Trump Times Entry 269 – A Well-Earned Vacation

A Well-Earned Vacation

August 5, 2017

Feeling late summer lazy.

So, the guy who never takes a vacation (to quote the Donald, “Don’t take vacations. What’s the point?”) is taking seventeen days off this month. This hiatus comes after 25 days in Mar-a-Logo, 14 days at his New Jersey golf club and two days at Camp David since his inauguration in January. Yup, the guy’s got a nice work ethic.

But, the Donald plans to continue tweeting and meeting while summering in Jersey – so, had he not told us, I don’t think anyone would have noticed he was vacationing. I mean, he’ll be living at one of his resorts (on the tax payer’s dime), tweeting, holding luncheon and diner meetings in public restaurants, watching cable TV and playing golf. Sounds pretty much like any other day in the Trump regime.

On the other hand, if the Donald had, let’s say, Obama’s work ethic (Barack took 15 leisure days through August in his first term, Trump’s doing 53) we’d be in even deeper shit than we are. So, there’s that.

If nothing else, after two-hundred-seventy days of post-election Trump immersion, the republic could use a seventeen-day break. Unfortunately, unless someone takes the Donald’s phone away, we won’t reap any benefit from a Trump vacation, we’ll just bear the cost.

But frankly, he would just shut the fuck up for those seventeen days, it would be money well spent.

Enjoy the Dog Days,

PS –
Yeah, right. Like Trump’s gonna be quiet and take a break – not!  Expect his tweets to get progressively more unhinged as boredom sets in and the Russian investigations leak more Trump dirt. Late summer trashy reading is on the way.

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