Trump Times Entry 251 – Why Are They So Bad at Healthcare?

Why Are They So Bad at Healthcare?

July 18, 2017

First off, the debate in the Senate and the “Healthcare” bill the House regurgitated last spring is about paying for healthcare – not healthcare itself.

A discussion about the act of caring for the population’s health, about how treatment is performed and how we are educated about taking care of ourselves is a discussion worth having. But, that’s not what the Senate is currently struggling with. Right now, it’s about the money – how will the bills will be paid and by whom.

And surprise – surprise, no one wants to pay, because it cost too much. We have an aging population, a national diet based on high fructose corn syrup and multimillionaire middle men all making our healthcare the highest priced on the planet. So, even those making a reasonable living, find the cost unreasonable.

On top of all that, the people now charged with fixing the system, Republicans, don’t believe the government should be involved in the “free market”. And healthcare to them is just another product, hence market magic only should be applied – without the interference and over-regulation of the government. Yet, we’re pressing them to participate in and take leadership of this thing they don’t believe in.

So, we get shitty results. When they make proposals that provide less service at higher consumer expense, but cost the government less (requiring less taxation – something Republicans love) they are earnestly surprised when we greet those ideas with disdain. From the truly conservative point of view the government doing less is always preferable. These are people who feel the government should maintain a military, police, print money and provide roads – and that’s it. (Hell, some conservatives feel that roads may be a bridge too far.)

So of course, they do a bad job; we’re asking them to do something they don’t want to do.

Over the last two-hundred-fifty-two days since the election the conservative congress has reluctantly attempted to replace Obamacare with something more to their liking. But, of course, they’ve not been successful since nothing is to their liking.

Hence, the Republic appreciated Mitch McConnell’s candor when, on Monday, he announced his intention to have a vote to repeal Obamacare without a replacement. Because, that’s what they really want.

If they can’t be humane, at least they should be honest.

Repeal all congressional benefits,

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