Trump Times Entry 271 – Donald’s Discipline

Donald’s Discipline

August 7, 2017

Feeling all sorts of nostalgic.

Apparently, someone thought Trump’s new chief of staff, General Kelly, would bring some discipline to the Donald show. Somehow, someway, mainstream media were expecting a changed, more reserved, Donald – at least for the moment.  After all, he’s on vacation spending government money at a Trump resort and his new chief’s a Marine General. So, it’ reasonable expect relative quiet for a while, right? Ha!

At 5:38 AM, the Donald kicked off his first vacation week with a classic Twitter tantrum. He started with attacking the media by calling The New York Times fake news, then bragged about his rally sizes, talked about his many achievements and touted a larger than ever fan base. Then he brought it full-circle by attacking the media again, but including CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS and Washington Post as targets along with the original NY Times.

It was a chaotic circular five tweet essay. Started in a direction, then randomly jumped from topic to topic, but somehow ended on theme – actually, on enlarged theme. Hmm…

I probably would have given him a “B” grade for his effort. (“A” for technical structure, but a “C” for boring the audience with old bullshit – we constantly need something new and he knows it. Also, five tweets are too many – a pro can tell the story in four or less.) Would have been a solid B, had he stopped there. But this is the Donald, need I say more?

Trump came back at 6:47 AM to hammer Senator Richard Blumenthal about his military record. As a reaction to Blumenthal’s saying the Russian investigation “must be pursued” on CNN, Trump called the Senator a “phony Vietnam con artist!”

Yeah, personal attack had always been one to Trump’s go-to tactics, but this is a rerun. He’s said this shit about Blumenthal before. Plus, Trump attacking people who actually served (Blumenthal was in the Marine reserves for 6 years, while Trump played soldier at a rich-kids boarding school) never lands well. Sadly, the second Twitter rant only warrants a “D” – and that’s charitable.

So, the Donald gave us a “B” and a “D” effort this morning – overall a “C” performance. Disappointing.

Then again, it may not be the Donald’s fault (it never is). Maybe this mediocre performance is the result of the new chief of staff reigning Trump in. Gee, maybe the speculation was right. Is this the new restrained Trump?

Two-hundred -seventy-two days ago, back before the arranged election, late summer living was easy. I read for interest, not for fear, and the republic was assumed. Twitter was not. Good times.

Jail Trump,

How long till General Kelly is compelled to move on? Who next – maybe Sarah Palin? Remember back when Sarah was the absolute wackiest? Good times.

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