Trump Times Entry 250 – The Trump Doctrine: So what?

The Trump Doctrine: So what?

This photo make me happy.

July 17, 2017

The Donald refused to disclose his tax information during the campaign, but said he’d make good after the election. The election came and went, but no tax disclosure, the Trump explanation: who cares, so what?

Remember when Trump labeled Obama “the vacationer-in-chief” and accused Barack of playing more golf than Tiger Woods? Yup, the Donald assured us back then he’d never take cushy vacations on the taxpayer’s dime. Nevertheless, so far, Trump’s golfed 37 times at a tax payer cost of about 17 million bucks. But the presidential press secretary tells us Trump’s golfing is strategic – so, so what?

Back on the campaign trail, Trump vowed not to cut Medicaid. But both his proposed voodoo budget and the Republican ACA replacement bill do just that. Obviously, he and Paul Ryan could really use a win, so the Donald now supports a bill that breaks his promise, but so what?  A win’s a win.

The latest manifestation of the Trump doctrine is his handling of Russian tampering with the election that put him in charge. At first Trump denied there was any tampering or collusion. Then he admitted there may have been tampering by parties unknown, but he sure knew nothing about it. Then he fired his security guy for palling around with Russians during the election, but he was assuredly a lone wolf. Then, most recently, when it came to light that his top three campaign people met with Russian operatives during the campaign, he defaulted to his doctrine: yeah, they may have “technically” colluded, but hey it’s a good thing and, besides, so what?

Trump gets caught on tape admitting to sexual harassment and assault, but it’s just locker room talk – hence, so what?

The Donald claims his security guy, General Flynn, got his clearance from the Obama administration, but it’s just BS. In fact Obama fired Flynn, but so what?

Trump loudly proclaimed that all new pipelines coming into this country from now on would only use American steel. Then he granted a waiver to the Keystone pipeline to, get this, use Russian steel. But, hey, so what comrade?

Blah, blah, blah… The list of Trump bullshit that’s ultimately rationalized with an executive “So what” is huge. Googling “Trump lies” yields 68 million results.

But, so what?  We’ve come to expect this behavior from the Donald and with expectation comes acceptance. Accordingly, his doctrine will continue until we respond to “So what” with “We’re putting your lying ass in jail, that’s what”.

Trump’s lied to us so often over the last two-hundred-fifty-one days that the republic now gratefully accepts “so what”. Hell it’s the only honest thing he says.

Lock him up,

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