Trump Times Entry 264 – The Threat of the Deal

The Threat of the Deal

July 31, 2017

Have to admit, feeling a little threatened.

After all…
Trump threatened to end payments to insurance companies made under Obamacare. Trump threatened to kill Congress members’ health care. Trump threatened Alaska over Murkowski’s health care votes. Trump threatened to sue CNN. Trump threatened Comey with secret “tapes”. Trump threatened to send US troops to Mexico. Trump threatened to withhold federal funds from California. Trump threatened to quit NATO. Trump threatened U.S. companies that move abroad. Trump Threatened North Korea. Trump threatened Australia. Trump threatened Germany. Trump threatened UC Berkeley.  And more…

Trump even threatened to cancel White House briefings, probably feeling threatened by all the questions and thinking it would be easier to just tweet his threats.

Pattern or coincidence, who’s to say? Or maybe neither, repetition is common in art and Trump’s art is the deal, especially the big cautionary, threatening, deal. (Oh yeah, he threatened the guy he hired to write “his” book, The Art of the Deal.)

Then again, maybe he’s just trying to be fair. While he’s got plenty of threats to go around, enough for everyone, delivery takes time. If the Donald hasn’t threatened you yet, be patient. He’ll come around soon enough.

Count on it.

In the old days, back before the inmates overran the asylum, dangerous threatening individuals were given treatment or, sometimes, removed from the general population – you know, provided with a nice padded cell. (Yeah, I’m aware, if they weren’t white we would, more likely, shoot or jail them. But we still do that today; so, there’s no real threat of change there.)

But now, we let them run for public office. If they win we provide public money to facilitate their threats. It’s hard to deny that new White House Communications Director Scaramucci is anything other than a publicly funded threat delivery system. He started his new job by threatening then Chief of staff Reince Priebus, followed up with threatening to fire the rest of the White House staff and then moved right on to going after the press.  He’s a threat machine!

It’s good to see the Donald’s finally getting some much-needed help with threat distribution.

The thing about threats is, after hearing them awhile, most people will ignore them and start thinking the guy doing the threatening is full of shit (or in need of therapeutic drugs). And after two-hundred-sixty-five days of listening to the Donald threaten everyone who disagrees with him, the republic suspects that the Donald is so full of shit his condition is beyond treatment and should be shown to his padded cell.

It’s the humane thing to do, he could be a threat to himself.

Like this or else,


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