Trump Times Entry 272 – Leaks Spring Eternal

Leaks Spring Eternal

August 8, 2017

A little hopeful

The Donald loved leaks, especially WikiLeaks, during the election. He cited them all the time during those last few weeks of his Russian enhanced marketing campaign. Legal or illegal, indelicate or irrelevant, didn’t matter. The public’s need to know (and Trump’s need to speak) was the thing, not Clinton’s or the government’s privacy. And the media covered it double time – splashed the leaks themselves, then featured Trump swinging them like bludgeons.

Quite the spectacle, the old guy outraged over the girl’s inside story. The whole thing felt kind of lewd, but without the necessity of viewing skin. A small, but important, kindness for sure.

Of course, now the Donald is outraged about the leaks gushing from his sieve-like White House. Funny how leaks persist, regardless of who’s in charge. And when the boss is an asshole, employees tend to talk about him – not at work, of course, but after-hours in dark watering holes and parking lots.  Satisfaction will be taken in private, if not allowed in public.

People talk and with a subject as big, seedy and controversial as the Donald they talk a lot.

They talk about Trump playing golf when he should be working. They talk about the Donald cheating at said golf. They talk about meetings with Russian operatives. They talk about the Donald yelling at the TV. They talk about the intelligence community withholding information from the Donald. They talk about Trump’s shitty telephone manners. They talk about Trump attempting to open black site prisons. They talk about how much Putin pays the Donald.

It’s ironic how the thing that got him elected, Trump’s talent for compelling people to talk about him, will eventually get him hung. Fitting and worth discussion.

I’ve been talking about the Donald and his band of cartoon characters for two-hundred-seventy-three days now and that election seems a distant past. Much has changed, but our drive to communicate has not. If anything the drive grows stronger.

The Donald and his boy, Jeff Sessions, cannot prevent those around them from forming opinions and acting on them. And regardless of a person’s ideology, we are all compelled to speak about what concerns us. It can’t be helped or prevented, even by the fascist pretender.

The republic finds all the chatter, even that which offends, hopeful.

Still the romantic,

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