Trump Times Entry 285 – See-through Big Picture

See-through Big Picture

August 21, 2017


My confusion may simply be the inevitable effect of these last two-hundred-eighty-six post-election days of Donald exposure. Kind of like snow-blindness, he’s too much stimuli, all cold swirling and white. Trump in the center, everything else, not exactly, orbiting – more like lemming swarms over the edge, messy, hard to look at.

And the mess keeps getting bigger and bigger as Trump incidents become too numerous to track.

Usually, when people get overwhelmed like this, they select the most important issue(s) and focus there. But, how does one choose between presidential Nazi support, presidential complicity with Russian espionage, presidential attacks on the press, the presidential cock fight with Korea, the presidential attacks on environmental preservation and the presidential assault on civil rights?

It’s like he’s metastasized; Trump’s breaking out everywhere!

Nevertheless, we’re about to experience yet another outbreak tonight when the Donald shares his plan for Afghanistan. The press predicts he’ll ask us to trust him with a new war policy. (Oh really? That’s quite the prediction. The conman’s gonna ask us to trust him?)

So, will the Donald escalate America’s longest war or will he stand down? (Republicans favor military solutions; hence, this strikes me as a stupid question. To quote Trump, “You know the answer.”)

Then again, this is the Donald, so he may do something totally random, like bomb Syria again or privatize the project. It’s hard to predict when there’s no apparent big picture. But, with no clear foreign policy goals and the State Department limping along on partial strength, diplomacy seems unlikely.

So, what the hell, tonight we pile another stick onto the Trump heap: Afghanistan. Should work out great.

The republic really needs to determine the Donald’s big picture, but every new data point just leads to more confusion and less understanding. It’s almost like the guy pulling the strings has no plan or, maybe, isn’t of sound mind. Ya know?

One few east, one flew west, one flew over the coo-coo’s nest,

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