Trump Times Entry 270 – Low Trump Impact Day

Low Trump Impact Day

Mutual love and respect

August 6, 2017

Feeling reservedly optimistic – hence, a little foolish

Let see, it’s Sunday, the Donald’s on vacation, congress is on break, Trump’s tweets have just been garden variety self-congratulatory stuff and he hasn’t threatened anyone in the last 24 hours. All seems quiet on the fascist front.

Perhaps the most alarming news, of late, has been speculation that Trump is considering Stephen Miller, his combative neo-Nazi adviser, to replace the Mooch. Looks like they’re planning to replace an unhinged loudmouth with a fake intellectual loudmouth. A step up? Meh.

Given the attention Miller gets (the press kind of hates him, but loves to quote him), I suspect he won’t last long on that job. We all know, the Donald hates it when other guys get too much attention. Perhaps, the most interesting question regarding the Miller appointment is: will he last longer that the Mooch? I suspect he will last longer, but secretly hope Miller sets a new fastest-fired record – he has the potential.

So, other than a fresh new neo-Nazi White House face, not much new is happening.

Yeah, let’s call today, the two-hundred-seventy-first since the election, a low Trump impact day. The republic needs it.

Summer’s fading – the light, the angle of the sun’s different. Back to school sales have been sighted, harvest motifs on the horizon.  Autumn’s bearing down – inevitable as a Trump lie or a grand jury’s indictment.

Looking forward to change,


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