Trump Times Entry 282 – Always Darkest

Always Darkest

August 18, 2017


It’s been a gloomy week, especially in Charlottesville, where an alt-right riot injured 19 and killed one anti-Nazi demonstrator. The Donald reacted with simpleton equivocation: the alt-left is just a guilty as the alt-right. The alt-left charged peacefully demonstrating Nazis – interrupted free speech. #BothSidesGuilty #SoUnfair #YeaNazi

Ever the showman, Trump prolonged the agony for half the week by contradicting himself twice before landing back at the “both sides are at fault, but we really need a closer look at the alt-left” position. The Donald really knows how to milk a controversial opinion with victim blaming and bravado.

Today, Friday, we’re looking at more terrorism in Europe, and Trump’s asinine reaction. After an initial civil communique to the Spanish government, Trump followed up with a suggestion: do what General Pershing did and kill Muslims with pig’s blood coated bullets. (Pershing didn’t do that; the story’s an urban myth.)

So, from one point-of-view, the week’s moved from white bigots attacking us with cars to non-white bigots attacking us with cars – and the Donald wants us to stop disrespecting the white bigots, but kill the non-white with magic bullets.

Getting pretty dark, don’t you think?

The national mojo’s been getting progressively darker over the last two-hundred-eighty-three post-election, pre-apocalypse, days. The republic feels that if it’s always darkest before the dawn, we got to be damn close.

Awaiting crescendo,

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