Trump Times Entry 265 – The Mooch

The Mooch

August 1, 2017

The Mooch exits, stage right

Not amused.

If nothing else, the Trump show has featured a cast of colorful characters. There’s the Gollum like Steve Bannon, the Disney cartoon, Cruella de Vil wannabe, Kellyanne Conway and the beyond the pale Barbie and Ken look-alike couple Ivanka and Jared. Classics all.

Then, of course, there’s the Donald himself who presents like Biff from Back to the Future, but with the humanity a German war criminal and the bravado of a South American despot. Trump, always the showman, brings an international flare to an otherwise common dictator role.

With such creative competition, it’s tough for a new guy to make his own mark, bring his own story, to the Trump show. But let’s face it, the Mooch, Anthony Scaramucci, brought it bigly, it only for a short time. In a little over a week, the Mooch, as he was affectionately called by the Donald, was hired, enjoyed a fiery tenure, and was fired. The Mooch was the very definition of the shooting star.

As a bonus, the Mooch, who wasn’t even scheduled to start his Communication Director job until mid-August got fired August first. Hence, he holds a record for being fired before starting his job. Talk about making the most of a cameo role and setting a standard few will live up to – the Mooch rules!

The theories about the Mooch’s untimely demise from the Trump band of pranksters are varied. Some feel his colorful language led to his downfall – after all, suggesting Steve Bannon was that flexible is too much, even for Trump voters.

Then again, some pundits think the new Chief of Staff, Gen. John Kelly, demanded the Mooch be put out as a condition to joining the Trump cast. (Quite the stereotype himself, Kelly, a Marine Officer is right out of a Marvel comic, with a jaw square enough to make CNN reporters swoon.) Apparently, the General didn’t care for the Mooch’s off-stage antics. Go figure.

There are other theories as well: some think he was brought in only to get rid of Reince Priebus – and he did, many think he was hired just to amuse the Donald – and he did, still others feel he was hired to distract a confused public – and he did. In all those case as one anonymous White House source is quoted as saying, “He severed his purpose.” So, I guess after he did, he was dumped. That’s show biz.

The most likely theory I’ve heard so far came for my daughter. She observed that the Mooch’s words and action were exactly what was expected. He acted like a mini-Trump (which Trump loved), professed love for the Donald (which Trump loved) and lost everything to favor the Donald (which Trump expected). And the Donald reacted positively to the Smooch’s aggressiveness, right up until the Mooch started to get more attention than the Donald.

And then he got dumped, because the one unforgivable sin is to outshine the Donald. The Donald Show is about the Donald and anyone who forgets that will be dealt with severely.

We’ve endured this shitty show for two-hundred-sixty-six days since the mock election and regardless of how many new, distracting, players get brought in, the republic knows it’s all about the Donald. The shit won’t stop until the Donald joins the Mooch. They belong together.


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