascinating.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Republican microbes have been eating away everything they don’t believe in. And they don’t believe in much. Medicare, slash it; Social Security, cut it; Veteran benefits, fuck it – but, thanks for your service.

Remember all those pre-election Republicans who, for reasons of principle, just couldn’t support the Donald? Well, it turns out they can support him now. Yup, our Republican friends, currently out of the spotlight, are seizing the moment. While we stare at the Donald, they work to cut all those messy social programs and agencies. After all, they’re just living up to their conservative small government, less regulation, free market principles. Making America great again for all of us – right?

Wrong! Their principles lack any nuance beyond “Me first!” They didn’t support Trump before because they didn’t think he would win. Period! There were no other layers – no other reasoned thought. Now that, surprisingly, the they find themselves in power they’ll support whoever got them there.

Hell, they’re going to get to cut spending on social stuff, spend more on bombs and jails and, with the Donald leading the way, spend more on themselves. With conflict of interest a historical artifact and corruption institutionalized they’ll be free at last. Free at last.

While Trump promises moral and ethical damage to our national soul, the material damage will be affected by the soulless sycophants the follow power wherever it leads – like our the 115th congress majority.

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 12 – Hate’s Transitive

Hate’s Transitive

November 20, 2016inthought2

On day twelve we feature Starbucks customers, political drama within political drama and an emerging politically correctness

Let’s start with that institution where so many contemporary parables are set, Starbucks – where Trump thinkers engage the, obviously, prejudice baristas in nuanced values-based discourse.

Trump people also engage in the occasional Lulz like:
Order a drink and tell the barista the name is Trump.  This compels the barista to publicly call out “Trump” when the drink is ready.  The fun can, of course, be amplified by not responding to the first call and forcing multiple public utterances of “Trump”.

What fun, hey?  And so very clever.

On another Starbucks front, we have some guy in a sweater vest yelling “Trump!” and “I voted for Trump!” at a barista because of, reportedly, slow service.  He followed up with demanding his money back and calling her “trash” and “garbage.”

A few days later he said he apologized stating, “I was having a bad day.”

No, asshole, the barista was having a bad day.  You were having a normal day.

Moving on to popular theater, some of the Hamilton cast took the opportunity to address VP Pence as he was leaving the Friday night performance.  They respectfully read a short message of concern, Pence listened and left.  Pretty low keyed as protests go.

The next morning the Donald tweeted up a storm on how unfair the cast was.  Claiming they were rude and harassed poor Mike Pence, “Apologize!” Tweeted our President- Elect.

Relax Donald.  Mike Pence is a big boy; I don’t think his feelings were hurt.  Mike will be okay.  But, if you really need to do something with the empathy you planned to lavish on VP Pence, perhaps you could extend some to the over forty million Americans who stand in fear of you.

Finally in reaction to a newly emerging political correctness, an angry little poem:

It’s Transitive

I’ve heard
Voting for
Someone who hates you
Doesn’t mean
I hate you

Yes it does

That’s all I got today. Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 11 – Back to How It Feels

Back to How It Feels

November 19, 2016

Day eleven and the republic still stands.inthought2

Woke up, rolled over, focused on the bedside clock – 4:19 am.  Fucking wonderful!  Gonna be another early start; never getting back to sleep.  Because… Because…. Because, the Donald is really a thing.

I still get blindsided by that realization all the time.  Upon waking up, when returning from some fleeting thought, while puzzling through a broken poem, even as I brush my dog – boom, it hits me.  Donald Trump will be a part of my life and I don’t get to change the station this time.

When experiencing despair sometimes it helps to turn to our most profound thinkers.

“The only real laughter comes from despair.”
― Groucho Marx, The Groucho Letters

Well Groucho, I eagerly await the punchline to this joke.  It should be great, huge, the greatest punchline ever.

Since I’m going with feelings today, let’s close with an angry little poem:

healthy attitude

they eagerly embrace
the risk of hating
so completely
Fuck ‘em

That’s all I got today.  Take care of yourselves and each other,

Trump Times Entry 3 – Non-Elective Denial

Non-Elective Denial

November 11, 2016

Been painful watching news today
Headlines all a horror show
Have little faith in what they say
Suspicious, what they don’t know


It’s Trump Times day three and we have had demonstrations all over our country, an admission from Russia that “Da, we coordinated with the Trump campaign” and, of course, Commander-in-Chief Tweeting has begun.

