Trump Times Entry 267 – Carpet Bombed with Lies

Carpet Bombed with Lies

August 3, 2017

Feeling worn down, almost level with the ground…



In our country, the lie has become not just
a moral category but a pillar of the State.
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Yeah, in ours too, comrade. It’s exhausting.

We’re told all politicians lie and, admittedly, we all talk some fiction ourselves from time to time. Words are easy, hence are lies. But regardless of whether the lie is recreational of professional, insulting your audience’s intelligence is bad form. Spreading insulting obvious, weak, lies generally tags the speaker as either lazy or just uncreative, dull. But, given the titanic number of incredibly weak Trump lies over the last two-hundred-sixty-eight days since the election, I suspect there may be something more to it.

Initially, I assumed Trump was just lazy because it’s hard to imagine anyone unimaginative enough to not realize some lies aren’t worth the effort and won’t hold up. Like the last couple of Trump’s more petty lies…

I mean, why the Donald announced the Boy Scouts called to compliment him on his speech of last week is a mystery. Shit, the Boy Scouts immediately counter-announced there was no such call. So, he got caught in another (trivial) lie. For What? Why would anyone bullshit about something so small – especially when they had to know the lie would fall apart right away?

Same goes for the bullshit about the Mexican president calling and approving of Trump’s wall. Of course, the President Enrique Peña Nieto immediately denied Trumps claim. What’s to be gained by this crap? By a lie so quickly rendered false?

When asked about her boss’s statements on those two topics, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, told an amused press that Trump didn’t lie. He was somewhat inaccurate in that, yes, there were no calls, but there were personal conversations where both the Boy Scouts and the Mexican President expressed their enthusiastic approval of the Donald. She implied that the Donald remembers those conversation very clearly.

Yeah, right. Two new self-verifying lies.

So, do they expect anyone to believe this shit? I don’t think so. The tells are too obvious and they’re not even trying to cover themselves. No, they know that we know – it just doesn’t matter to them. The plan seems to be lie about everything, all the time, big and small, hoping to wear us down. Hoping that we’ll just give up and stop listening and stop paying attention.

Trump’s like that grade school kid on the playground, or in the locker room, the kid everyone knew lied all the time. The kid we all stopped paying attention to because interacting with them was so unpleasant. Hell, this latest Trump public face, Steven Miller, even looks like that kid.

For now, the republic needs to stop using energy fact checking and analyzing what Trump and his surrogates say. It’s safe to just assume they’re lying and leave it at that. Let’s save our energy for the trial.

An ounce of prevention,

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