Trump Times Entry 252 – It’s All Hillary’s Fault

It’s All Hillary’s Fault

July 19, 2017

Well, the Republicans couldn’t pass a Trumpcare bill so they thought, maybe, they’d just repeal Obamacare. Hell, the House passed repeal bills fifty times during the Obama administration. So, how hard could it be? Yeah, just cancel the AHA and let the chips (or bodies) fall where they may. That would teach those libtards a lesson and certainly the Dems would come crawling back and help pass a bipartisan tax break for the 1% once the body count got high enough.

But it turns out, it’s a lot harder to pass a law likely to kill Americans if the president is likely to sign it. So, we’re six months into the Trump regimen and the Republicans can’t seem to pass any significant legislation. Go figure?

Now, the latest plan is to let Obamacare blow up – or, maybe, make it blow up themselves. Of course, that may be just as difficult as plan A or B. Yeah, it’s tougher do stuff; so much easier to sit back and criticize.

Could it be that the Republicans are victims of “Be careful what you ask for; you might get it.”? I think it could, they seem to always be victims of something.

They can never catch a break; they finally get control of all three branches of government and, turns out, their president isn’t really all that conservative, has a bad case of Tourette’s, and is a Vladimir Putin fan boy. As a leader, he’s a tough guy to defend, even by the party that gave us Richard Nixon.

To make matters worse, the new guy goes and hires his family into the White House and, for known criminals, they’ve turned out to be pretty bad at hiding criminal activity. So, new scandals are appearing daily. Who would have guessed?

Even the Republican media organ, Fox News, has been critical of the Donald and the party. Once again, who would have guessed that Fox has some limit to the bullshit they would accept. Who would have guessed that it would take only six months for a new Republican administration to achieve that limit?

But, luckily, some Fox News staffers remain loyal and are cooking up a fix for all that ails Trump and the GOP. And it’s a tried and true method, a tactic that’s worked for years: blame Hillary. Hence, new stories are appearing charging Hillary with everything from being mean to Bernie to (no fucking kidding) colluding with Russia.

Yeah, as the Trump empire sways and the Republican brand takes on a decidedly old school fascist tone, the Fox faithful are trying to save the day by resurrecting an old, already dead, enemy. What a bunch of fucking lazy asshats.

While we’ve endured two-hundred-fifty-three post-election days of Trump propaganda, that term is nowhere close to the decades of bullshit we been fed regarding Clinton. The republic feels the Clinton as the devil narrative is all used up and respectfully requests that the Fox spin machine please dream up some other universal enemy to bate us with. For fuck-sake, earn your salaries and come up with a new phony story.

Boring fiction is just sad,


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