Trump Times Entry 256 – Never Too Corrupt

Never Too Corrupt

July 22, 2017

Our feeling for today: irritated.

Everywhere we look, Trump is riddled in scandal. Just yesterday we heard the Russian ambassador verify that Jeff Session’s, our AG, lied to congress about Trump’s complicity with Putin.  And how about, that Trump real-estate used for money laundering investigation. In terms of tone setting, the Donald’s admitting to (bragging about) obstruction of justice didn’t help; nor the did optics of the president threatening private citizens.

Trump’s voter suppression agency, thinly veiled as the Voter Fraud Commission, was so over-the-top even Republican governors refused to cooperate. Never one to hesitate from eating one’s own, the Donald responded with, “If they don’t want to cooperate, what are they hiding?” Wow, it’s like he’s reading lines from old red bating Cold War propaganda – you know, from back when it was in style to troll Russia rather than American governors.

The Russia Probe has finally begun to follow the (Trump) money and, in response, the Donald ordered his highly paid research staff to Google “Presidential Pardons” – because he was curious. Yeah, he probably wants to pardon Hillary for not loving him enough.

And the Trump kids? Don’t get me going. Just like dad, Junior can’t keep his mouth shut and insists on spouting embarrassing, if not criminal, confessions; Donny doesn’t think soliciting Russian intelligence is a big deal and isn’t afraid to say so.

The son-in-law has had to amend his security paperwork three times because he forgot to include hundreds of things he and Russia have in common. I suppose it’s hard to keep things straight when you’re busy working on Middle-East peace, reinventing the government and converting all your assets to rubles.

I don’t know what the favored daughter is up to; frankly, by the time I get that far down my news feeds I’m ready to move on to YouTube dog videos or, maybe, Netflix.

Wow, I just realized, I’m guilty of not taking the woman as seriously as the male criminals! That’s probably a mistake; after the Trump gang blows up, after the last loyal has been sacrificed to protect the Donald and he’s forced to abdicate, in that historic moment – she may be the last man standing.  Shit!

With so much corruption where should we look? It’s hard following so many cartoon-like characters when they’re not so much entertaining as irritating.

Meanwhile, our Republican controlled congress is preparing to vote on a healthcare bill no one wants. The bill doesn’t have enough votes to pass and won’t solve the problem. But they don’t know what else to do.  So, they gonna hold a meaningless vote. Rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, so to speak. Irritating…

Two-hundred-fifty-six day of post-election Trump, of course, has caused irritation. He’s like a diaper rash on the republic’s ass. It won’t go away until we remove his shit.

I offer no apology for any metaphor tortured today,

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