Also, the media queued up a bunch of (scary) names as potential Trump appointments, but the media have no fucking idea.  They are just guessing to fill column inches and streaming minutes.  So, I think ignoring this name list BS is the best mental health choice.

Frankly, I cannot talk about the Russian thing in a clear lucid fashion quite yet.  Living through the Cold War has left me a little suspicious of the MOTHER-FUCKING Russians.  (See?)

But the demonstrations and related tweeting hold some interest; this may be foreshadowing – a glimpse at our dark comedy future.

First, demonstrations broke out all over the country (well, in the cities).  This was to be expected after a tense divisive election.  (And then there’s that popular vote loses again issue.)  It looks like the protestors were mostly young people, minorities and women. (Though we can’t be certain since this detail comes from our national media – a group that couldn’t find its own ass with a flashlight and a full-length mirror.  But I digress.)

Next, our president-elect tweets a snappy little morsel about professional demonstrators and how unfair the demonstrations are.

Of course, more demonstrations occur.  One gets labeled a riot.

Finally, our president-elect tweets a saccharin sweet snowflake about how he admires the protestors’ passion and predicts that “we will all come together and be proud”.

Okay, the public self-contradiction tactic has served him well so far.  So, well played Donald.  But that “we will all come together” line is new.  New and not consistent with the classic Trump Tweeting style.  Troubling.

More troubling, why am I aware of a Trump Tweeting style?  Have I read enough Trump Tweets to recognize patterns?  Shit, that’s a lot of reading – I’m old and slow.  There must be something else I should be doing with my eyes!


Take care of yourselves and one another,

Angry little poem for today: Uninspired


Ain’t feeling much inspired today
Ain’t feeling much at all
Wouldn’t call it writer’s block
More of a border wall

Yeah, a wall should work just fine
Like in China, Berlin or Troy
History shows they never fail
Bring only peace and joy

Maybe if we dump the bunch
Drown out the vicious sound
Maybe like old Jericho
The walls could tumble down

If we listen honestly
Not a Trump, but a trumpet call
Singing building bridges
So much better than a wall

An angry little poem-cartoon-thingy: Transitive Suppository

(Allowing a moment of whining then moving on.)


The new boss acts consultative
To consume cash creative
While agile with caring
Still has old-school moves

standup straight
go team

Just a business decision
Just another reorg
We’re just moving forward
So out the backdoor

Thanks for the service
But you didn’t make the cut
There’s strings on that severance
So keep those mouths shut

So understand my feelings
To me you’re just a mob
I’m really not some asshole
Just trying to do my job

Transitive Suppository

acting like an
makes one
an asshole

it’s just a definition

Vive la France

Credit GivenCTukshqVEAAZdHX

Art work
Jean Jullien

Free thought
Vive la France

Paris Attackers
No credit
Just responsibility
May their own darkness consume them all soon

osv 11/13/15


Our angry little poem for today: Intended to Offend

Intended to Offend

While conservative thought
Remains childlike
Oxymorons hardly a rarity

The genuine progressive
Continues as rare
Confuses justice with charity

So we embrace the offensive
As refreshingly bright
No need to hide out in parody

And eagerly wait
For those next ugly words
Grateful for the clarity?



2014 a Quick Wrap-up

During the course of 2014
We’ve lost friends and partners
Even some dreams

More losses in foreign battles
Others to domestic war

Live free (like me) or die
Screamed the American folk lore

Made it to the wrap-up
Been lucky You and I

Hopefully moving forward again
Let’s kiss this bitch goodbye


Final Angry Little Poem on this topic: Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic Expectations

A closing story
Swift and gentle
Consistent with
Her view of life

Moving on
No other option
Expecting time to
Dull pain’s knife

osv 10/2014


Lulu gently died at home on October 19. Moving on way too soon. Long may she run.

(Lulu osv photo courtesy of fv.)