Trump Times Entry 258 – Scout’s Honor

Scout’s Honor

He’s no Boy Scout

July 25, 2017

Feeling exasperated with slow or, perhaps, unwilling learners.

Yesterday, the Donald kicked off his speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree with, “Who the hell wants to speak about politics when I’m in front of the Boy Scouts? Right?” and while his language was inappropriate for the venue, the implication of keeping politics out of it was consistent with an 80-year-old tradition. So, for Trump, it seemed a reasonable start.

The Jamboree is, of course, non-political and over the years presidents have honored that tradition: FDR talked about good citizenship, Truman went with fellowship, Eisenhower covered common purpose, George H. Bush talked serving others, Johnson – the American Idea, Clinton – doing good turns for one another and George W. Bush – strong families, communities and character.

Obama didn’t attend, but sent a video message about service. (This was probably a mistake on Obama’s part; he didn’t attend because of the Boy Scout’s anti-gay policies back then. Those policies are changing, partly due to social pressure – pressure not applied during the Jamborees.)

So anyway, the Donald started with honoring the historical path by declaring no politics, and then proceeded to attack “horrible Obamacare,” “fake media” and the “DC cesspool”. He went on to criticize Hillary’s work ethic, encouraging the crowd to boo her, and then spent some time on his favorite topic: his 2016 electoral college victory.

In other words, he delivered a standard Trump rally speech.

Social media went crazy and mainstream news writers offered up all sorts of clever articles about Trump breaking Scout Law (not so trustworthy, loyal, helpful, cautious, kind…).

The consensus among Boy Scout parents and leaders is that the Donald was too political and while it was appropriate to invite him this time, it would not be proper to invite him again.  They were so disappointed.

What a bunch of bullshit. The standard rally speech is the only speech Trump gives in large venues. Furthermore, Trump has never been a motivational speaker. If we look closely at Trump speeches we find they’re always about the Donald. To expect anything else is naive. Frankly, putting that pathological liar in front of children is borderline abuse and the Boy Scouts of America need to take responsibility for their shitty decision. The man’s an admitted sexual predator! What the fuck did those parents and leaders expect?  A new Donald because he was talking to their kids?  Yeah, right!

For Two-hundred-fifty-nine post-election days we’ve watched the Donald talk about little other than the Donald, his electoral victory, his wealth, his family, his wins (even when he loses). The republic needs to recognize the pattern and act accordingly.

There is no excuse for expecting anything other than pathological self-interest from Trump. Any other expectation is just the mark colluding with the conman.

In Peace with Justice,

Meanwhile our Republican senators are attempting to pass a healthcare bill no one’s read, Trumps son-in-law is claiming to be a victim of his own good intentions and the Donald is indignantly demanding that the Justice Department drop investigating him and go after Hillary instead – again.

Another day in paradise.

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