Trump Times Entry 277 – At Wits End

At Wits End

August 12, 2017

Dazed and Confused

I need a Trump reset. Think the I overdosed yesterday when I read the Donald would not rule out military options for Venezuela. One would think, after watching Trump for the last two-hundred-seventy-seven post-election, pre-apocalypse, days nothing could surprise me. But, wrong again – military options? Venezuela? WTF?

At first, I thought he was just saying shit to get a reaction, but there was a familiar overtone. Seemingly from out-of-nowhere, the Venezuela option felt just like back when Trump accused Obama of tapping his phones. Too absurd to take seriously, but that very absurdity drove discussion, attracted attention. The phone-tapping story lives today, despite being debunked by the FBI last March.

And other shit keeps piling up: Korea, Russia, open warfare within the GOP, back-stabbing within the DEMs, white supremacist rallies, anarchists forming organizations and practicing dress codes, trigger happy cops abound, healthcare still a mess, voter rights under attack, allies don’t trust us, hate crimes are up, gun control is down, economic division continues to widen and our planet’s thermostat’s broken.

So, of course, invading Venezuela is on the table.

I don’t know about the rest of the republic, but I need to rethink how I perceive the Donald. Commonplace classifications haven’t worked. He’s not an effective politician, regardless of how much he lies. He’s not a great businessman, no matter how much money he cheated from people. He’s not even a good conman, his stories are clumsy and, frankly, he’s not that attractive. Yet, he sets the tone and nearly forty percent of us still support him.

And that makes as much sense as attacking Venezuela.

Must be missing something,


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